Seven unusual things men adore in women. Cute...

Not many of us know that men sometimes like some 'unusual' things we do, some consciously and some unconsciously. Maybe this list will surprise you and change the way you look at men, because it was made out of several different surveys.


Women who wear glasses usually look very attractive to men. Now that it is confirmed, you can feel free to get rid of contact lenses ... And those who wear glasses are really lucky, right?


You don't have to be from another country for a man to like you. Maybe you just have a particular accent that depends on the city or region where you are from. You shouldn't be ashamed of your accent, but you should be proud because it is exactly what men like and are attracted to in a strange way. Your accent sounds exotic, even if it's your mother tongue - and if it's not, even better!

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Towel on head

One of the strangest things men like is when their girlfriend washes her hair and then curls it in a towel. True, they do like our hair down and smelling good, but they simply like that towel too. Maybe it's time to launch a new trend? ...

Seven unusual things men adore in women. Cute...

When he's watching you put on make-up

Have you ever found yourselves in a situation where your boyfriend or husband is watching you put on make-up? It is quite possible that he was delighted with how skilled you are in putting it on. They also know that there are different techniques in applying certain make-up on your face. So, feel free to put on make-up in front of him and let him admire you.

When a woman exercises

Many men like to watch women while exercising. The exhausted look and sweaty feeling on the skin are like a magnet for men! Like it or not, men still consider it a very sexy look, even if you were wet to the skin. Let him watch you exercise, or even better - practice together.

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Military pattern

Start wearing this pattern because it has very positive effect on men. Most of them believe that a woman in 'military clothes' is sexy and reminds them of the wild nature, hunting and exotic islands. Combine a dress with this pattern, high heels and fishnet stockings . They won't be able to resist you!

When a woman is wearing his shirt

Messy look is also appealing to men, especially if you are wearing his shirt. Try this trick and see how they will react. After all, the fashion industry presented a woman in men's shirt on the catwalk more than once. Admit it; it looks chic and modern.

Seven unusual things men adore in women. Cute...