HOROSCOPE: Aries, Sagittarius and Capricorn are born winners- powerful and haughty, but righteous and classy

Everyone wants to be successful. The moment we get such a desire, we can say that the planet appears in the sky, which sends us the signal. In order for a person to be powerful, famous, strong, popular, successful, it has to have at least three planets that adorn them and give that much power. But for the overall success the most important is the planet Jupiter. Besides Jupiter, we must have energetic Mars that sets the motion, gives the will, and of course Saturn without which there is nothing, because if there is no discipline and strategy, everything mentioned above fails.

This is the list of three most successful signs:

ARIES – predestined for leader

Aries is in the first place a brave sign. Enthusiasm and determination that he has are rare. With Aries the work is simply done. Whatever he has to do in life, to decide, he's someone who does it without any problems and second thoughts. His charisma is reflected primarily in the characteristic of a hero who loves to win. He goes till the end; he will even give his life, he is fearless. Aries is a sprout that is growing. While Taurus is a sign that gives insemination, Gemini communication, Aries has a task to break the ice and move on. Therefore, among the Aries there are mainly leaders, bosses, directors who don’t stand still from the moment they enter the company. It is enough for them just to walk by you and you will feel that energy in the air. 


If he promises something then he will fulfill it but he expects the same from his associates. He hates betrayal, lies and dispiritedness the most. Aries is a doctor, a surgeon, a civil engineer, construction worker, soldier, officer, soldier, general, actor and the best comedian like Charlie Chaplin. Aries is a lover like Casanova or a politician who back then, in 1960. moved the session of the United Nations by hitting his shoe against the desk and thus showed his power and influence - Nikita Khrushchev.

However, if you find yourself near this sign, you should know that there’s no sleep. Get ready to work and give the last atom of your strength, because that’s the only way you will be able to win and also score points with your boss at work, or life in general.

HOROSCOPE: These three signs are born winners- powerful and haughty, but righteous and classy

SAGITTARIUS – optimist, aristocrat

A planet that rules this sign is Jupiter. His position in our natal chart is where we have luck. This sign, as well as its ruling planet, represents power, success, enjoyment, help from God. Then when we least expect it, the hand of God comes down on us and brings salvation. We call it a miracle, and in religion it is the will of God.

Sagittarius is the sign of happiness, joy, exotics; they love food, drink, traveling, music, they fight against injustice, govern human rights, friendship is their imperative out of which they get everything. This is a young spirit, of beautiful aesthetic looks, athletic, loves noble sports so tennis will be one of their favorites. Sagittarius is a classy, aristocratic, sometimes a rebel, but respects the tradition while going his way. Sagittarius is a priest, astrologer, prophet. Great rewards, medals, military merits come exactly from the strong Jupiter. In order to be the champion in a sport or the winner in a war, you must have strong Jupiter in the natal chart.

Sagittarius is not easy for cooperation; he can be strict and arrogant. He also punishes, but it is more uncomfortable than totally tragic. For someone who is a hedonist by nature there is no greater punishment than to be left without pleasure and money. Life aspirations of this sign are great, but they get realized. Typical stars of this age are music legends like Frank Sinatra and Tina Turner who are true representatives of their sign and also the success they achieved, that lasts. He who believes in oneself, in God, to him all the doors open.


CAPRICORN - despot, power, authority

Besides Scorpio, one of the most hated signs of the Zodiac is Capricorn. It is a sign without which you simply can’t imagine success. No matter how old, ancient books speak of the ruler of this constellation, Saturn all the worst, it is the planet from which the world begins. The rock at the beginning and there will be a rock at the end of the world. Capricorn is even considered to be one of the most influential characters in the Zodiac. Natural tenth field or zenith, top of the skies belongs to this sign. Just like in Kabbalah ten is the supreme number or God. Capricorn is before everything signs of discipline, power, success, and if someone wants to be successful, he has to go along with this current. Work, training of their workers, discipline, strategy are their basic characteristics. Capricorn is not a sign that fears stress or losing his job because it belongs to him naturally. Just like it is natural for Cancer to have a big house and children, so the Capricorn is predestined to be an authority. 

His journey is hard because it is a sign of karma, past experiences and past incarnations. It isn’t easy being born in this constellation, but if the lessons of Saturn are learned, and if he listens to his tormentor and teacher Saturn, then he will naturally grow into a supreme person. He is successful doctor, chemist, biologist, politician, lawyer, astronomer, banker, realtor, composer, singer. Perhaps one of the most powerful representatives of this sign is the music legend Elvis Presley. He is one of the few Capricorns where the Saturn gives enormous material wealth, but where his Jupiter destroys him through hedonism and drugs, where he leaves his easy life of Saturn / discipline, order / and dies.

Just as we said at the beginning of the text, the rock at the beginning of the world, the rock at the end, so will the tomb of this most charismatic Capricorn ever born, will be the most visited in the world so many years after his departure into eternity.


HOROSCOPE: These three signs are born winners- powerful and haughty, but righteous and classy