HOROSCOPE AND FALLING IN LOVE: Virgo hides feelings like top secret, Leo speaks out loud about their emotions

Astrologers think that each horoscope sign sees love differently and has different ways of conquering the loved person...


When they fall in love, people born in this sign, don't hide their emotions and are willing to do anything to win this person. People born in this sign think with their heart in love and unselfishly give love to their loved one. Aries in love completely give in to emotions, so they always think of her or him and then they feel like on seventh heaven.  


Taurus is also very calculated when it comes to this question. He won't lose his head because of love but will think carefully how to impress the person he is in love with. He doesn't express his feelings easily, but when he engages in conquest he does his best to win over his loved one. He often looks even at love through his hedonism, so he'll conquer over a nice dinner, exquisite food and carefully selected drink.


When Gemini fall in love, they want to share it with the whole world and they wouldn't be able to hide even if they wanted to because the proof love stays on their face, a smile, blush on cheeks and shine in their eyes. Perhaps with their sincere and open feelings they will scare their potential partner, however, openness means a lot to Gemini and they want to build the relationship that way. 



Even though they are one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, Cancers don't show their emotions easily. Only when they really fall in love and want to build a serious relationship with that person, then Cancers completely open their emotions and love infinitely. Members of this sign avoid showing emotions in public, but their facial expressions can reveal current infatuation.


When they fall in love, Leos try to improve their looks, figure and the way they dress as much as possible, in order for their loved one to like them. However, Leos are not afraid to openly show their emotions; they even love being declared love in public. If they don't manage to impress him or her out of the first attempt, it won't be a disaster for them, because Leos don't give up until they get what they want. 

HOROSCOPE  AND FALLING IN LOVE: Who hides feelings like top secret, who is calculated and who speaks out loud about their emotions


Members of this sign feel good when in love because they can run away from responsibility and routine a little. Virgos are very shy and it's difficult for them to show their emotions. However, when they fall in love, Virgos have a picturesque, romantic fantasies and already start planning future with that person. Virgos will never flirt openly, but will use details and subtle signs.


When they fall in love, Libras plan every word and movement in communication with the chosen person and are in constant fear that they will do something wrong. Libras are able to lose their head completely when they fall in love. They can become so dependant that they completely subordinate their life to their loved ones. The biggest problem for people born in this sign is loneliness. 


When they meet a person they fall in love with, Scorpios start asking themselves questions about where has that person been until now and why it is meant for them to be together precisely now. People born in this sign take love very seriously and are always sincere when it comes to emotions. Scorpios like to be dominant in love, and as one of the most passionate signs, they won't have a problem winning the person they like.


Sagittarius declares love in a very original and funny way, so conquering the person they are in love with often works for them. They know how to impress a loved one, give unforgettable moments and leave you completely breathless. However, bad quality of Sagittarius in love is great jealousy, especially when there is no need or the reason for it.



At first glance Capricorn seems cold and inaccessible, but when he falls in love, he is capable of doing anything for his loved one. Although hidden, emotions of this sign can be very strong and sincere. When he really falls in love, Capricorn gives in to love completely, and even bad habits of the person he loves look attractive to him. Due to the great dedication to his work and taking love as something very serious, Capricorns generally give in to emotions later in life.   


When they fall in love, Aquarius don't hide it, and even share it with the friends and family. People born under this sign enjoy winning in a humorous and unusual way. Even though they are open, Aquarius won't show all emotions until she finds out what the other person thinks of her.


Pisces see their emotions and love in the most intensive way. They will create the most romantic story out of their love, with plenty of details that others often wouldn't understand. They are prone to platonic love and infatuation and they go through all their stages in their fantasy world.


HOROSCOPE AND FALLING IN LOVE: Who hides feelings like top secret, who is calculated and who speaks out loud about their emotions