HOROSCOPE: Best days for love during the summer for each sign – many can expect new love relationships and sudden engagements

For some horoscope signs summer months will be marked by meeting new partners and saying ‘I do’. Check out our summer horoscope for 2016 and learn who will be favored by the stars on an emotional level.  


You are the winner of romantic 'jackpot' this summer. At the end of June your ruling planet Mars awakened, and you feel as if you can have whatever you desire. Venus will be passing through your fifth house reserved for flirting and adventure, so those who are single will have many opportunities for new love. The situation is getting even more frenzy after September 9 when Jupiter enters your sign. Some will hear the wedding bells.


This summer passion returns to your relationship. In the company of your partner you will feel especially motivated to move boundaries and grow together as a couple. If you are single, in the summer months you will have great opportunities to meet someone new and fall in love. Lucky Jupiter is in your sign until 9 September, while Venus will be in Taurus from August 5 to 30. Your ideal day for love is August 27. Don’t miss it!


Your relationship is in a rut, but things are changing for the better from August 2. Mars will help you move and start the changes, just like Jupiter. If you are single, you have an excellent opportunity to meet someone new and fall in love. If you are in a relationship, you could start talking with your partner about children.



Mars which was retrograde from the middle of April will help you wake up your libido in summer months and cheer up your partner. Finally, there is an end to the lack of sexual relationships in your life. Circle August 17 on your calendar, because it is the day when you will have an important conversation with your partner that will bring you even closer. 


Your love life is at its peak this year! From July 12 to August 5 Venus is in Leo, and due to that you will attract attention wherever you appear. You will feel extra romantic and attractive on August 2 when Mars enters the fifth house of romance that will bring unbounded pleasure.

HOROSCOPE: Best days for love during the summer for each sign – many can expect new love relationships and sudden engagements


This summer is your chance to shine. Jupiter remains in your sign until September 9 and gives you a great deal of optimism that will lead you through life. With such thinking, you will certainly attract the attention of the opposite sex. You will have more chance for romantic encounters from August 5 to 30, while the love planet Venus will be in your sign. Sparks could be flying on August 27.


If you entered summer with love problems, do not despair. The situation is changing for the better, and Mars will help you and your partner to improve your relationship. Jupiter enters your sign and brings you blessings. A new relationship is awaiting single people and harmony on the emotional level those who are in relationships. 


If you thought that this would be a bad summer, think again. Mars will awaken your libido, but it will also give you the incentive to go after what you want the most. When Venus moves into the eleventh house after August 5, you will have a chance to wake up your relationship with a friend or acquaintance. Stars are also favorable for meeting new people through the Internet.


Summer brings improvement on the emotional level. Things are getting especially exciting after August 2 when Mars enters your sign. The rest of the summer you will be in a very good position because you will have the opportunity to become closer to the person you want the most. Lucky Jupiter enters your eleventh house on September 9, and it will bring most success in love if you want to deepen the relationship with a friend or if you meet a new person through acquaintances.



The most promising time for love this summer is behind you, because Venus exited your sign on July 12. But that doesn't mean that you have to sit at home and despair. Show the stars that despite that you know how to have great fun, expand your circle of acquaintances and friends and enjoy your free time regardless of love situation.


Aquarius in serious relationships will enjoy the additional dose of harmony and understanding with their partner. If you are just starting to see someone, your relationship will turn into something serious very quickly. It is possible that you will get engaged or decide to live together. Pay special attention to August 20 and22, because these are dates made for love.


Summer is ideal for strengthening the existing relationship and marriage, or at least this is the case with Pisces this year. Until September  9, Jupiter pampers you and encourages you to take bigger steps with your partner. Be brave and give in to your feelings.


HOROSCOPE: Best days for love during the summer for each sign – many can expect new love relationships and sudden engagements