Horoscope and anger: Aries is a walking time bomb, Virgo suppresses anger

When you lose your temper, do you count to ten hoping to calm down or you scream and break everything in front of you?


If you are not Dalai Lama himself, and you can't keep yourself constantly in a state of nirvana, it is quite expected to lose your temper. Some burst in anger, some don't say a word and eat themselves inside, and some want to break and smash things. Find out if the way you handle anger is part of your character which is hereditary or the date of your birth is mostly to blame.


Aries is a walking time bomb. Once they lose it, they explode instantly and don’t care how their behavior may affect the surrounding. They yell, scream, shout at each other and you can only feel sorry for the person they come after, whether this person caused their anger or is just a collateral.  The thing that is most important is that this person stays completely cool, that way Aries will quickly return to normal. They cool off very quickly and then they feel so sorry for acting in such inappropriate manner, and they apologize, but it doesn’t mean it won’t happen again.


If Taurus gets angry with you, first he will try subtly to make it clear to you. He will become distant and cold and if he sees that you don’t respond will transform into Etna volcano and spill all its lava on you. This is the kind of rage that erases everything ahead of it, because when it possesses them, they break and throw everything they get in their hands, so it would be best to save yourself while you still can. If you are not so fortunate, keep repeating in yourself ‘Hail Mary’ and hope that this tornado will pass soon. 



When they get angry, it would be best to get ear plugs or turn on loud music to the maximum because the flood of bad words will be coming out of their mouth. They yell, scream, become sarcastic, and can be pretty insulting. However, due to their hypocritical nature they can express their anger in a different way – by being cold-blooded but one his sentence will make you regret you were born. Never, but never tell them how they should live their life. Otherwise, you will be their everyday victim of molesting.


When someone steps on his toe, a whole range of emotions comes out of Cancer. First he will be silent, and when he realizes that it doesn’t do the work, he will become passive - aggressive, and then he will crawl back to his shell. When he gets to this phase, the worst thing you can do to him is to completely ignore it. If he still doesn’t get what he wants, a waterfall of tears emerges out of his silent anger. If after that he realizes that no one is taking his feelings seriously, he becomes poisonous because he will remember all the situations when he was restrained or any feeling of anger that he didn't get rid of. 


Quite expectedly for a king of animals, when Leo loses it, he roars as if he were in the wild. This is not an ordinary rage but a thunderstorm and the louder he gets and the more he's shouting, the better he feels. For him it is symptomatic to insult a lot because at that moment he is only concerned about how he feels and not about what effect his words will have on another person. As much as he hasn’t got a problem to forgive the other side if they offend him, that much his pride doesn’t allow him to apologize even though it is quite clear that he had done wrong to somebody. 

HOROSCOPE AND ANGER: Who is screaming with rage and who's holding it quietly inside


Virgo suppresses her anger because she doesn't know how to channel it, and, therefore, has problems with indigestion and nervousness affects their health in general. She will be cooking in her own negative emotions, mostly because she thinks she is misunderstood, so when anger finally bursts out of her it can be extremely confusing and unpleasant for anyone who is near. She cries and she slams the door, but not because of the immediate cause but because she remembered some injustice from ancient past. If only she were a little bit objective, she would understand that no one is attacking her and that her opinion is appreciated after all.


She would rather suffocate in her own anger than show it to anyone. Libra simply hates confronting anyone, regardless of how upset they made her. She wants to be seen by everyone as a lovely and kind person so there is no place for anger in that picture. However, as much as she is trying to elevate above her anger, it most often overwhelms her, and of course, nobody sees that. As much as it affects her physical health, she still believes she chose the best solution.



It takes a lot to make her angry, but when she gets to that phase you better get out of her way because she simply burns your skin and brain with her poisonous tongue. She becomes sarcastic and brutal to the person who infuriated her. She is not at all the type who will forgive and forget, but will fiercely psychically molests the person she is mad at. She won't stop until she makes emotional devastation and real human wreck out of that person.


You don't want to make him angry because he infuriates very quickly and can make very rough insults. If you upset him, he is capable of removing you instantly out of his life and acts as if you have never existed. Good thing for those they are mad at is that they distance themselves and let a certain period of time pass. After this period Sagittarius will forget what he was angry about in the first place.


He takes his anger very seriously, so he doesn't show it unless he is pushed to the limits. In that case, he breaks everything that comes to his hands and marches around the person who upset them, constantly spilling criticism.  He will rather say that he was disappointed than upset, but when his enters his bad phase he can really shock everyone around him with his behavior.


She is considered to be very cool with a high level of tolerance, so it's not so easy to make her angry. Still, when it comes to that, Aquarius will stop talking to the person she is angry with, distance herself from him and wait for it to pass. She will move herself out of reality and will ignore the source of her anger in every way until she starts feeling good again. However, if it doesn't come to this, she loses control and tells everything to the face to the person she is angry with. That is how she releases bad energy, and after that she will a little bit more time to start talking to you again.


They are extremely sensitive, and everything in their lives revolves around emotions, so they don't get mad often. Still, when it comes to that, Pisces becomes terrifying, but she doesn't hurt the person who made her mad, but herself.  She becomes self-destructive, extremely dramatic and sometimes violent. When the first rush passes, she needs some time to get back into balance.


Horoscope and anger: Aries is a walking time bomb, Virgo suppresses anger