Where and how horoscope signs love to travel: Aries is adventurer in his soul, Sagittarius dreams of going to Kilimanjaro

Aries is adventurer in his soul, Virgo expects punctuality and tidiness out of her co-travellers on the road, Sagittarius dreams of going to Kilimanjaro and African safari



HE ARIES – He will pack his bags in a minute and hit the road, even to some of the overseas countries which especially attract him, because man Aries is an adventurer at heart. He doesn’t waste time on thinking about the luggage, because he deals with everything along the way, and brings his ideas into the actions, without much hesitation; military logic of man Aries deals with "strategic issues" of the travel so he will prepare maps, water supplies and comfortable shoes and clothes for the trip in time.


SHE ARIES – Woman Aries always likes new goals too, so she will be thrilled with a journey to Denmark, Sweden, Finland or Norway (white nights in Polar circle are a true challenge for her). Since she is conqueror at heart, she will set her up to be "commander of the parade," and you will gladly obey her without questions. Woman Aries will fascinate you with cultural and historical information about the place where you are going, she will rarely complain about road conditions, she will adapt and endure till the end.

HE TAURUS - He is an excellent companion beside whom you will never be hungry or thirsty. Man Taurus likes to stop by a spring, stream or a lake because he loves the countryside and nature, but he is also attracted to Dubai, Turkey, Cyprus and the southernmost and largest Greek island of Crete. You have to listen to him because he likes that he has the last saying, especially if he's paying for everything, but also, with him you absolutely don't have to worry about your safety. 

SHE TAURUS - She patiently chooses a destination, inquiring who had been to Divčibare or Zlatibor, Cortina d'Ampezzo or St Moritz and what was it like, it doesn't really matter where exactly, but wherever she goes, she feels nostalgic for home or homeland. She is attracted to Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco because woman Taurus is a fan of oriental motives and belly dancing, as well as of goat cheese and sour sheep milk. If she's travelling with a partner, it is clear that he bears all the costs.

HE GEMINI - Although it seems that he doesn't know what to do first and as if he won't do anything, he still manages to get everywhere and do everything with ease: he will take care of million of little things, but also of the payment, accommodation and transport. The car is the favorite means of transport to a man Gemini, music is an integral part of the trip, and he enjoys coastal towns the most such as Herceg Novi and the Venice Lido, and he also loves America, Australia and New Zealand.

SHE GEMINI - She's always ready to go, so there is a suitcase which is already packed with the necessary little things, and the rest she will add easily. She loves life on wheels or the plane because she feels at home abroad, so neither the language nor new culture is obstacles for her. Favorite travel destinations for woman Gemini are Milan and Venice, and then Salzburg, as well as Scandinavian cities such as Copenhagen and Stockholm.


HE CANCER – Even though he is considered to be the greatest patriot in the zodiac, he is attracted to distant cities and countries 'across the ocean' (USA, Canada, Australia) and, therefore, it happens that he spends a part of his life on another continent. He loves to try different meals and drinks characteristic of a certain region, prefers renting private accommodation rather than a hotel, and he loves resting in the countryside or on the shore of a lake. Although he likes to travel, man Cancer is always at home in his thoughts.

SHE CANCER – Woman Cancer carefully chooses her company and time to travel, but the organization and the choice of destination for a holiday she prefers to leave to her partner. She usually carries something from her house (pillow, blanket, favorite cup) in order to feel at home in an unfamiliar environment. She loves travelling with her family, and she may bring a friend along. She loves relaxing in a spa, spending summer in the mountains and she would like the most to spend winter likely spent in warmer regions (Cuba, Dominican Republic).

 HE LEO - He loves to dominate space, so he is happy to visit squares and seldom gets lost, even if he is in that country or a city for the first time. . he absorbs foreign languages by listening, he easily handles cultural and historical information, because he likes reading atlases and travel guides before going away on a trip, which causes admiration of fellow passengers. That is why man Leo is an ideal tourist guide while he personally prefers sports competitions, casino and - beer festival.


SHE LEO – Woman Leo loves to travel, especially to German-speaking countries, so Austria, Germany and Switzerland are countries in which she loves staying and copes well. Since she is attracted to games of chance, she will not leave out the casino (in Paris or Las Vegas, wherever), but with the same passion  she will visit museums and cultural and historic monuments as soon as she finds herself in a foreign country (e.g., Egypt, Crete, Malta, Cetinje). 

Where and how horoscope signs love to travel?

HE VIRGO – He feels at home abroad, but only if he chooses a place  where everything suits him: he likes sitting in the garden of restaurants in the central city zone (eg. The Champs-Elysees in Paris, the Vaci street in Budapest, Knez Mihailova street in Belgrade), reading the daily press, drinking Nes coffee and watching the passers-by. He is not a big fan of walking and loves a comfortable ride, and foreign languages usually don’t represent a problem for man Virgo, because he absorbs them by listening.

SHE VIRGO - She cannot relax, though, there is something that can help her: take a bunch of magazines and a couple of books on vacation - it will calm her down. Woman Virgo, even on the road, expects punctuality and tidiness. Besides the first aid kit with medicine, she often carries disinfectants, sheets and pillowcase, because she is horrified of hotel beds. If you want to make her happy, take her to eat cake in one of Vienna or Budapest confectioneries.

