YOUR FACE GIVES YOU AWAY: Here’s what the shape of your JAW says about you!

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Physiognomy is science that reveals characteristics of people based on their physical appearance. The word comes from the ancient Greek words physis - nature and gnosis - knowledge, and for the first time it was used in writings of Aristotle, who believed that man has characteristics within himself of a certain animal that he resembles in appearance. Today, physiognomy is used in many jobs, in order to search for certain type of people, in police, big corporations and other institutions. It happened to all of us to see someone for the first time and like them without any specific reason, but physiognomy has an explanation for this.​

The shape of the face and profile is what we first notice when we meet someone. Here's how a profile can be of use to physiognomists to detect and interpret characteristic traits of a certain person. It can be convex, vertical and concave.


1. Concave profile (protruding lower jaw, and thus the lower lip, prominent forehead)

Slow in action, thought and speech, but great endurance. Interested in theories, meditation, absent-minded, philosophize about everything, mild, moderate energy, patient, loyal, reliable. These people are calm, good-natured, thinkers, sometimes impractical. They can control themselves and react with caution, but they can be depressed and gloomy for their environment. They are loyal friends. Influential.Organizers. They remember all sorts of things excellently, and even though they are not vindictive, they often hold the grudge for long.

YOUR FACE GIVES YOU AWAY: Here’s what the shape of your JAW says about you!

2. Vertical, flat profile

People who have it usually set big goals for themselves. These are calm and reasonable persons, although in their persistence they can even be very stubborn. Defeat is a word that doesn’t exist in their vocabulary, because they almost never accept it. They have very curious spirit, and search for real meaning and the essence. Logical, rational, cold and direct. Each work they start, even at the cost of drastic sacrifices, they bring to end. They never stop halfway, because it is not in accordance with their ambitious nature.


3. Convex profile (protruding upper jaw, and thus pronounced upper lip, receding chin)

These people think and act fast, they are practical, they are great observers, interested in facts, skilled in speaking. They are energetic, impatient, impulsive, with short endurance. Fast, capable, practical, good workers. These people are great enthusiasts, they approach every work with great enthusiasm and believe in success. Individuals, sometimes even rebels.

They like to take care of others, are full of love and support. They enjoy gaining new experiences. They react very quickly, and are able to make right decisions in a moment. They have a clear mind, but their impatience is often an obstacle in communication.

Sometimes they lack concentration. They love to talk but they are not caring and attentive listeners.

YOUR FACE GIVES YOU AWAY: Here’s what the shape of your JAW says about you!