What type of a girlfriend are you, according to your horoscope sign: Scorpio is one in a million, Pisces is a passionate lover

Regardless of whether you have been in one or ten relationships, you may have noticed several similarities in how you treat your partner ...

If you are interested in what type of girlfriend you are according to your horoscope sign, find your sign and find out!

Aries: Spontaneous type

If you were born under the star of Aries, you are probably creative, flexible and insightful. Therefore, you belong to a type of spontaneous girls who love adventures. You are always willing to try something new and you are creative when it comes to going out with your partner. Nothing about relationship scares you because you quickly adapt to the situation. Out of all friends, you are probably the only person who plans a weekend getaway with her boyfriend, so you can show him how much he means to you.

Taurus: Perfect for long relationships

As a woman Taurus, you are patient, loving and strong support. That's why you are the perfect girl for long relationships. When you're in a relationship, you put your whole heart and soul into it, which anyone can tell.  When you promise something, you always make it happen, and if you have a fight with a partner, you know how to listen, openly say what you've got and close the argument. Love is still more important than winning.

Gemini: Like a summer of love

Women Gemini is famous for their flexibility, passion and versatility. You quickly fall in love and you're quick at everything. When you meet someone, you immediately know what you feel and don't want to hide it, and you are not shy. Your passion comes from a desire to make a life with your partner, even if you've only just met him. You have the ability to see potential in people. In your week nothing is ever the same, so it is very fun to be with you.


Cancer: You are always there

Women Cancers are emotional, caring and imaginative. You are the type of a girl who gives love extremely and is always there - no matter what. You have the ability to show your loved person how much they mean to you at any time and you fall crazy in love. If your partner had a bad day at work, you'll cancel everything just to be with him and offer your support. You are the best friend and girlfriend at the same time.

Leo: Big heart, great personality

Women Leos are self-confident, generous and warm-hearted. Leo's motto is: 'either do it right or go back home'. You like to be the center of attention, but you always pay attention to whether your partner is satisfied. You are the kind of girl, that other couples want to go on double dates with, due to your great personality.

What type of girlfriend you are according to your horoscope sign: Scorpio is one in a million, Pisces is a passionate lover

Virgo: Stable type

Virgos are modest, practical and reliable. You are a typical example of a stable girl who loves everything practical. You always think before you say something to your partner so that you can never hurt him. You have a stable job and make smart financial decisions, so your partner can always be relaxed. You know how much you are worth, but you don't like to make people around you feel 'inferior'.

Libra: Role-model type

Women Libras are romantic, peaceful and idealists. You're the kind of girl that all other girls look up to. You are brave, you have a strong will and never talk badly about someone else. Your partner loves the way you stick to your ideals and values. You can plan a perfect night because you perfectly understand what your partner wants. Besides the fact that you know what you want out of your life, you always keep your partner's opinion in mind.

Scorpio: One in a million

Scorpio women are attractive and powerful. With these features, you are the girl who never gets forgotten. Whether it's the perfect sex or how passionate you are, your partner is fascinated by you in every way. Your personality is strong and you push others to get to know themselves better. You treat your partner like he's the most important person in the world, every day, while you remain who you really are.

Sagittarius: Positive type

Sagittarius women are optimistic, honest and smart. You are the girl who makes everyone's life better. You make an adventure out of every day with your partner, but you also know when you need to make time for yourself. If you do have a fight with your partner, you still know that the most important thing is love that you feel for each other and that no quarrel can change that.


Capricorn: Classical type

Capricorns are idealists, ambitious and disciplined, and that makes you a traditional, classical type of girl. You know your goals in life and you also inspire your loved one every day. You are serious and so are your relationships. When it comes to travel and vacations, always plan ahead and imagine your relationship in the future.

Aquarius: Social Type

Women Aquarius are social, loyal and independent. You know how to have fun and make your partner feel special. People love your personality that likes to go out, but they also know that you are always faithful to your partner. You may sometimes flirt, but you never go further. You do know that your only love is waiting for you at the end of the day.

Pisces: Passionate lover

Women Pisces are sensitive, selfless and compassionate. You have the 'old' soul that knows how to love and you prefer term 'lover' to a 'girlfriend'. Whether you are enjoying in bed with your partner, reading a book or little moments like cooking dinner together, you live life to the fullest. You are very empathetic and always put your partner first. You can love and you do it right.