Zodiac signs and physical appearance: Aries are strong and have strong facial features, Cancer have a round face and prominent cheekbones

If it were up to stars, you might look completely different...

Horoscope can reveal a lot. From the situation in love, lucky days, ideal pet, and many other things. But what happens when we ask the stars about our physical appearance? Find out in the following text and have fun.


Just like with their character, people born in this sign are strong and have strong facial features. Straight, thick hair is your trademark. You have pronounced muscles and you love to play sports. Accordingly, sportswear is your favorite, and you usually choose to wear red for some celebrations.


People born in this sign are inevitably beautiful. Symmetrical face, mild eyes and full lips are your main advantages and there is no person who doesn’t like you. You don’t have a problem with weight, and when you do gain weight – it ‘distributes’ evenly everywhere. You are always elegant and pay attention to your styling.


People often think that you are a lot younger than you are, because of your ingenious nature and because of softer features. You have big eyes. You are slender and tall, and your major asset are your long legs.

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You have a round face, prominent cheekbones and striking nose, while your hair is dark. You are slender, but you don’t pay too much attention to your weight and diet. You give the impression of a gentle person who is very romantic.


Your hair is the major detail of your overall appearance. Thick and long like a mane, everyone will remember you by it. You have sharp facial features, broad forehead and chin. Your favorite hobby is a sport, so you are very muscular because of it.

Zodiac signs and physical appearance: Aries are strong and have strong facial features, Cancer have a round face and prominent cheekbones


People born in this sign are considered one of the most beautiful in the horoscope, mostly because of beautiful, symmetrical facial features and pronounced cheekbones and eyebrows.


Oval face, beautiful proportions, you are tall and you always look elegant. Due to the fascinating color of your eyes, people easily remember you. You have strong legs and you have a slim waist.


You are big and you have broad shoulders. Your face is adorned with striking color of the eyes and full, sensual lips. You have thick, brown hair that you regularly nurture at the hairdressers.


You are the most handsome sign of the Zodiac, however due to your love for food you can ruin that. Your main aesthetic features are rounded forehead, big bright eyes, long face and height.


Your main assets are a wide smile and beautiful teeth. Due to your fit built you are bony, which is most visible on the shoulders. You are medium height and you have big eyes.

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Bright complexion and round face is what people notice first about you. You also enjoy food like Sagittarius so that you can have a problem with weight. You have small feet and hands that look very feminine. Full lips, the watery color of the eyes and nice smile make you unforgettable.


People in this sign usually have an oval or round face with soft lines. You have strong hips, while the upper part of your body is slim. You are gentle and look fragile.