Horoscope signs and relationships: Cancer is an ideal candidates for a serious relationship, Virgos are very changeable

The problem begins in the phase when initial passion with the partner starts to fade...


They are prone to making sudden decisions regarding who they want to have a relationship with, they impulsively engage in emotional relationships. The problem arises at the stage when initial passion with their partner starts to fade ... If they fail to 'revive' passion they can easily end it. To them it is necessary to feel a strong impulse in a relationship, desire, and that the relationship is dynamic, that's the only way the relationship can last. 


Taurus prefer long and serious relationships for the simple reason- they love stability and always want to know where they stand. To them it is very important for their partner to be faithful and that the relationship is serious, even if they are a little bored because of that ... If at some point the passion fades, it’s still difficult for them to break up because they don’t like change.



Gemini is by their nature very changeable. They love to love and fantasize about love, but on the other hand, they can very easily change their mind and emotions. They often like to provoke their partner's jealousy by flirting with others, only to play a little. To them it is important that things are interesting in a relationship and to have good communication with a partner. If one of these things is missing, they can easily replace you...


Cancers are one of the most emotional signs but they can also be a bit perfidious. They are one of the ideal candidates for a serious relationship because they love emotional security. However, they can also suffer in bad relationships for very long because they don't know how to break up.


Leos have a strong and fiery heart thanks to which they are able to love to the core. However, before they find 'the one' they can have many relationships, even be quite promiscuous. When they truly fall in love, then they think about the next step for a while, because deep down they are afraid to make a mistake if they get too tied. When a Leo wants something serious, he will clearly show it.

Horoscope secrets: Which signs you can have a serious relationship with


Virgos are very changeable ... Basically, they want emotional stability, love having a serious relationship, but if by any chance they make a wrong judgment and notice numerous little things that bother them in a partner, they can easily replace him. The bottom line is, under the exterior which shows love for compliance with others, this sign in the first place always pleases himself. They will stay in a serious relationship as long as it suits them. 


Libras tend always to have a partner. They don't like being alone. They easily enter new relationships. It is important for them that you flatter them and that you are courting, they love you as long as you give them enough reason to feed their ego. They are excellent candidates for a serious relationship because they want to be emotionally stable but before you define your relationship with them, you will have a lot of episodes in which they will play with you a well-known love game- 'hot-cold'.


Scorpios are very committed when they truly love, they do their best and invest each emotion in that relationship. They try to be faithful and they manage to do it as long as they are sincerely in love. When they discover a lie or cheating, they don't forgive and revenge. It's not easy to be in a serious relationship with a Scorpio because they tend to have everything under control, even you. 


This is certainly a sign that is the hardest to have a serious relationship with. They want to and they believe they can do it, but only in theory ... In practice, they get nervous when they think that there is only one person they can be with. They don't like monotony. With them you can make serious plans only if you have enough understanding for occasional whims and flings. 



One of the best candidates for a serious relationship is certainly Capricorn. With them, everything has to be strictly according to the rules, when they give their emotions to a person, they expect nothing less in return. They are excellent in marriage, dedicated and family is important to them.


It will be difficult to get Aquarius come to the decision to engage with you in a serious relationship. However, if you manage to do that you should have in mind that to them friendship comes first. If you want to be with Aquarius in the long run, you should learn to be friends first, and then lovers. Besides, you need to tolerate their egocentric nature.


Pisces can very easily and recklessly engage in a serious relationship while they are feeling butterflies in their stomach, and as long as they have illusions of a loved one. They are real romantics and it is important to them that you devote enough attention to them. If they feel that you neglected their emotional needs or that you denied them their fundamental right to artistic freedom, relationships out of paradise can turn into real hell.


Horoscope secrets: Which signs you can have a serious relationship with