Zodiac signs who give the best advice: Cancer is emotionally connected with all the people in their surrounding, Libra is the queen of good advice

Have you ever been in a situation when you can’t make a decision by yourself?

After numerous unsuccessful attempts to decide what is best for you, you usually call your parents or best friends for advice. If you're lucky, these people know exactly what to say in these moments and always give you good advice, even though they might have never experienced something similar.

But also, there are people who have no idea how to give good advice. Who to turn to when you encounter a problem?

Usually the best advisers are people who are basically emotionally intelligent. According to astrology, there are certain horoscope signs that can always help you make the right decision.

Find out who they are.


Taurus are rich with all kinds of experience and learned life lessons, so they can always offer good advice. What's more, they will always be honest with you. Instead of supporting your idea, they will tell you exactly why you shouldn’t do something. They are always there to give you wise advice, and if you don’t accept it and continue on your own, they will be angry because they will realize that you still do the same. Contact your friends born in this horoscope sign for advice in the field of love and life. They are not shy and won’t hesitate to share intimate details of their lives.

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Cancer is emotionally connected with all the people in their surrounding and that’s why they are excellent advisors. They will always show you how your choices can affect other people in your life. They won’t try to persuade you. Members of this sign understand human feelings very well, so don’t hesitate to visit a Cancer if you need advice in the field of love and partnership. They will help you with an open heart.

Zodiac signs who give the best advice: Cancer is emotionally connected with all the people in their surrounding, Libra is the queen of good advice


Leos are aware of the consequences of bad decisions, so they will use every opportunity to share their opinion about how things can go wrong. An expression that Leos usually use is ‘If I were you ...’.This is because Leos always try to put themselves in the same situation, in order to give you the best possible advice. People born in this sign know a lot about life and are not afraid to make a wrong decision. If you need someone who uses his head to solve the problem - Leo is the man for you.


Libra can be definitely pronounced the queen of good advice. Libras won’t allow you to make a decision that is selfish because they are very objective and always take into account the arguments of both sides to give advice. Libra does it because they think that everyone deserves a chance to prove that what he does or thinks is right. If you need advice on how to make a compromise, Libra is always there to help you. Members of this sign will help you achieve balance and maintain harmony in relationships with other people.

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Capricorns know that they don’t have to listen to anyone's advice to make a decision. The advice of Capricorn are especially useful in situations where you fight your former partner or friend. Capricorns believe that you will get much more in life if you behave like adults and not as children. They will never judge you for your life choices, but will offer better alternatives.


Pisces belong to a group of people who can give great advice, although they’ve never been in the same situation. If you want an honest and direct advice, talk to people who were born in this sign. They can best understand your love problems. Listen carefully to their advice, because they really can help. Pisces know that it is sometimes very hard to make the right decision and they will try to point out that sometimes you need to be reasonable, and not blindly follow your heart.