Instructions and tactics on how to hook up with a guy or a girl from each sign

Tell romantic Pisces your experiences from the past, talk to them about love, play on the card of feelings. Seduce Taurus subtly, without revealing your true intentions

Seduction is the skill we use in finding partners, and during that act we let the other side know that we are interested using gestures, touches and speech. Each Zodiac sign has its own seduction tactics, but also the way they want to be won. Use the right tactics.



If you want a romantic relationship with Aries you must be brave. You will win them with confidence and direct approach. Walk up to them, be sincere, tell them what's on your mind. But this doesn’t mean that you have to reveal your feelings completely. Play hot- cold games. Aries is the hunter and they will be intrigued by your unavailability and intractability.

Men in this sign simply love brave women. Look him straight in the eye, come closer to him, whisper few words in his ear, and then leave.

Ask woman Aries questions about what she likes, provoke her to talk about herself, be curious, buy her a drink, and before you go, leave her your number.


Keep in mind that you found a person with a conservative view of the world to which financial security means more than love. They will consider that they know you only when they get acquainted with your attitude towards money, how much you earn and in what kind of apartment you live. For him, it is of crucial importance. Taurus despises predators. You must be patient, show him that you like him and let him make the first move.

Taurus man loves sensual and feminine women. Seduce him subtly, without revealing your true intentions. Simmer him slowly until the fire starts and he bursts into flame.

Invite Taurus woman to dinner that you’ll cook yourself in her presence! Send a bouquet of red roses or a box of chocolates to her home address.


Don’t let them get bored with you. Laughter and entertaining conversation are a great aphrodisiacs for every Gemini. If you know how to excite and intrigue him with words, you have already done half the job. Tell him a gossip you just heard, tell him jokes, make jokes at your expense. Talk all night, be socially and politically active, energetic and communicative.

Man Gemini likes fun, provocative, slender women, much younger than himself. What matters to him is how you are dressed and if you have style. He will first fall for looks.

Gemini woman falls for male brain. Metaphors, comparisons, quotations from movies and a novel that you will skillfully retell and insert into the topic you are talking about, will make her willing for anything.



You must be careful to Cancer, gentle and take care of him. Start an intimate conversation, share with him a childhood experience. When you open up to him, Cancer will begin to trust you, and that means that he will slowly leave its security armor. His romantic nature still partly lives in the Victorian age and this emotional person dreams of long courting that awakens love in both sides.

Man in this sign has a fear of rejection and therefore it is possible that he will never approach you first. You have to take things into your own hands and not forget to let him know how much you love your mother.

Patronize Cancer woman, in conversation often use words like love, safety, feeling, family, children... Do small things for her to show that she can rely on you.


Flattering and compliments will enable the realization of miraculous results for you. They will not doubt the truth and sincerity of your compliments. They need attention, praise and expensive gifts. They will enjoy you laughing at their jokes. They love victories immensely, and defeat and rejection will strongly hit their ego. If you manage to get through to their vulnerable side that they don’t reveal to anyone, you have probably found the way to their heart.

Ask male Leo a serious question– aren’t you tired of constantly being in the spotlight? It is possible to get to his insecure side and become someone special.

Woman Leo plays the card of beauty and charm, even invincibility. Show her that you are interested, but don’t do anything else. Pay her a compliment and step away. And wait...

SEDUCTION ACCORDING TO HOROSCOPE: Instructions and tactics on how to hook up with a guy or a girl from each sign


Virgos are perfectionists that are hard to please in the long run. Let them correct your grammar mistakes in speech and in messages, bravely accept occasional criticism. Listen to them carefully and concerned when they tell you about their problems. When they realize that you accept them for what they are, with all their shortcomings, seduction is brought to an end. But until then you must be there, present, send messages and take care more of them than of yourself.

Virgo man will be won by details, neatly manicured nails, your scent, emotional restraint and willingness to talk. He wants to get to know you first, let him...