HE LIBRA - He is always in the mood to get away from everything and go somewhere where no one would look for him because this is how he ‘charges the batteries’ of his sensitive nervous system. He relaxes the best at sea with the sounds and tastes of the Mediterranean but also puts together nice with useful as a guest on various music and film festivals and fashion shows to which he ‘is smuggled in’ through influential friends.  Popular travel destinations for man Libra are Northern Italy (Milan), Cannes and Nice.

SHE LIBRA– She is looking forward to travelling as a child and begins packing days in advance. She enjoys shopping, loves trendy places and splendid squares, and she communicates the easiest with younger companions. The most important part of the luggage od women Libra are dresses for going out in the evening (for a club and casino). She easily obtains visas thanks to her relatives or friends, and she prefers travelling in spring or early summer and is attract to Rome, Paris and the Cote d'Azur.

 HE SCORPIO– He always gets the best because he knows what he wants: the best apartment, best seat on the plane, the best guide - everything has to work perfectly. Man Scorpio is made for romantic adventures on transatlantic cruises, even though he doesn’t have anything against visiting European capitals. If you like to get everything served on a silver platter, then you are going to enjoy having him as our companion; if not, you'll probably, whatever happens, agree to his terms.

SHE SCORPIO – Even though she loves challenges and conquering of mountain peaks that raise the level of adrenaline in the blood, especially with a younger representative of the sign, woman Scorpio enjoy the most travelling to the Netherlands, Canada (Vancouver), USA (Seattle, Hawaii) and Rio de Janeiro. She loves exciting cruises on cruise ships where she can enjoy aromatic cocktails, luxurious cabins and a night swimming in the pool with her partner.


HE SAGITTARIUS – He is very adaptable, so at first glance he seems like an ideal companion, although he can often get lost in an unknown direction. His athletic built, casual clothes and irresistible charm attract female co-travellers and, even more, foreign women that he easily conquers. Sagittarius man dreams of going to Kilimanjaro and African safari through Kenya, although he wouldn’t mind going to the "camel trophy" and car races of "Formula 1", and all other sports competitions.

SHE SAGITTRIUS– Just give her something new, and woman Sagittarius will take care of everything else with the ease of experienced world traveller, so you can feel free to let her handle the organization of your joint vacation. Travelling is in her blood, suitcases half packed, and she is always ready to take off at least to Budapest; she is also attracted to  Spain (Palma de Majorca, Ibiza), Portugal, or cruises down the Nile, especially during the New Year’s holiday.

HE CAPRICORN  – He is a traditionalist who likes places where he can find out more about the culture and history of ancient cities and countries, so he is happy to visit museums and archaeological sites. He is particularly attracted to cities like Prague, Paris and London, although he doesn’t mind  Greece, Egypt and Tibet. Man Capricorn can’t stand the crowd and shopping centers and prefers walking on the mountain slopes or being by himself in a coastal town.

SHE CAPRICORN – She likes travelling in a bit old-fashioned way- by train, possibly Orient Express, to Greece or Turkey; to a woman Capricorn it is important to feel secure, comfortable and safe on the road, to be able to talk to smart co-travellers, while she actually wishes upon adventure and fantasizes of love romance with a mysterious stranger. She loves Ireland, Scotland and Great Britain because of their historical castles, but also ancient civilizations of The Andes, Peru and Mexico.

HE AQUARIUS– Even though he doesn't like organised group travelling, man Aquarius will get friendly with most of the passengers. He likes to take off suddenly before letting anyone know because he likes keeping his plans secret and he gets to the airport or station in the last minute. In the hotel room he repairs door locks or changes lightbulbs in the bathroom. He is most attracted to Russia (Sankt-Peterburg), Mongolia, China and New York.

SHE AQUARIUS – She always does things her way, so for her it’s best when she’s travelling alone. If she leaves the choice of destination to her partner, that is most often something that she likes. Woman Aquarius often chooses attractive trendy places, because she doesn’t want to be seen anywhere, and likes using rent-a-car services. She loves shopping in Italy, even though she doesn’t mind flea markets in Paris or Amsterdam and out of Scandinavian cities, she loves Stockholm and Copenhagen.

HE PISCES– He always swims everywhere, just like a fish in the water, and always find his way wherever he travels. He easily adapts to the circumstances, so what is there it’s good, and what isn’t, he can do without.  All it takes is a fine and relaxed atmosphere, favorite drink, Cuban music and attractive dancers, and he will want to stay forever in Havana, New Orleans or Florida - a favorite destination of a man Pisces.

SHE PISCES – Woman Pisces expects adventure on the road on which she turns into the "hunter of prey" - a mysterious man of her dreams. She packs her things chaotically, doesn’t nag a lot during the journey (though she loves comfort), and loves sea cruises and cruises on the river Volga and the Dnieper. She often travels in her own arrangement, to visit the relatives and extends her stay if she likes it there; she loves Sardinia, Malta, Cote d’Azur, Kornati Islands and Maldives.


Where and how horoscope signs love to travel?