What can make your Zodiac sign cry: Cancer cry when someone hurts him, Scorpio cry when he is truly delighted

Read on and find out.



You are very vain and emotional, so you can get really hurt if a person you were ready to do anything for cheat on you, let you down or leave you. Then you cry because you feel unable to do the same, because you still live him/her. You are sensitive when it comes to children, any kind of violence against them makes you feel sad and angry at the same time, especially if you are powerless to help.



Everybody thinks that you are practical, you stand with both feet on the ground and nothing can move you. That is mostly right. But, when you get haunted by an unforgettable love romance that couldn’t be realize, tears start rolling down your cheeks. You suffer in silence, listening to your favorite music, drink a wine you used to drink together, and don't answer the phone calls until you get over your sorrow.



You usually cry when you can't get what you want. You are of capricious and moody nature, so you can cry over the things that everybody in your environment find utterly unimportant. The lack of respect for the elderly and care for them can make you sad, because, in a way, you can understand how they feel.



Due to you vanity, you can start crying in front of a large group of people, when someone hurts you, so you cannot excel the way you're used to. However, if someone you care for is sick or in need, you will engage your whole family, inform all that you think can help, but the thing you find the most difficult is to personally engage.



A medical condition or poor health of a close family member, or a situation where you cannot protect your family, can lead you to despair, you feel like your hands were tied. Aggressive behavior, especially towards children and animals, makes you really sad. Maybe you will not cry in public, but you certainly find it hard to hold back tears, because you are very sensitive to the suffering of those who cannot help of defend themselves.

What can make your Zodiac sign cry?


It's really hard for you when your ego is hurt, although you will rather cry over the fate of others, then over your own. You are especially sensitive when it comes to the elderly and helpless people, so a visit to a nursing home can really finish you off. When you notice an abandoned kitten or a puppy, your heart will melt over that sweet creature.



Although you can react very violently, it is not easy to make you cry, because you are naturally skeptical. You can't stand scenes in public and the expression of emotions in front of others, but a person you love can hurt you if s/he cheats, deceive or lie. When you came home and took off your mask of nonchalance and charm, you cry against your pillow and swear to yourself that you will not allow anyone to deceive you again.



You can start crying when you are truly delighted by an important event, whether it is a reception, a wedding party, or when something touches the subtlest layers of your soul. If you are impressed by the achievements of your friends or closest relatives to which you contributed, you can find it hard if that person for some reason leaves you out.



You cry when you run out of money, then you panic, because of the financial situation in which you are simply helpless, and you do not like the feeling of powerlessness and poverty. The injustice towards the people who suffer because of diseases and poverty, or natural disasters really affects you, while others profit from their misery.



You are overtaken by inexplicable melancholy while you go through old family photos, so the tears start rolling down your cheeks. You leave photos and take a wooden box full of old love letters bound with a blue velvet ribbon. If you're young, you go through your SMS history and read emails from a person who lives in other city or country, and who you once loved.



You usually weep when you "fall into the pit you have dug for yourself", mostly because of a partner who left, because you have broken everything you promised. However, your constructive brain works full steam and tries to figure out how to stop the tears. Your friends can also make you sad if they fail you, as well as news about abandoned babies, abused children, refugee and humanitarian disasters.



You belong to one of the most sensitive and most vain signs, it is easy to make you cry, especially if you feel let down or manipulated by the person you love. The tears start rolling when you are watching a romantic movie, and can also be touched when you hear that someone mistreat animals. To protect yourself, you want to escape from the reality and you do – by dreaming or traveling.