STRONG, REBEL, HEDONIST... Find out what kind of woman you are according to horoscope!

How much the stars are inclined to us and in what way they will determine our ways, love, family, business – is the subject that has

always occupied our minds and never gets old. There are not many things that astrology can’t perceive and give its own interpretation, and then it’s up to us to evaluate, that is, to recognize ourselves or not in its descriptions. This time, what we are interested in is how the members of the more beautiful sex can be characterized by a zodiac sign - whether they are gentle and subtle, or maybe amazons and strong women.


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Women in this sign are strong and fearless, just like the ancient warriors of the Amazon, which many will compare with men because of their characteristics and power. They won’t mind getting involved in male jobs, so women Aries very often try out some typical men's jobs, such as engineering jobs. They are persistent in everything they set their mind to and don’t ever give up. Their dressing style is comfortable and casual, which in no way means that it is not feminine - their femininity emanates from their strong and characteristic personality.




Women Taurus are great hedonists who love to enjoy all the benefits of life - travel, art, food, drink. They are inclined to tradition and home regarding family values, which for them are one of the main guiding ideas. Ladies in this sign are feminine, often with pronounced curves, a fine taste in fashion and everything that is beautiful.




A great lover of fashion, all kinds of art, and especially theater, intelligent, with a pronounced sense of humor and youthful spirit - Gemini woman simply conquer everyone with her charm. The thing that especially adorns ladies in this zodiac sign is beautiful skin, which often remains young even at older age.




Cancer women are subtle, dedicated and emotional wives, sacrificed mothers with pronounced maternal instinct, always full of love and understanding for everyone. If in one word we should describe the ladies in this sign, then it would be - mother with the big letter M, who is the pillar of the family.




Yes, that's the queen of the zodiac, who needs to show it to everyone - that she is the most beautiful, with the most style, her favorite color is, of course, gold, when it comes to fashion and clothes. She always chooses only the most expensive; she is always eager to be at the center of attention and the subject of all conversations. Leo woman simply does not allow anyone other than her come to the fore.

STRONG, REBEL, HEDONIST... Find out what kind of woman you are according to horoscope!



They are always precise in everything they do, and somehow they are slaves to different life molds and patterns of behavior, in which some other sign would feel suspended, but Virgo women are accustomed to work that way and it suits them. They love classic when it comes to fashion and it's hard to them to decide on any novelty or experiment.




Libras are typical women - elegant and with manners, which always strive for perfection, in love, in the family, and at work, as can be seen in their fashionable style, which is always perfectly harmonized with all written and unwritten rules of fine dressing. There is nothing too emphasized in them; everything is harmonious and moderate, they are great lovers of art, especially classical music.




Rarely any sign is as dangerous as this one -  women Scorpio are fatal, for both others and themselves, they burn in passion, they are dramatic, and they always tend to find out the very essence of things. They intrigue with their mysticism, they are very sexy, and their fashion style is like that too - always sexy and provocative.




Ladies of Sagittarius have their goal and a clear vision of how they can get to it. Also a little bit Amazons and fearless, but aware that their strongest weapon is precisely their pronounced femininity - Sagittarius women conquer everything with their energy. The Sagittarius are a sporty type; they enjoy traveling and adventures.




Capricorn women are real masters, whatever work they do. They find sublimity in everything, and they maximally dedicate themselves to their goal, nothing else interests them, and don’t let anyone distort their focus. With the same enthusiasm and passion, they are dedicated to both their career and their family - ladies in this sign don’t find anything hard as long as they know what they want.




They are elusive to their instability and constant changes - in interests, in love, and also in, for example, the style of dressing - they like to experiment, they are not afraid of being different and completely their own. Aquarius women are always a bit ahead of their time.




Finally, a typical female sign - romantic, easily fall in love, prone to idealization and with extremely imaginative spirit. In their vision, everything is always in perfect order, and they always strive for that ideal, and sometimes long for it. Women Pisces are great optimists, and this is what adorns them most.

STRONG, REBEL, HEDONIST... Find out what kind of woman you are according to horoscope!