Zodiac signs and love: Are you going to meet you soulmate in 2015?

The entry of Saturn, after 28 ½ years in the sign of Sagittarius will have an influence on your love life in 2015. You are wondering how the planet of misfortune and discipline can affect emotions. Well, it can, because Saturn is also a symbol of persistence and responsibility which in the aspect with Planets of Love indicates long-term relationships.
At the beginning of the year Saturn forms a sextile to Venus, Mercury and the Sun in the constellation of adventurous Aquarius, so as soon as January, you can expect a lot of excitement in your love life, passionate encounters and interesting acquaintances. Fire and Air signs, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius, especially those born under the first decan, could meet someone who once meant them a lot.



As you are very persistent and bold, you don't give up until your 'rival', the one who caught your eye is completely exhausted. Young ladies could get the attention of an Aquarius or a Leo while Aries men might develop an interest in an elusive Gemini, or an inconsistent Sagittarius.


No Zodiac sign can compete with your charm and persistence. You are always trying to leave a strong impression on the one you're fond of. A Cancer lady will be impressed by your defensive attitude and a Virgo by the confidence you radiate. If you are female, you could find it hard to resist an insistent Capricorn or an erotic Pisces.


You are vibrant, witty and cheerful. There is no place for boredom in your company, which, in the first month of this year, can suit a charming Libra or a mysterious Aquarius, especially if you are a woman. Male representatives of this sign could be suddenly and unexpectedly attracted to a Leo or an Aries.



You are romantic, always seeking attention, and you let the one you like know that. A magnetic Scorpio or a sensual Pisces will know how to get your attention, particularly if you are a woman. Male Cancer should pay attention to a Taurus or a Virgo they already know.


You are passionate and warm-hearted. Although you usually fall for physical appearance, you can recognize real emotions, especially if they come from a fiery Aries or a romantic Virgo. If you are a man, you will find it hard to resist the wit of a Gemini or the natural easiness of a Sagittarius. 

Zodiac signs and love: Are you going to meet you soulmate in 2015?


Your practical, perfectionist nature will find pleasure in the company of people who know how to enjoy their lives. Such person could be a Taurus, but you might also be impressed by a dominant Capricorn. Virgo men will probably be attracted to a Scorpio or a Cancer.


You are considered to be one of the most charming signs of the Zodiac, and that is why the opposite sex is so attracted to you. An elusive Aquarius or a witty, talkative Gemini could attract your attention in January. If you are a male, you will find it easy to seduce a Sagittarius or a Leo.



Due to your charisma and mysteriousness, you can never go unnoticed, you radiate sex appeal. You could enter the New Year with an over-sensitive Cancer or an erotic Pisces if you are a man. Scorpio women can be fond of a shy Virgo or a restrained Capricorn.


Spontaneous and natural, witty and relaxed, you are a magnet for a good Leo or an eccentric Aquarius, who can hardly resist your compelling charm. It is possible for Sagittarius man to be attracted to a passionate Aries or a tactful Libra.


Your sign is ruled by Saturn, which entered your 12th house, the house of secrets and subconsciousness, after 28 ½ years.  So, it is possible that you get into a parallel or secret relationship with a Virgo or a Scorpio. Female Capricorn won't be immune to the flattery of a mysterious Pisces or an easy-going Taurus.


You enjoy shocking people around you in everything, so why would your love life be an exception? In January, you could fall for a Libra, who likes your restless spirit, or a Gemini who won't be bothered by your constant changing of plans. Female Aquarius could meet a Sagittarius or an Aries.


Your sensuality and eroticism cannot go unnoticed wherever you go, especially if you are a lady. In January, a mysterious Scorpio, or a persistent Cancer might succeed in winning your heart. If you are a male, you could conquer a Capricorn or a Taurus. 


Zodiac signs and love: Are you going to meet you soulmate in 2015?