Mirrors - Yes or No: Do not put mirrors at these places, it brings bad luck!

When choosing a mirror, there are a few things you should think about. The first and the most important is the place to put it, and then what function it will have.

In Feng Shui, we use mirrors to enlarge a space or energy, substitute for a missing corner and divert the flow of positive energy (Sheng Chi) in the desired direction or to reject negative energy (Shar Chi).


Mirrors enlarge what they show, so if they make a reflection of anything unfavorable for good Feng Shui, the will enlarge it even more.

In fact, there are numerous prohibitions regarding mirrors.

They can never be placed so to make a direct reflection of the entrance door, since they send all positive energy that wants to enter our homes, directly outside.

You shouldn't put a mirror where it makes a reflection of a toilet, a bathroom or a kitchen.

They mustn't reflect garbage bins, piles of clothes of dirt of any kind.

If they are placed in a bedroom, they cause arguments and misunderstanding between partners and encourage extramarital affairs. Whether placed on the ceiling, walls or closet hey reflect people are sleeping. Symbolically speaking, they seem as those people are dead, so the bad energy that causes different illnesses. And if an illness already exists and is combined with other negative Feng Shui factors, it can be life-threatening.

When choosing the right position for the mirror, you should know that a mirror that it mustn't be placed in the southern sector of your home.

I know that these warnings sound intimidating. I was intimidated myself with all these information when I began studying Feng Shui. But if you stick to all rules, the mirror can bring you good luck and prosperity.


Convenient setting

I have already briefly mentioned some positive mirror effects. In a small room, a big mirror will make an illusion that the room is bigger than it is.

A mirror placed in the dining room (not in the kitchen, do not confuse these two) so that it reflects the food on the table and the family dining together, will bring you prosperity and harmonious family relationships.

Mirrors - Yes or No: Do not put mirrors at these places, it brings bad luck!

You have probably noticed that in many stores and shops mirrors are placed so to reflect cash register. This originates in Feng Shui. The mirror symbolically doubles the amount of money in the register and brings a positive energy that attracts even greater wealth. The mirrors are also used to increase ostensibly a number of goods on shelves, which has the similar effect as the mirror by the cash register.

Furthermore, you can use the mirror so to substitute for the missing corner in a room of an irregular shape. All you have to do is to put the mirror on the wall that disturbs the proper shape of the room, and symbolically, it will extend the space in the desired direction.

Rejection of negative energy

There is one more thing left- the rejection of negative energy. This is, at the same time, the most sensitive part regarding mirror use that I would not recommend at all. Many leading experts in Feng Shui agree with me.

I case that some negativity in our environment id in the direction of your entrance door, it is possible to reject it by placing a mirror outside your home, directly on or above your entrance door. Chinese people have a special kind of mirrors for this purpose. It seems simple and effective, but if someone lived opposite of you, all rejected energy, in high speed and enlarged, directly hits your neighbor’s, bringing misfortune, illness, and loss. If you're not in good relations with your neighbors, this may seem like a good reason for putting this mirror, but have in mind an old saying: “What goes around, comes around“. 

Feng Shui works with fine ethereal kinds of energy. Christians would say: “God sees everything, God Knows everything“; and Buddhists and Hindus “Every activity directly affects our karma.“ I think that I warned you.


Mirror choice
When choosing mirror you will use for Feng Shui purposes, bear in mind that fragmented mirrors show fragmented reflection of ourselves or whatever they reflect, which is good.

A small mirror will make it look as if a part of our head or face is missing. This can set back how we see ourselves.

Dirty, cracked and old mirrors make bad Feng Shui.

A mirror should be big enough so that it could reflect your whole head and a part of chest, till the area just below the height of your heart.

Apart from that, you should have one big mirror in your home, which could be used by all who wile in it, and which can reflect you in one piece, from head to toe.

The size of a mirror you use in corrective purposes will depend on the size of a room you place it in, and the size of what you want to correct.

The general rule is that a mirror of 8 inches in diameter reflects energy 80 inches back into space.

There is one more aspect of mirrors that we haven't mentioned- its shape.

You shouldn't have triangular mirrors in your possession under any circumstances, because triangle is a symbol of fire, and mirrors represent the element of water.

Square and rectangular mirrors are Yang, round and oval are Yin. In the living space, round and oval mirrors are more pleasant than square and rectangular. Being made of glass, they have sharp edges and they should be framed or faceted, so not to make negative energy.

I hope that I haven't frightened you much. Perhaps, in the beginning, you decide not to use mirrors, but eventually, as you get familiar with Feng Shui and its use, your fear will disappear.

Good luck!


Mirrors - Yes or No: Do not put mirrors at these places, it brings bad luck!