There are 7 types of souls in the world! What type of soul are you?

You can almost say that these are sides, such as left, right, up, down, forward and backward, but on a higher dimensional level.

Each of them extends your soul in the other direction, so that it can grow and expand.

Which kind of soul do you think you belong to?

Primary trait of a Servant is to care about the common good. Servants try to make the world better by doing everything in their power to help people ease their suffering. They are always looking for those who need a hand of salvation.

However, Servants can often be abused because of their great generosity. People forget that Servants are also people who have their own personal needs. On the other hand, they can be very manipulative.

They can be found in medical areas or public services, such as social workers or politicians.

If you think you are a Servant, don’t overdo it in trying to solve every problem.

Servants make up 30% of the population.

Master is a creative person who is capable of expressing their thoughts.

They enjoy being original and productive.

Masters feel the primary drive to create something, anything. Their creations can range from handicrafts to pieces of poetry or scientific theories. Although Masters flourish in art, their creativity can be focused on anything.

Masters are responsible for all super gadgets, stunning artwork, and advances in technology.

They constitute 22% of the population and can be seen as artists, engineers, architects, mechanics, and others who show significant skills.

According to their name, Warriors are active types. They like to overcome challenges in order to achieve their goals and dreams.

They enjoy hard work and find pleasure in being rewarded for it. They have unbreakable spirit and can withstand punishment.

Warriors usually have strong, muscular bodies that are ready for a fight, whether physical or idealistic. They often have low voice tone and appear to be down to earth and firm.

Sometimes they can be cruel and show temper and attitudes that others consider frightening.

Warriors make up 17% of the population. They are athletes, soldiers, and sales people.

There are 7 types of souls in the world! What type of soul are you?

Students are curious by nature. They enjoy learning to get as more knowledge as possible. Because of this feature, they never have a problem in the academic world.

They can be relaxed by nature, but they are considered very thoughtful and adventurous in their intellectual endeavors. Students can go very far to gain knowledge of a topic, even personally sacrifice for knowledge.

Students don’t like a public display of emotions and avoid conflicts. Their cold look is the biggest indicator of their role. Others may consider them arrogant or too analytical.

They like to share their knowledge with others.

We see them in 13% of the population. They are present in the field of science, mathematics and research. Most of them are specialists in some areas or teachers.

Wise man
Wise men are usually charming people. They entertain people with their charisma that attracts almost everyone. They like to be in public and express themselves through art, music and dance.

When a wise man smiles, his eyes have contagious playfulness. They are usually witty in their observations and rarely miss the opportunity to make a joke.

Wise men are skillful assimilators of wisdom, with a desire to understand the world around them and then share it with others. They are not always original thinkers; they prefer to take ideas from others and give them their personal impression.

They can be arrogant when they don’t get proper attention and resort to dramatic tendencies in social circles.

10% of the population are these friendly and entertaining people. Wise men are natural performers and they are great actors, singers and teachers. They are good at improvising.


Priests raise people. They enjoy the role of motivators and they like to channel their inner strength in order to help others succeed.

They try to raise awareness and improve the world. Priests easily attract attention, either through their strikingly good looks or their fiery sermons. However, they are inclined to have an overly big ego.

Priests are naturally compassionate, charismatic, and attract the community, even if they are not religious.

They bring inspiration and recognize the endless potential that people possess. They inspire their followers to make positive changes in their lives.

These compassionate and caring people make up 7% of the population. Most of them are public motivators, trainers and spiritual teachers.

Kings are born leaders. They have a strong personality and are considered reliable, commanding individuals, who take care that things are done in a timely and almost perfect manner.

A key thing to identifying this kind of soul is to look for a facial expression that looks concentrated, focused and confident. King's eyes are usually focused, fixed and firm in their directness.

Kings are so encouraged by the mastery that they rarely reject a task or a new skill while they don’t master it completely. They are perfectionists and demand rigorous standards from others too.

They are good at solving problems. Their instinct for perfection makes them controlling, angry, and even merciless, from time to time. They can see a wider picture and are great in delegating jobs to the right people.

They make up 1% of the population. Most of them have a position in government and politics, as well as in higher echelons of bureaucratic hierarchy because of their dependence on mastery and perfectionism. Not all of them are kings at the throne, but many often rise to leading positions in their chosen profession.