Zodiac signs and friendships: What kind of friend is who - Taurus is possessive; Scorpio is loyal....

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Aries is impulsive and righteous (does not tolerate foul play), immediately will run to help a man in trouble, no matter who it is. In this way, he gets friends but does not have many nerves for those who have some chronic problems. Always ready to help, will appear where required if invited by a friend, and resourceful, deft and witty as he is, his inexhaustible enthusiasm will constantly transmit to others.



Taurus will little by little get heat, and slowly will cool off, so when he becomes a friend to someone, it is, so to speak, for all time - a reliable, loyal and possessive of course. Do not criticize him by telling him about some other and better friends than he is, because he found it hard to bear the thought that you might be nicer to others and that he was not in that society. He values friends at the way they react whenever Taurus needs help, even if there is nothing they can do at the moment.



Although they have a lot of friends, they rely mainly on themselves, because they think “hundred per hour." They confuse with their rational approach at every opportunity and in every place because there are always extremely logical and acceptable solutions for those who seek help from them. They amuse with making a contact, casually, easily; they chat and collect information that may be useful to one of their friends, but that can also be used against the enemy. Dangerous players, whether are your friend or foes.



He will not tell you directly that he needs you, but he beats about the bush and expects from you to read between the lines about the problem he has. If you do not help him when his needs, as a vengeful person, he will wait, for the moment, to remind you of this. Due to the changed mood, uncertain as a friend, because you never know under whose influence will lose his armor. He understands better than helps; make sure to present your own problem as the problem of some other people - then he can be objective.


Zodiac signs and friendships: What kind of friend is who - Taurus is possessive, Scorpio is loyal....



He likes to help because he is generous and people's gratitude made him feels good although never insists upon it, nor resentment friends who forget about that. He prefers to help than to receive help, even from good friends. Self-confidence due to professional satisfaction and money gives him a sense of power and influences even with the people that see for the first time in his life, but will never brag with it because male Leo is a gentleman, a woman is - "a lioness."



You will hardly surprise her if complain about the injustice that was done to you or something that you cannot solve because Virgo is always ready to cope with anything or anyone. Virgo excludes emotions (what, at first glance, may seem cruel), focuses attention on your problem, and with infallible logic and objectivity puts things in their place. And the thing is resolved. Priceless as a friend, and if is your enemy - be always close to her.



Although it may seem superficial, Libra is a great friend, because was born as a lawyer. Libra knows how to listen; able to give consult, because can assume a role of" your enemy," and can think like them. However, do not bother when you go to the hairdresser or beautician, but will certainly immediately, while still under the mask, begin to think how to help you. Libra hates to seek help from a friend, and expect from them to offer it by themselves, so often miss some opportunities and chances.



One thing is certain – you do not need a Scorpio as an enemy, and if is a friend of yours, count on his boundless devotion and loyalty. If you entrust the secret or open the soul to Scorpio, he will never misuse it. When betrayed, the one who disappoints him must be careful because he will not give up until he has his revenge. He needs time to gain confidence, and to accept someone as a friend from whom he expects to respect his privacy.



A great friend at every opportunity, he will use all his connections to help you, but be sure not to displease him because can be very unpleasant and vindictive. If you are looking for an advice from Sagittarius, although he chose words, he shoots in the heart of the problem, so do not be surprised if you feel a little injured (usually, he will tell what he thinks). He cannot hang out with anyone; kind of elitist, for friends is searching people likes himself and knows to be snobbish.



With Capricorn, you have to pass some tests and checks (which you will not even be aware of right away) to accept you as a friend. Although he cares about form and etiquette, when you ask for help, it may surprise you with nearness and understanding (that is quite contrary to his sustained behavior). Once you break the friendship, it is forever, but takes much to make that possible. It is better to be friends than the enemy because he never forgets if you have betrayed or deceived him.



Aquarius is biased towards the friends and always has an excuse, whatever they do. He concludes friendships casually, anywhere and anytime, seemingly easy, as with someone with who is already familiar. Has a nonchalant approach, always has a good topic for conversation, and later will elaborate the areas that are most. When you find yourself in trouble, he does not ask what time of day or night is – he will appear where you need him. He comes to help and disappears, and does not expect gratitude because is very kind.



Pisces is born psychologists, and there is no better shoulder to cry of theirs; you have to avoid entrust them something, and if you have colleagues who are born under this sign (be sure that all your weaknesses and problems will tell the boss). They empathize with others, but they can feel what you wear, deep down, as a grief or prolonged problem, and therefore, they can "buy" you with that for all time. When a friend asks for help, they always have time and will deepen into friends’ problems, until they intuitively find a solution or assistance.



Zodiac signs and friendships: What kind of friend is who - Taurus is possessive, Scorpio is loyal....