7th-century horoscope has 19 signs of the zodiac: Chen are night people, Pop people are leaders

The ancient Maya created an astrological system which is divided into 19 signs of the zodiac. The symbolism of the signs that represent the movement of the day throughout the year was based on aspects that are important for their culture.

Their scientific, technological, social and artistic progress took place around year 650. Mayas measured the solar system with incredible precision. They devised two calendars, horoscope and created a system of numbers of only three symbols (0, 1, 5). Take a look what your horoscope sign is according to ancient Mayas.

CHEN (from 01/02 to 01/21) These are night people, because they love night more than a day. The time before dusk and before dawn is the right time for them and then they have the most power in themselves. During this period they feel best and have the most fun. They have a natural tendency to the Moon energy. Their cardinal direction is west.

YAX (from 01/22 to 02/10) Venus is their ruling planet, and they are gentle and full of loving. They need to initiate their ability to bring harmony to everyone around them. This is a great gift that they have, to be guardians of peace in these times and can do good in the world. Their cardinal direction is south.

SAC (from 02/11 to 03/02) These people work best from dawn to dusk, and they should do everything important in the morning. Their cardinal direction is north, and their animal is a frog. The meaning of frog is that they easily adapt to changes and move from one stage to another. You need to accept the changes because their strength is in changes.

KEH (from 03/03 to 03/22). They love nature and natural balance. With their devotion and acting they can help restore the natural order on Earth. They have the energy of fire, and color red represents the strength for them. Meditation in the forest will help them develop their strength. Their cardinal direction is south, and totemic animal deer.

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MAK (03/23 to 04/11) They are among the greatest mysteries of Mayan astrological signs. They give their best when defending someone close. They are closed because they are hiding something or they are shy. If they take time just for themselves and spend time away from each other, they will discover secrets. Their number is three, and it is considered the number of deity, balance and completion.

KANKIN (04/12 to 05/01) For them the best meditation is in the sun, because then they most easily come up with new ideas and conclusions. If possible, they should try to meditate in a cave or at least visit a cave and discover what the peace and quiet are. Their totem animal is a dog, especially a yellow dog. Dogs are loyal and have amazing internal power.

7th-century horoscope has 19 signs of the zodiac: Chen are night people, Pop people are leaders

MUWAN (05/022 to 05/21) These people have an affinity for fire and water. They need to accept these two elements, especially during a storm, when fire and water are present in the form of rain and lightning. Storm gives them additional strength. Their totem animal is an owl, which has a remarkable ability to see. According to the Mayas, owls are prophets who can reveal the truth.

PAX (05/22 to 06/10) They have inside themselves totem of Jaguar, which is very important for the culture of the Maya. They represent leadership. Their personal strength is the same as the strength of a nation leader. They need to accept that power and people around them will follow them. When they set their mind on something, they just go forward until they achieve it.

KAYAB (06/11 to 06/30) They have a natural inclination towards the Moon and spiritual ventures. Turtle is their totem animal. Turtles are important in the Mayan culture as bearers of ancient wisdom and bearers of the earth. Turtles are very slow, and so the people born in this sign prefer to do everything slowly and with caution.

KUMKU (07/01 to 07/20) They need to spend most of their free time in nature. Their totem animal is a crocodile, which has the gift of survival, time and patience. These people posses the power of longevity and stability. They don't accept changes easily, but there are periods when they themselves want to change something.

WAYEB (07/21 to 07/25) Wayeb is a period of only five days in a year, unlike other symbols of the Mayas, where the range is 20 days. During this period natural balance of Mayas is disturbed, when other forces come to earth and ghosts walk the earth. People born in this sign have a strong connection with another world.

POP (07/26 to 08/14) These people are leaders. Both jaguar and the chief are in positions of power in the culture of the ancient Maya. They may bring clear vision and direction for people in their surrounding. They have the gift to lead people and be their leader. They have an affinity for the country, and just like a jaguar, people born in this sign like to get things done quickly.  

WO (08/15 to 09/03) This sign is similar to the signs Chen and Sac. They have the most wisdom an hour after dusk and just before the first rays of the sun. Just like with Sac, their totem animal is the frog and they can jump from one level to another. This allows them to do more different jobs. For their surrounding they are very mystical.

ZIP (09/04 to 09/23) They have a strong affinity towards the elements of air and fire. Their strength is as the strength of their animal totem deer. It is a symbol of mercy and connection with forest. They need to accept the energy and generosity they own and try to use it the right way. Their strength lies in red color.

ZOTZ (09/24 to 10/13) They have two animal totems, and those are the fish and the bat. One can fly, other can swim. The bat is sensitive and uses its strength with the help of intuition and ability to see through illusions. Fish represents the consciousness and depth. Their combination gives deep intuition that not many people posses.

TZEC (10/14 to 11/02) These persons are specifically related to the earth and the sky. They are fascinated by the sky and interested in everything that's above. The air is an element of mental energy, and the earth is an element of practicality. They also have the gift to question every situation, they can easily discover if someone is lying to them.

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XUL (11/03 to 11/22) They are closely associated with the animal totem of dog. The dog is a very important animal for the Mayans. They believed that dogs take them to the next life, when this animal passes by them. People born in this sign posses some characteristics of a dog, such as loyalty, strength and dedication.

YAXKIN (11/23 to 12/12) People born in this sign have a connection with the Mayan Sun God Ah Kin, who protected them from the darkness, drought and disease, and they are natural healers. The disadvantage of this sign is doubt. Ah Kin brought doubt and indecisiveness. These people need to learn to trust their decisions and the decisions of the people around them.

MOL (12/13 to 01/01) These people are associated with the cardinal elements of water. Their totem animal is the jaguar, one of the most powerful animals in the Mayan culture. Jaguar represents the mystery of a Shaman and strength of leadership. People born in this sign have an affinity for both roles and life can take them down the road of a spiritual leader.