Zodiac signs and upset: Aries loses control fast, Gemini talk too much when angry

Do you know how to relax or you react too impulsively, and that way cause illness? Check what you are like: Aries loses control fast, Gemini talk too much when angry, Sagittarius is too optimistic...  


For you there’s nothing easier than to lose control when you are faced with a stressful situation. Considering that it's almost impossible to avoid occasional outbursts, try to learn how to refrain. When you are about to burst, count slowly to 20, which is quite an old method, but it always helps.

An alternative solution would be to take a walk straight away or do some exercises. When your anger starts calming down, begin relaxation techniques like slow and even breathing. You feel tension mostly in the back of your head, forehead and jaw muscles.

With the help of relaxation techniques you first must learn to relax these parts of the body. But most of all, you should eliminate unnecessary stress from your life by realizing that not everyone is as quick and clever as you. Some people need more time to explain before they meet your high standards. 


You are usually a calm person, who is almost always able to control herself, but you can also overreact. In those moments, your explosions can be measured with a nuclear bomb. 

The conflict usually occurs when you confront someone more stubborn than you. Because your behavior, when you get angry, is unpleasant to everyone around you, give yourself vent sometimes through physical exercise and calm conversation about your feelings.

Tension is expressed mostly in the neck and jaw muscles. The upper back also suffers when the tension lasts longer. This is caused by tension in the neck part of the spine. When you feel anxiety coming, start breathing deeply and relax muscles in order to relax most vulnerable parts as soon as possible.


You burst with energy, which sometimes turns into tension. Since you are constantly looking for new experiences and challenges, and start a lot of things at the same time, once the stress appears, you are prone to saying things you shouldn’t. Also, you always have a lot to say when you are angry.  

You have to realize that you get nothing by getting upset for the slightest things. If you sense that you will jump out of your skin, stop for a moment, think about unwanted consequences that your words said in anger can have. When you're under stress you accumulate tension in shoulders, chest, arms and palms.

At the first hint of a conflict begin with deep breathing. As soon as you feel that you are nervous, slow down your breathing and start relaxing your muscles to ease tension in the most affected parts. Keep your hands warm as often as possible. 



Considering that you are too sensitive, you very prone to stress. When you are upset you are able to strike the cause of your anger with all you’ve got. Although you are usually passive, you can be angry for very long.  Only Scorpio can surpass you in that.

Frequent anger or sense of hostility eat you and can cause a lot of physical problems in your body. Try to understand that most of the threats that you notice is harmless. Only then will you be able to face effectively and handle the crisis when it comes.

The tension in your body is manifested mostly in the chest and stomach. Stress negatively affects breathing and digestion system. When you feel your anxiety or excitement grow, start abdominal breathing. Vital parts of the body will relax with the help of muscle relaxation techniques. 


Most frequent cause of why you feel under pressure is when someone is trying to outshine or ridicule you. Because you are occupied with your pride and preserving your dignity, you are used to controlling your temperament, especially if rage outburst would show you in a bad light. Also, you get irritated if someone tries to stop you in something you enjoy.

If you do try to work normally, and you are under too much tension, the effects will be felt in the work of the heart, neck or even poor vision. Everything that affects heart and circulation can have a reverse effect on the whole organism. Therefore, stress is a danger for your whole body. As soon as you feel you are losing control over yourself, concentrate on breathing. Calm down and limit your number of inhales to 8-12 breaths per minute. Do stretching exercises every day in order to keep your spine elastic for as long as possible.  

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Although you seem relatively relaxed, you too can be extremely anxious, especially about some details. You worry about everything more than people around you, much more than you may assume.

If frustration lasts too long, the effect on your health can be very serious. Maybe you would feel easier if you wrote something about what's bothering you. You don’t have to show it to anyone if you don’t want to. It is important that the cause of your tension comes out of you.

Tension affects your nervous system and digestive organs, and as the result your whole body is under stress. When you feel that you are upset, find a quiet place, even if it’s only in your mind. 

Regardless of where you are, slow down breathing and try to make it deep. Take walks every day and do light exercises, which will favorably affect your nervous system, and learn your body to relax when it’s necessary. 


