Horoscope signs in the bedroom: Taurus is always ready for action, Sagittarius is fantastic charmer

If you like long foreplay, and he always wants direct action, it will be hard to balance your needs…


Members of this sign are impulsive and full of energy. They like having 'one night stands' or quick wild action in some hidden corner, even when there is a danger that they will get caught. The tenser and burdened with problems they are, the more passionate in bed they are. Aries don't know about foreplay; they can be very rough when in love trance.


This is the most sensitive sign in Zodiac, full of desires and always ready for action. Taurus are very shy, but they give the impression of calm and confident people. Due to them being reserved, at a young age they are mainly focused on studying partner's body and reactions, and only after the age of thirty their innate potential becomes prominent, and they start to enjoy making love the right way. 


They can’t stay in one place too long, they keep wandering, and they can hardly achieve a stable relationship. Their attitude towards making love changes in their middle age, when they become mature and very dedicated lovers.

They are very imaginative, sensitive, and they always want to discover in detail what their partner enjoys, but they will be sure to make them know what they like too. Gemini has constant fear of being rejected, so they indirectly suggest experimenting, and in case the partner does not agree with this, they will try to convince him or her that it was a misunderstanding.



Romantic, imaginative and passionate, Cancers surrender to their loved one completely. After the game they stay cuddling with their partner, because to them it is very important to feel the closeness and security after the act of love, which often means more to them than the mere act of making love. It takes a long time to come out of their shell to members of this sign and start conquering the person they like, and they only do it when they are absolutely sure it will be a success.


They are dignified, full of self-confidence, with the royal manners, and their goal is to subjugate their partner completely. They are gallant and do the best they can, but they expect the same from a partner. Members of this sign expect from their loved one to admire their capabilities: if the praise is missing, they become offended and cold.

Horoscope signs in the bed: Taurus is always ready for action, Sagittarius is fantastic charmer


No one knows as prudent and thoughtful Virgo how to hide emotions and passion, but when they finally show them, there is a real volcanic eruption.

They love making love and enjoy it; they sometimes surprise their partner, who could until then have sworn in their innocence. Virgos don’t like rudeness, impatience, and superficiality.


Sophisticated members of this sign enter in the bedroom only with emotions and in intimate moments they surrender to their partner with all their being. With their subtle, imaginative approach they make wonders, so don’t be surprised if they drive you crazy by whispering ‘dirty’ in your ear.


Provocative, but by no means intrusive, members of this sign like to talk openly about the action in bed, to describe what turns them on and what’s a turn-off. Their body is in perfect shape, looks is very important for them, and they care about the fact that their partner is attractive. They are very possessive, and they will not hesitate to let their partner know that they expect complete loyalty.


Sagittarius conquer everyone around them with irresistible charm, innate optimism, and honesty. They are fantastic lovers, fiery, very imaginative and prone to experimenting in bed, which, however, they will never suggest themselves.

They are great idealists in the constant search for the perfect relationship which is why they often change partners, convinced that each next is - the one.



They don’t like to reveal feelings and strictly control their behavior. However, behind this rigid exterior hides fiery temperament and great endurance. Their addiction to action in bed is present in their youth, but it is sometimes lost over the years due to ambition, work, marriage and other commitments. Still, making love is, along with success, for most Capricorns, the most important thing in life.


Free- minded, elusive and eccentric Aquarius surprise surrounding with their behavior and attitudes, and in bed they are also unpredictable and prone to exhibitions. Members of this sign are very spiritual, but they also take care of their physical needs. For them, everything is exciting and unusual, and in bed foreplay is most important to them, although they are willing to engage in all kinds of games.


They live for love and know how to appreciate what their loved one gives them. They become addicted to sensual pleasures very early. When they love, members of this sign give their partner complete satisfaction, and at the same time they immensely enjoy themselves in love.

When it comes to making love, to Pisces it is an integral part of an emotional relationship and therefore they surrender completely. They are very skillful lovers and unmistakably reveal what excites their loved one the most and are willing to try out all possible experiments in order to please their beloved being.