You will win a Virgo woman if you do her a favor, and not ask for anything in return. Ask her about her opinion on the problem that’s bothering you. Let her know how much you appreciate her opinion.


You will realize how interested they are in you by the compliments they will pay you. Then they will call you and casually mention that they think of you, they could ask you for advice on how to solve a dilemma that is troubling them. Tell them about your exciting social life, many friends and that it would be nice to see each other more often. Go on a first date dressed up and wearing perfume. They love fine manners, kindness, and especially fall for the charm.

Libra man falls for beauty, but it won’t be enough to keep him. You have to be interesting to him intellectually too. Share your views on important subjects, ask him for his.

Woman Libra likes to flirt. Make her interested by sending her intriguing texts, but do not force her to make a decision. She needs time to decide. But don’t give up at any cost!


They like excitement and challenge. The longer they conquer you, they will be more into you. If they like you, they will be obsessively linked to you. If you want to become their obsession, be sexy! Show that you are strong, that you can’t be manipulated with. Provoke them with healthy humor. There are only two possible outcomes of your meeting. The first is that you will become inseparable, and the other is that they will unexpectedly leave you, leaving a total mess in your life.

Scorpio man will be attracted by sex appeal. Also play the card of jealousy. Innocently flirt in front of him with other men too. Don’t let him win you at first attempt.

Woman Scorpio falls for successful men; success is her greatest aphrodisiac. You will have a good chance if you show her how loyal you can be and dedicated when you care.


If your heart is beating fast near Sagittarius, you must be clear that you mustn’t threaten his ‘holy’ freedom. His weak spot is love for adventure. He is a restless spirit and settles down hard in a serious relationship, especially while young. Don’t talk to him about the relationship, but about enjoying the two of you. Let him lead the game, and then surprise him with an occasional free-minded comment.

Sagittarius man can’t stand fixed and predetermined plans. Therefore disarm him with a sentence – Let’s see what happen as we go!

Woman Sagittarius doesn’t like passive and boring men. You have to entertain her, with your personality, a decent sexy interruption or a long gaze.


If someone is cautious and restrained when it comes to love, then it is a Capricorn. He will look at you long and patiently, and then slowly conquer you, provided of course that he doesn’t want just flirting but a serious relationship. Be down-to-earth and reasonable while conquering. They detest ideals, illusions, emotions and unrealistic attitudes towards life.

Man Capricorn is careful, he doesn’t engage in risk and plays it safe. If you show him that he can count on you, that you are serious, ambitious and independent, you already crossed half the way.

Woman Capricorn doesn’t fall for gifts or compliments. You will raise her interest with the sentence - I'd like to get to know you better. If you are not sure of yourself, it is better to back off immediately.



If you decide to approach her and start a conversation on a friendly basis, you will increase your chances. Be honest, simple, and don’t pretend. When Aquarius fall in love, they will declare you love in a public place, or do something original and crazy. They love freedom and they look for an original and independent partner who will not ‘bother’ them with trivialities and jealousy.

You will attract Aquarius man by taking a stand on all the important political, social and love questions. Keep him in suspense.

Woman Aquarius is informal, and that’s how you’ll seduce her. Forget about the rules and restrictions. Surprise her with the unusual proposal, and don’t forget - your brain is her aphrodisiac.


Pisces are looking for a devoted and romantic partner, someone they will cuddle with and talk late at night. They are too sensitive, fickle, but that’s why you have to be moderate, stable and practical. And don’t forget about the romance! Play the card of feelings. Constantly repeat to them how much you need them and how special they are, and they’ll fall for it.

Man Pisces is insecure and pliable. He will be seduced by your warmth, tenderness, romantic view of love, feeling that you are always there for him. Encourage him to approach you.

Woman Pisces will fall for artists, creative people, she will be driven crazy by your ease of living, and she will be repelled by fixed and unchangeable beliefs.



SEDUCTION ACCORDING TO HOROSCOPE: Instructions and tactics on how to hook up with a guy or a girl from each sign