You are very sensitive to tense situations, especially when they are caused by personal relationships. Your symbol is the scales, but you can easily be taken out of balance if you come into conflict with those you care about. You will do almost everything in your power to avoid conflicts, but if you're backed into a corner, you will fight like an angry tiger. Life would be much easier if you stopped worrying how to please everyone. Try to do what makes you happy. 

Tension usually concentrates in the back, in the level of kidneys and near the waist. When the spine is tense, the whole body suffers. Do stretching exercises every day to keep your spine elastic as long as possible. When you see that you can’t avoid frustration, try breathing slowly and calmly, so that your stomach rises with each inhale. Practice hand warming or daily muscle relaxation technique. 


Your emotions are so strong and deep that even in everyday life, you find reasons for stress. Because you are mysterious and long for having control always, you accumulate a lot of tension that no one is aware of.

If you hold all your problems inside for too long, inner boiling is inevitable. Fear, anger and frustration affect the body in such manner to release destructive hormones, which as a final result may have serious mental disorders. For you it is vitally important to learn how to deal with stress by using exercises and decreasing the sensitivity threshold.

Tension can also affect your sex life, as well as your digestive system. When you feel that there is a possibility of a stressful situation, start abdominal breathing and muscle relaxation immediately, that will most effectively relieve the tension. 


Your optimism makes you less exposed to stress than others. You can laugh at your mistakes just as sweet as to the ones made by others.  Sharp and brisk comments are your usual way of dealing with those who annoy you. What you hate the most are definitely someone's attempts to restrict your freedom and independence.

In these situations you are really capable of getting mad. You are the person who responds to excessive tension by indulging in food and drinking. The Sagittarius are prone to obesity, which especially  increases during stressful periods. The abundance of fattening food or drinks will quickly affect the increase of your waist size and weight. When you feel irritable, immediately begin regular and deep breathing. At the same time, don’t neglect muscle relaxation which eliminates tension most quickly.


You represent an extreme case of self-control and orientation towards the set goal. Since you are very worried about leaving a good impression, you taught yourself to control your temper, especially if showing anger could show you in an unfavorable light. You're too hard on yourself, so in most cases tension you feel is a result of your too high and excessive demands that you set for yourself. Relax sometimes, go out to nature, feel the smell of flowers and you’ll see the tension disappear.

In stressful situations your joints tighten or hurt. Bones, knees or other joints in such circumstances are prone to injuries because your movements are awkward and you can easily get hurt. At the first hint of stress start breathing deeply and relaxing muscles, because that way you will most easily eliminate unpleasant physical side effects of tension.



You control your temper and emotions pretty good. Even though you like changes, your attitudes are generally stable. Since you are by nature an intellectual person, you gladly forgive others their faults, flaws and whims. But sometimes obvious injustice bothers you and makes you angry. When someone's behavior provokes you and brings you into a state of tension, try to resolve everything with your outstanding skill of calm and logical conversation. If the other person is not willing to talk, distance yourself from a problematic situation, if possible at least in your thoughts.

Your delicate nervous system reacts negatively to stress, and this is further reflected in your mind and body. You often feel tension in legs and lower back. You are prone to cramps in the legs, which are most often the result of stress. When you feel anxious, immediately start with deep breathing exercises and relaxation of muscles. Pay special attention to your legs and back.


You can accumulate so much tension over time, that it can destroy your emotional state and jeopardize your peace. Since you are very sensitive and at the same time you love peace, you would never willingly hurt anyone, although conflicts are sometimes inevitable. Give yourself a break sometimes for your own good, because otherwise one day you may find that the price od refraining was too high. 

Stress affects your immune system. The lymphatic system in the body fights against illnesses. When you are mentally threatened by stress, you will easier get any viral infection.

Always allow yourself enough rest, especially when you are going through a period of life with a lot of problems. Avoid exaggeration in anything, even in the emotional sphere. 

When you feel that you are nervous, go to some place quiet, even though it may be only in your mind. Drift away as far as possible. Breathe deeply, relax your muscles and ease your tension.  Maintain your energy level by eating foods that are low in fat and cholesterol. Be sure to exercise, at least three times a week. Strive for emotional balance.


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