According to Tarot, Gemini are the Lovers, and the Capricorn is the Devil...

Each zodiac sign, per character and content, is linked to the Tarot cards and their meanings.


Tarot is composed of 56 cards called Minor Arcana, and 22 cards of Major Arcana.

Aries is the Emperor

The Emperor is the fourth Major Arcana card in Tarot and shows the secretory ruler who knows what he wants. He is a pioneer, initiator, adventurer. New beginning, authority, fathering are connected with this sign. In tarot, the emperor is on a throne, in the color of Mars, which rules the world.This card is connected with new beginning, enthusiasm, faith in oneself, power and independence.

Taurus is the Hierophant

The Hierophant is the fifth Major Arcana card, and it is connected with the Taurus. He is a smart adviser who has no hurry, always gives support, he is stabile. He unionizes  spiritually and secularly, and with his astuteness helps to achieve the plans of heaven on the earth. The Venus, the planet that rules the Taurus, represent someone who is gentle, delicate, perhaps even sluggish, but full of virtue.



Gemini is the Lovers

The Lovers is the sixth tarot card. They represent cooperation, good contact, and charm. This story is always connected with the human relationships, communications, rapprochement. The Lovers are a hunger for each other and attracted to themselves. This card is a symbol of Gemini dual nature, always in search of somebody with whom can share the ideas and information.

Cancer is The Chariot

The Chariot is the seventh Major Arcana Card, symbol of victory and possible journey. By moving ourselves we move a process of self-confidence, meditation and self-awareness witch lead to visible changes. He does not rush, he rethinks, but ready, in every moment, to make changes. The Moon, the ruler of the Cancer, quickly change its position.

Leo is The Strength

The Strength, the eleventh Major Arcana card, is the symbol of the Leo. Symbolizes the passion, overcoming of fears, creativity, and strong will. It has to be prepared to accept everything that man finds himself because than , with more energy, it is possible to reach new fields. On this card, there is also the Sun, planet that rule over the Leo.

Virgo is The Hermit

The Hermit represent wisdom, prudence, retreatment and reflection. Abstaining as a key that lead to findings, consideration, and caution, wise guides to success. The prudence of the Virgo ruled by Mercury, first observe everything and then act. Represent the way acted by an wise old man.

According to Tarot, Gemini Lovers, Capricorn Devil

Libra is The Justice

The justice is the eighth Major Arcana card. Carries in itself the harmony, balance, and sense of justice. Like the Libra, shows the golden middle, diplomacy. Nothing is too much or too little.  Libra is connected with a lady holding the sword in her hands. The peace that bring Venus, the ruler of Libra, tells the same story as a card.

Scorpio is The Death

The Death in Major Arcana is the thirteen hoodoo card. It represents the fundamental changes followed by everything new. The skeleton by which is dominated this card, although horrifying,  urges to resolve the situation. The basic change will bring the condition for something new.

Sagittarius is The Art

The Art represent the skill, ability, sense of the golden mean. Symbolizes the power for creativity and adaptation. The figure on the card rabble different elements creating an internal process that leads to harmonious unity.


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Capricorn is The Devil

The Devil is the card that symbolize the temptation of the material world, often is misinterpreted. It shows the need of unchaining from the bondage of tradition and tenseness to achieve progress. On the card, the Devil is shown as the god Pan, the god of nature who hobble the humans. The Saturn, planet that act in the long term and form the character, rules over the Capricorn, which, through the thorns, in the end, reach the stars.

Aquarius is The Star   

The Star is the seventeenth Major Arcana card. It represents the hope, faith, pure and well intention. Identity itself with Aquarius ruled by  Uranus. This planet often is characterized as weird and interesting, the joint of earthly and divine, and that is how this card is.

Pisces are The Moon

The moon, as one of the tarot card, brings deep intuition, talents and tendency to wandering. The present is the effect of karma and intuition. This is how Pisces are, and often the intuition is their only compass in the fog. The Pisces are ruled by the Neptune, which often brings illusions.