Psychological profile of your Zodiac sign: Taurus is persistent and rational, Libra strives for harmony and balance

Find out psychological characteristics of each sig of the Zodiac


Arians will be noticed where ever they go. Their reactions can be furious; because even the smallest critic is considered as an attack. They like to make the most of everything, the do not satisfy with crumbs. They are perceived as stubborn people who look everything through their prism, and will not accept any advice. Despite all their flaws, their friends love and respect him, because they are generous, sensitive, and sincere and always ready to help. They have a short fuse and get angry easily, but they also easily calm down. 


He is calm, persistent and rational. He is at the same time both a careerist and a family man. He wants to achieve his ambitions, but also to form a family; it means a lot to him. He is very patient and tenacious and rarely gives up on his goals- only if he is disappointed. He is capable of working day and night without pause but is also familiar with periods of complete indolence. He can recognize those who want to take an advantage of him, and he can be extremely strict and harsh to them. In society, he is not considered a talkative person, nor he is funny but likes such individuals. 


Gemini is not very persistent, but he possesses exceptional intellectual abilities. He is multi-talented and very resourceful. He is also positive, dynamic and likes changes. In every situation, he will find a funny side. Geminis are like children, and most of them have youthful look and spirit even in old age. Friends like him very much for his sense of humor and his capability to always find an interesting topic to discuss.



At first sight, they seem to be arrogant and cold, but their feelings are deep and strong. They are very caring and are more concerned about other than for themselves. They are ready to do anything for those they love. They have more appreciation for spiritual than for material; love in the first place. At work, they are very persistent and know exactly what the best thing to do is in a certain moment. They will never waste their time, but spend it with friends and families. People love them for their generosity, sensibility, and privacy.


Leo is a symbol of great physical and mental strengths, a big potential that will be undoubtedly used in the right way. He knows exactly what he wants, and how to get it. Leo is the dominant one, or at least, he tries to be. Everything he does, he does for someone. He behaves like an actor on the stage, even when there is no one around him; he imagines how people look at him. Although being self-confident and egoistical, he is sometimes too vain to assess a situation correctly. He likes to be a protector, and is very generous, especially to loyal and friends he likes. He is very emotional and loud, very often exaggerates, so if there is not enough drama, he will make it up.

Psychological profile of your Zodiac sign: Taurus is persistent and rational, Libra strives for harmony and balance


Virgos are intelligent, critical, resourceful, and adaptable, but they miss intuition and self-confidence. They have a remarkable memory, and they are fast learners. Thanks to their dexterity and precision, they can be skilled in many crafts. And being more into work, they distance themselves from others. Hey are very insecure, so it means a lot to them to have somebody by their side that will encourage them. Although seeming cold and steady, they are in fact nervous and worried. They are often criticized for the lack of emotions and commitment. They are rarely open to their friends; even if they would do anything for them, they don't know how to show that.


This sign strives for harmony and balance. But, wherever there are two options, there is also hesitancy which is Libra's main characteristic. They take care of their looks and manners. Compliments and gifts are something they adore, and they prefer flattery to the sincere critic. They have a lot of acquaintances, but only a few real friends. They do not like to talk about their intimacy, especially about negative experiences; and don't want to cause compassion, but admiration. They detest rudeness, aggressiveness, and primitivism. When to feel endangered, they do not fight but run away stricken by panic and fear. All of that is emphasized when alone, but when they have someone who loves them, they feel stronger and more secure.



Scorpio rarely reveals his inner state and stormy temper by his outer reactions. Members of this sign are mysterious and restrained, and only close to them know how they feel. They have a sense of humor; they are witty and provocative, often cynical and sarcastic. Their durability is incredible. They like mystic and are not afraid of unknown. One of the things they do not like is changes. If the things start to develop the way Scorpios do not like, they will react furiously. In friendship, as well as in love, they are generous and loyal; but vengeful at the same time, and without any intent to forgive. They like money but are not stingy. They will give everything to those they love and trust.


This is a fire sign that symbolizes far way places, journeys, cosmopolitan spirit and high moral principles. Sagittarians are energetic, open and unrestrained; they don't care about conventions and don't stay with the partner they don't love anymore. Those are adventurers with no permanent address, globetrotters, and explorers, lovers, athletes and diplomats. In communication, they are open, sometimes too direct. They do not think before they speak, they ask everything want to know; and when speaking about his plans, he can sound a little bit childish. Honesty is their primary trait, and they consider others to be like that. Foreign countries and languages, culture, customs, and especially exotic places are what attract them the most. Restriction of freedom, the feeling that they have to stay in one place, is what they hate above all. They want to be free and unrestricted, to see a lot of things and to tell stories to others about that.


Capricorn is rather a contradictory sign. Although pessimistic, depressed and cautious, he always strives for success by working hard so to achieve something. He never gives up; by getting older, he becomes even better. His cold posture is very intriguing; he walks with his head up high, without caring what is going on around him. It doesn't mean that he doesn't notice things. He prefers to be a listener, rather than a participant, that help him to get to know his environment and decide how to act. He is very shrewd; he controls his feelings and doesn't get upset over trivial things. He doesn't have many friends and those few he has certainly known him for a very long time. They won't take anything that belongs to others, and will unwillingly give what belongs to him.


Aquarians are witty and cheerful people, full of ideas and romantic thoughts, and a bit gullible. They want to be in good relations with everybody, and being tolerant and sincere, they usually succeed. They don't only differ from other signs, but also among themselves. Every Aquarius wants to present himself as being unique. They are altruists who want to solve all problems in a peaceful manner. They detest violence and aggression; even in love relations, they are sober and quiet. Aquarians are not easily provoked, but they will raise their voice when it comes to human relations. They loath snobs and social climbers; and they value spiritual and intellectual over the material. The past is not important to them, but future.


Pisces is considered to be a passive and changeable sign that can be very stubborn, persistent and consistent when it comes to their ideals or a person they love. It can easily be said that they balance between acceptance and opposing restrictions. Essentially, they are very contradictory; some restrictions will be accepted as normal, sometimes they will protest against usual obligations such as going to work at the same time. They live in their world created in their imagination that has nothing to do with the reality. They are creative and intuitive, and often possess rare talents.