Hair and horoscope: Here's what hair style suits your sign

Cancers are suggested to wear bangs, and female Leos to cut their thick hair!

If you believe in horoscope or just like to read it (so if it matches what happens - it was right), why don't you do your hair according to your horoscope sign? The change will certainly look great, it will do you good, and it will please the stars under which you were born.


You are the leader and everyone knows that. Courage is your middle name and you're not afraid to start anything. You like having fun, and everyone knows you for your charismatic energy. Easy hairstyle, shoulder-length (or slightly over the shoulders) is perfect for energetic souls. This hairstyle is for strong and intelligent people - just like you.


Sweet, little Taurus. They are kind people, but sometimes they can be very stubborn and then it is not easy to deal with them. They are practical and reliable, so long, the layered haircut is perfect for all ladies born in this sign.


Gemini is practically two women in one. One moment they can talk about politics and the other one about a reality program. They are not afraid to share their opinion and they easily get bored ... Just like with one and the same hairstyle. One side of the head to be bald? Why not! Because if you get bored with that side, you can always switch to the other and get a whole new hairstyle.



Cancer is represented by three epithets: calmness, passions and persistence. You are sensitive and sometimes reserved, which makes you more difficult to recognize in a crowd of people. Bangs are a great idea to add a little chic and rock touch to your look. Consult your hair stylist which hair-do would suit you best and start being noticeable... At least thanks to good hair.


When Leo walks into a room, everyone knows it. Your personality is great and powerful. With such a personality there is no need to hide behind your hair. Cut your hair short with long layers. You can do anything with such haircut, for example, you can smooth it down the back or to the side. Whatever you choose, know that you have a lot of self-confidence which is why you will wear such a hairstyle with pride.

Hair and horoscope: Here's what hair style suits your sign


You are a real intellectual! You have great intuition and are a perfectionist. For such a thinker, bob hairstyle above the shoulders is a perfect choice. This is a smart and chic hairstyle that is perfect for a Virgo in you.


This sign represents balance, justice and honesty and these are the things you strive for. Your charisma and warm charm are the qualities that attract everyone around you. Straight hair, medium length, will highlight how sophisticated and elegant you are. At the same time, this is a romantic hairstyle, and that is what you want.


Scorpios are a dangerous mix of mystery and sexy. You are also exotic and magnetically attractive, but you can also be moody. Play with the mystery by not cutting your hair at all (except for split ends) and let it grow. You are confident and strong, so why not?


You have a good sense of humor and enjoy life, with all ups and downs. Being versatile and vivacious people requires a hairstyle that shows such a character! Shaving hair on the sides and leaving the middle is good and cute look, exactly for you. You are an adventurer and you love fun, and this hairstyle shows it.



Don't be afraid to go for your goals and achieve them aggressively. You are powerful and responsible and you are not afraid to show it. Experimenting with new things is what Capricorns love. So, why not try asymmetrical pixie haircut? You can even create an interesting design on the side in order to show a dynamic and creative side of your personality.


Creativity fulfills great part of Aquarius' life,  whether it is painting, writing or daydreaming. Whatever you do, creativity will succeed to express itself in it. Aquarians love the sense of freedom, which explains their adventurous spirit. This short, layered hairstyle is perfect for those born in this sign. In addition to looking good, it is easy to maintain. You can change your looks every day, by curling or straightening, while layers give it beautiful and relaxed look.


Pisces are quite mysterious. You have a lot of emotions that can be expressed through passion such as drawing, dancing and singing. You are always looking for the deeper meaning and you are also insightful. "Undercut" or shaved part of the hair, which can only be seen when you lift it, would be perfect for Pisces because they would understand the beauty and creativity behind this hairstyle. Not everyone can see it, unless you lift your hair up, which gives it a small dose of mystique.

Hair and horoscope: Here's what hair style suits your sign