YOU HAVE BAD DREAMS? It’s no coincidence! Here’s what each of them means

There are various nightmares that torment us at night, and they can be very different. We sometimes dream that we are late for an important meeting, and

sometimes that we are haunted by monsters and ghosts from other worlds. However, what affects people most are dreams that contain deep emotions.

Therefore, it is good to know how to interpret this symbolism.

Losing teeth.

This dream is related to problems with communication in real life. There are different versions of dreams with teeth, but one with them falling out is the most common.

Everything that has to do with the mouth in dreams is associated with communication, and the loss of teeth is an indication that you have recently said something you shouldn't have.

The funeral of a loved person.

To a brain of a person who dreams, death is the symbol of changes and endings. If you dream of death, ask yourself what is changing or ending in your life. The one who dies in a dream usually represents a part of your personality, a trait that you have in common. The funeral is a good sign - of liberation and reconciliation in order to be able to move on.


Dreams in which you are embarrassed. 

Whether these are dreams in which you are failing an exam, the project in which you are embarrassed or something similar, these are associated with stress at work or what you think is expected of you. Failing an exam is a common dream, and after it, it is necessary to ask yourself who or what is testing your patience.


Dreams with love themes in which participants turn into someone from your family often horrify us as nightmares, but sex in dreams doesn’t have the same meaning as in reality. In the dream it means merging, connection, and it is more about psychological bonding that you need or lack. Also, they can indicate a desire to possess a characteristic of a person which appears in such a dream, because we don’t have it ourselves. 

YOU HAVE BAD DREAMS? It’s no coincidence! Here’s what each of them means

Dreams of being lost.

Places and paths in which we get lost in dreams symbolize where we are in our heart or brain. Such a dream is a symbol of indecisiveness in real life, inability to make decisions and stick to them.

Dreams of falling.

Such dreams have always been one of the most common for all people, and they indicate that there is something in your wake life that is ‘pulling you down’. This dream is frequent with people suffering from depression, and it may be a warning sign for the psychologically difficult period for which one needs to be prepared in order to prevent the fall.

Screaming that can’t be heard.

You dream that you want to scream, but you can’t do it, it symbolizes that you feel misunderstood, i.e., that no one listens to you in your waking life.There is something that you want to express, but the one who should hear it, is not interested. Dreams of your own death. The experience of your own death in a dream can be scary, but here too, its the symbol of changes, end and forgiveness. After this dream we should ask ourselves what is changing or what we subconsciously feel should change, which relationships should be ended, what decisions should be made...


Paralysis in sleep.

This is also a very common dream which is similar to the one of the attempt of screaming, but here the problem is that the dreamer does not take any action or does not behave as he should according to their intuition. Paralysis is a metaphor of feeling of being ‘stuck’ in the waking life.

Diagnosis of terminal illness.

Cancer or any other diagnosis that occurs in a dream, is usually the diagnosis of a situation or a relationship in the life of a dreamer who is very unhealthy. Mind connects it with the disease in order to help us heal from life so we don’t get sick.

Dreams about being hunted by somebody or something.

This, after falling, is the second most common dream. It symbolizes somebody or something in waking life that the dreamer is trying to avoid. It is common with individuals who avoid confrontation and don’t resolve things to the end, especially if it is often repeated.

YOU HAVE BAD DREAMS? It’s no coincidence! Here’s what each of them means