What hides behind his statement that you are 'sexy', 'cute' or 'beautiful' - Here's your answer...

A woman who gets a compliment: ‘You're cute!’ from a man will certainly more often detest it, rather than take it as a compliment.

 'You are cute'

This is so because a woman likes to feel attractive and seductive, so this compliment may sound bad in her ears. A woman will often think that this statement equals the one: "It's not your fault it’s not working out for us, we can still be friends."

However, man wants to say with this compliment to a woman that he is aware of her restrained temperament. That means that most likely she will not get the attention of all the men in a club, but not because she can’t but because she doesn’t want to. 

‘Cuties’ most often don’t have to try hard to win somebody, and they usually look young.

If you have been wondering what hides behind his statement that you are 'sexy', 'cute' or 'beautiful', here's your answer...

'You are sexy'

It may seem to a woman that this statement is the best compliment a man can give her. In men's eyes, sexy woman is the one who knows herself that she is sexy, and apart from her looks and pronounced physical attributes, she will conquer a man with her self-confidence.

To a man 'sexy' woman will also be the one who can easily conquer with her intelligence, the same as the one wearing mini-skirt and heels.

'You are beautiful'

Even though it may seem that man is thinking about physical appearance, he wants to declare so much more to a woman with this statement. Something deeper hides behind this compliment.  He is looking at the depth of her character and her appearance in general and there sentence 'you are beautiful' has a completely different dimension. Beautiful woman for a man is a woman who he admires and wants her in the long run. Beautiful woman in the eyes of man is 'sweet' and 'sexy' and has all those qualities that he is looking for in the right one. Another time you hear this compliment, doesn't accuse your man that he is observing you only physically, because if he is saying this, it's far from the truth.


If you have been wondering what hides behind his statement that you are 'sexy', 'cute' or 'beautiful', here's your answer...