Guys were honest: 10 things we love on woman's face

Forget about heavy make-up and fake smile. Guys love something completely different...

Women often think that men adore attractive girls, sexy clothes and aggressive attitude. Well dear ladies, it seems not everything is in that. Men found the strength and admitted what they like the most in a woman. And the answer is: FACE!  

This is why we selected ten things men love about the face of their girlfriend.

1. When she looks at me and I gently move the hair off her face.

This is perhaps somewhat hyperbolized, but it's very romantic way of greeting and saying goodbye, after a long and crazy night. We do this quite naturally and spontaneously, we are programmed that way. Moving a mischievous hair strand means 'I'm glad I have a girlfriend and I enjoy these moments.'

2. When she gets sun freckles on her face.

Some people think that freckles are very strange or ugly, but these are usually self-critical people who have freckles themselves. Everyone else loves them. It's like when people who have curly hair want straight hair, and everyone envies them on their beautiful curls.

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3. When she unconsciously bites her lip while reading a book.

This is so sexy. This is one of sexiest things a girl can do with her face. If a girl ever notices a man staring at her as she's reading a book, it's probably because she unconsciously bit her lip.

Guys were honest: 10 things we love on woman's face

4. When she looks me in the eye.

It may be a cliché, but men love to watch their girlfriend in the eye, especially if they are very much in love. Many songs were written on this subject. Green, blue, brown? It doesn't matter. Lose yourself in her deep gaze is a wonderful experience for every man.

5. Dimples (when you laugh)

This can literally make a day for any man. Smile and those wonderful dimples. Apparently, no one knows why we love them, but you have to admit they are cute, like puppies. If a puppy smiles and has pimples, no one would notice them because they would be thrilled to see it smile so sweet.

6. Little wrinkles on the forehead when they frown.

We're not talking about frowning when girls are sad or angry, because no guy likes it. But when they talk mysteriously about something and then slightly frown, it is really adorable.

7. Grimace she makes when she's upset (but not as much as when we're in trouble).

Yes, we sometimes love to irritate our girlfriend deliberately. But that's only because she looks irresistible when annoyed, and makes that funny face!

8. Smile she makes when she sees me (after we both had a bad day)

When we think of a problem or unpleasant situation we had, our teeth are sharp and the pressure increases. Yet, when we think of her sincere smile, everything becomes much easier.

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9. Face she makes before a kiss.

That look is indescribable, and this is why men like to surprise their women with kisses. All day long! Sometimes this turns into a fun and sometimes in real romantic, perfectly staged scene.

10. Slightly highlighted cheeks and cheekbones.

Now we understand why your aunts used blush. Ok, don't try to copy that look completely. Slightly highlighted facial features (especially cheekbones) look fantastic on every girl.

Guys were honest: 10 things we love on woman's face