The lucky ones among the zodiac signs: For Aries, entire life is a game, Scorpios are true gamblers

Everybody often wishes to find an easy way to get money. Is there a better way to do it than winning a lottery, or winning a game prize?

 Below you can read which zodiac signs are the lucky ones, which of them will lose money, and how.


Intuitive, fast and agile, Aries gets excited even to the sole mention of the word excitement. For them, the entire life is a game in which they need to be the best, fastest, and, if possible, the most famous. They love car and horse races because of the speed, adrenaline, and risk. Often they don’t think about the consequences and that’s why they deposit a way too much, so they can literally end up losing a house while gambling. Aries should stick to their Capricorn and Virgo friends who will help them resist to what they love the most; that is the danger and risk.


Taurus is known for being persistent, patient and enduring. It rarely happens that they make some reckless move, so games of chance in which they need to react quickly are not particularly interesting. A type of games of chance where they feel at home is certainly a card game. A genuine Taurus knows very well that time is on his side and he will try out his luck when others give up. They also like to play cards for money.


Gemini doesn't have to get involved in games of chance in order to experience the accidental gains: their whole life appears to be an accidental gain. They are playful and even in the most serious situations, with calculative Mercury on their side, they can succeed in TV quizzes and games. Gemini turns their curiosity into knowledge.


Imaginative but practical Cancer often surprises with the brilliant assessment. Regardless of whether it is an assessment on someone’s private life or a football match result, their prediction always proves accurate. If you have a Cancer neighbor and a betting place nearby, he will go there in slippers in order to play a ticket. As his ticket will be the winning one, he will soon move out from your neighborhood to a better one.  




A rational Virgin is not interested in any type of games of chance, and she doesn’t believe in big words such as destiny, a large profit, and fortune. Affinity for fun and bright mind leads them into the world of puzzles in which they are the absolute rulers. Also, if you hear someone with a shy and somewhat distant voice to call in during the live gaming programs, this is most certainly a Virgo.



Many people do not pay attention to a new car that can be earned by purchasing one or more lottery tickets. They believe that their chances to win are so small they don’t even bother to try it.  However, those born in the sign of Libra are not among those who play safe. With their exceptional taste for a style, Libra will always win in competitions where the main prize is cosmetics and clothes. The most important for them is to play some game that is in correlation with their true ideal, which is a beauty.


Despite the fact that they won’t be able to make their crazy dream to walk on the red carpet of Monte Carlo casino come true, each Scorpio is attracted by roulette, rolling dice and losing and winning money. They are true gamblers who think playing is more important than winning. A casino is a place where the moment in time matters, and that is what makes them excited. They despise the average life but also the life in which everything is carefully planned.


They don’t stand to be in one place for a long time so they are not interested in games where they just sit passively and wait for the results. Passionate gamblers know that game requires activating all muscles, having strong biceps and strong legs – this is exactly what Sagittarius has. They also don’t like games in which they have to activate the brain cells as they believe life is too short to use it for mental efforts. Simple game rules as well as instant gain are something they are extremely attracted to.


Capricorn will always stop at the square where some witty stranger demonstrates how to make three coins out of two, or how to pull out ‘the highest’ denomination of paper money from a bundle, as he believes this is a challenge for his intelligence. Capricorn never counts solely on the luck. Before he plays the ticket, he will carefully consider real possibilities for winning. He believes his whole life is a brainer where nothing happens by accident.


For Aquarius, everything is possible. He is relaxed, unconventional, willing to try everything that life has to offer. They love quick ways of getting rich and there is no game in which average Aquarius would not like to participate. But before they buy a ticket, they think a lot about magic numbers, and they might even dream about the numbers that can change their life. Instant money that they win they will spend on travelling and then they will start some other game. Their whole life passes by in the same fashion.


Pisces don’t get excited with a huge offer of games of chance. They are slightly distressed and afraid that they will lose the even smallest amount of money they invest in something insecure as a lottery, betting or card game. They feel that others have additional skills to win and this feeling shows their lack of self-confidence. However, they get excited about some simple game, for example, a coin toss. They are ready to lose that small amount of energy that they have expected either heads or tails.