Horoscope: The best console for each zodiac sign in hard times

How to give support to the person you care for or offer a shoulder to cry on when they have a problem or

are facing a loss, because what works for some doesn't help other at all?

Each individual is a different story, the ways that people experience joy and grief are different. Their character is exactly what makes them different and what determines what works best for them when they need consolation or support, and sign in which they were born determines their character.


Aries is prone to often mood changes, and he is famous for fierce reactions. When something is bothering him, it is best to let him talk about it until he feels better even if he raises his voice at you. You shouldn't take his yelling personally; it is just the way he expresses his discontent. Don't try to change the subject until he decides to talk about something else instead of his problem.


People born in this sign are extremely loyal but also sensitive. When they have a problem, let him talk as long as he wants instead talk about your problems. In such situation, it is necessary to be physically gentle to him too, so gentle hand grip, a hug or cuddling are necessary because that way he will understand how much you really care about him.






In normal situations, Gemini can be very naughty, but once a problem appears he becomes impulsive, he reacts instinctively and very violently. No matter how inconsolable he is, assure him that there is no need for that feeling. Your task is to convince him that he is strong enough to overcome all difficulties and that he can really do it.


Besides being too sensitive, members of this sign are prone to self-pitying which gets worse in stressful and difficult life situations. The worst is that he is killing himself with guilt when upset. That's when you can help him the most if you treat him gently, whether physically or verbally, because when he sees such form of support, he will quickly return to normal.


People born in the sign of Leo are reliable, but they can overdo it with too much dramatics when they encounter a problem. The best thing you can do for him in such situations is to allow him to let it all out, even though you may disagree completely with his attitudes. It is important for Leo to tell everything he wants to and once he blows off enough steam he will be himself agin. 

HOROSCOPE: How to best console each sign in hard times


Unlike other signs which have the need to tell straight away what is bothering them, Virgo is prone to approach analytically the problem and think about it in the privacy of her home. Instead of asking her every now and then what is wrong, it's best for both of you to leave her alone. Once she is ready, she will tell you herself what's pressuring her. 


People born in the sign of Libra are great idealists who often view life through rose-colored glasses. However, the reality doesn’t often match the image you have in your head, so they often don’t understand why this is so and then start to doubt themselves and their own abilities. You will be their biggest support if you calm them by talking to them why they feel the way they do. Help them understand what is wrong and try to reach a solution together.


Members of this sign prefer to hold the strings in their hands and control the situation. When things get out of control, she won’t turn to anyone for help, but will try to fix it alone. However, in this situation, you don’t need to tell her to calm down because it will upset her even more. It will be enough to sympathize with her, so she is aware that she’s not alone.



Perhaps one of the biggest shortcomings of this sign is that they are considered to be insensitive, so it is very difficult to figure out which side they should be approached from when they find themselves in an unenviable situation. Instead of hugs, endless conversations or many hours of his monologues, it is best to talk with him and try to get his mind off of what is currently troubling him, but don’t even dream of turning it into a joke.


People born in this sign act as if they were self-sufficient and that they don’t need anybody’s help when they encounter a problem or difficulty. Of course, that is not true, he needs you to listen to him, he wants to hear your opinion or advice if he asks for it. What is very important is that Capricorn must never forget that you are there for him.


Members of this sign are extremely stubborn and rebellious, and they will pretend that the problem doesn’t exist, or they won’t consider it important enough. They are well aware that the problem is there, but they run away from it telling everyone to leave them alone. However, don’t let her think that her problems are less important than other people’s problems and don’t leave her alone no matter what.


When Pisces is upset, she does it with style and lets everyone know. They require undivided attention from their surrounding, so give it to her. If you know what could make her feel a little bit better, do it immediately because she really has too sensitive, almost child's soul and you have to deal with it very carefully.