Zodiac signs and reading horoscopes: Who is the first to read a horoscope, and who is not interested in it?

Most of us love to read a horoscope that can be found in daily newspapers, a magazine or a web page.

 Each of us has a unique and special natal horoscope, just as we have unique and special personality.

The popular, entertaining aspect of astrology works with general information. Here's how each zodiac sign sees this area.


Aries and Leo

Leo and Aries benevolently tolerate the astrology. They are not overly prone to alternative disciplines or those that are related to the areas of intangible, invisible forces.

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Taurus and Cancer

Taurus and Cancer can be a little timid when it comes to astrology. They often have an idea that they could find something disturbing, something that will shake their sense of security. They are interested, but with caution.


Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are very rational, and they need a lot of information, explanation and analysis to accept astrology. However, when they find out its systematic, empirical methods and a beauty of symbolic language, will be happy to use its features. It is believed that among the astrologers are a lot of Aquarius because they are particularly prone to alternative ways of thinking and open to all that is a little "different". When air signs recognize the logic and the value of systems of knowledge called astrology, it becomes its great supporter.

Zodiac signs and reading horoscopes: Who is the first to read a horoscope, and who is not interested in it?


Virgo is not very prone to astrology. As a strict professor at exams that wants you to fail the exam will ask questions until you are caught in ignorance. Her suspicion and criticism are difficult to open to astrology. But if they recognize the accuracy of astrological methods and its effectiveness in personal development, s/he will easier accept it.

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Scorpio loves all that is somewhat mysterious; all that helps him to maintain control, an advantage over others. If astrology can deepen his knowledge and prepare him for the invisible threat, is certainly welcomed. Scorpio has a "psychological" strain, so the astrology as a way to explore the secrets of personality or global flows of our civilization is very interesting for them.



Sagittarius has a great need to understand life, s/he need answers. Astrology can help him to make a picture, a bigger picture of the universe and their place and meaning in it. He will use its options with caution.



Capricorn, although very realistic, with both feet on the ground, can show great interest in alternative disciplines such as astrology, for the very similar reasons as Scorpio. It is a question of control, knowledge and information that will strengthen their position in the world, which is hard work. But, Capricorn can be a bit extreme and show great interest, or quite the opposite - strong resistance.



With fully open mind and heart, Pisces will show their curiosity and will respect the alternative disciplines, including astrology. Pisces intensely feel those invisible things in the world around them, so they deeply understand what it is about.