Horoscope: How to get close to each sign the easiest and conquer it for good

Road to someone's heart is never the same because there are so many different ways to win someone's affection


You must have already been in a situation to like somebody very much, whether as a friend or as a love interest, but you never moved further from greeting each other politely. In order not to make that mistake ever again, it is important to know when this person was born and in a minute, you will find out what subtle methods to use to infiltrate into his life.


Members of this sign are independent and born leaders, and that is why you shouldn’t restrain him or teach him how something should be done. Instead of that, laugh sincerely at his jokes, and praise his wit everywhere and Aries will flourish because of your admiration. If in addition to that you can follow his fast pace of living, he will be truly delighted with you.


People born in this sign are stubborn, overprotective and often take guard when they are in the presence of strangers. However, all the walls that Taurus raised around himself, you are going to break down if you approach him carelessly and smiling and tell a joke. He basically loves fun, but not too intrusive people, and everyone who knows how to make him laugh has his special sympathy.



They are incredibly clever and witty, so they are always surrounded by people who fight for their affection. The thing that can be the secret trump card for Gemini is that he expects that he should entertain you, and not the opposite. If you can make him laugh, he's yours. When your thoughts are on the same wavelength, you will be an unceasing source of optimism to each other, and you won’t need third party.


Members of this sign are loyal and reliable, but are also too sensitive and can be very temperamental. As if they are two sides of the same coin, and you never know which side will come to you. If you convince Cancer to rely on you and listen to him when he loses his temper and don’t judge him, he will be thrilled with your ability to keep pace with his changeable moods.


They are too sure of themselves which makes them very vain. If you make fun of them, you signed your death warrant. However, if you flatter him, and constantly highlight his good qualities and admire him, Leo will only grow, and will want to have a person who makes him feel very special by his side for long. 

HOROSCOPE: How to get close to each sign the easiest and conquer it for good


With them, you never know what's going to work, because they are both too independent and too analytical. If they, for example, don’t like the way you hold the spoon, they can write you off  because of that little thing, but if you listen to them obediently and not try to point out to any possible mistakes, they will like you extremely. To them, it is crucial to feeling important, and if you succeed in that, they will not want to let go of you.


Probably the most accessible sign in the Zodiac, because she is always open to new and unusual experiences. She has no prejudices, and if everyone thinks of someone as being strange, she will embrace that person because deep inside her soul, she is  different too. So don’t be afraid to reveal your personality to her, Libra will appreciate you even more because you are different.


People born in this sign feel best with people who are similar to them. If you show her your passion and loyalty, that will truly impress her. She will definitely know to appreciate your personality because Scorpio is an extremely loyal friend and partner, but you definitely shouldn’t agree with everything she says, because then you are in trouble.



Members of this sign are very creative and full of energy, which perhaps best explains their adventurous nature. If you offer yourself to participate in the realization of some of his a bit crazy ideas, enjoy it and show yourself as a suitable companion, you will take a special place in his heart.


They may be patient and loyal, but also very distrustful and arrogant. They are aware of their abilities and if they set their mind to do something, don't try to talk them out of it by telling them that it can't be done. In order to conquer a Capricorn, it is enough to agree with most of his opinions and refrain from any disputes.


They are intelligent, humorous and highly value the people who know how to make them think. In order to get under their skin as soon as possible, it is most important to discuss various topics with her in a fun way. It can also be an argument, but what is most important is to encourage her mind to work with maximum speed.


The most sensitive sign of all, always devoted to people, but can be extremely difficult for herself and self-pity herself beyond reason. If you are considerate and gentle to Pisces, she will never forget it, and if you manage to encourage her in difficult moments and make her brave with compliments, she will see in you the person who she would never leave.