Real or fake love: Gemini touches you with his fingers, Sagittarius wants to dance all the time

Although each man will try to be cool, his Zodiac sign will disclose him and will discover what does he really feels about you.


He has an uncontrollable urge to turn his head in the direction of where you are standing, trying to make eye contact with you. Every time you look at him, you see that he is looking at you, either implicitly or openly. These are the first obvious signs that he was flirting with you.



He clears his throat when trying to talk to you because his mind becomes confused by the sound of your voice. Furthermore, when closer to you, if happen to talk to others, he tries to touch you. It is his way of showing that he is interested in you and to show to other guys to stay away from you.



He touches you with his fingers and has a need to put his arms around your shoulders. Furthermore, he is trying to communicate without any particular reason, just want to talk to you. He can even send an SMS with the intention to contact you.



Chest spread like a rooster, and the only "food" that can calm him down is a kiss. The signs that he is deeply in love are the cheeks. Although people tend to blush on addressed compliments, this is an obvious indication that he has special feelings for you.



He can feel his heart pounding in his chest, and a cold sweat running down his back. In addition, he becomes a knight and a gentleman and behaves as befits the right lady. If he does not care about you, he doesn’t care what you think about his behavior.

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He loses his appetite, and his stomach is full of butterflies every time he sees his loved one. He wants to help with your work and is offering to take you home or to wait in front of your office. These are the signs that he is in love with you.


Real or fake love: Gemini touches you with his fingers, Sagittarius wants to dance all the time



When love enters the soul, he feels it completely. He will improve his appearance in a short time. Once he finds his soul mate, he invests a continuous effort to impress her.



As for his emotional world, he cannot be mad at you for more than two hours, for any reason. When in love, he cannot stay angry for a long time, that truly hurts him. So, if he invests the effort to apologize or to accept the apology, then it means that he really cares about you and your feelings.



He wants to dance all the time, and he constantly feels that he can run a marathon. On the other hand, he willingly sacrifices his luck for your happiness. It can be something small, like a selection of restaurants, a soft pillow, or something else.

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The teeth are clanging. His knees are shaking. He feels as if he melts, but he is "fine," and he will not show his feelings. Furthermore, when in love, even if he is too busy, he allows you to play around with him.



His circulation seems to work faster. He really feels the love, and he is standing next to you in any position, without giving attention to what you are doing. He will be by your side even if you are not right. He privately may have a different attitude, but never in front of an audience.



His feet are dancing even when he is sitting. This is his true nature: to be in love and to show it in every respect. If you go on a trip, or even if you're just going for a ride with friends, he will call you to see if you arrived at your destination. He can relax only if he knows that you're safe.