Zodiac signs and cheating: Unfaithful Libra dresses up, Leo pampers, Virgo criticizes

If Virgo is unfaithful he starts criticizing and pointing out your flaws; Aquarius will want to have more freedom,

and Libras will check on his looks all the time

Aries is quarrelsome

If Arians cheat, that means that you do not pay much attention to them, and they can also do that to avenge for being hurt. After they cheat, they become very upset. Male Aries will, for no reason, verbally attack, and female will fuss about, argue and tell you that you're not the same person as before. If they are about to meet their lover, they will rush through the door.

Taureans change their habits

Taureans have affairs because of monotony in their current relationships, but also, because they feel strong sexual attraction to someone new. Although they skillfully hide their feelings, sudden and excessive care for their appearance (buying new clothes or going to gym) will reveal them. The change of habits, often going outs and hiding the phone are good reasons for suspicion.

Gemini always has an alibi

Gemini will cheat only if there is no chance to be caught, or if they don't care about the relationship they're in. When they cheat, they are very shrewd; they think fast and take care of their every move. They also ask their friends to lie for them. If they think that they cannot be caught, they relax. If you set them a trap and ask few questions they do not expect, you have a big chance to catch them.


Cancer is moving away

There is no universal reason for Cancers to cheat, but one thing is sure- they don't want to lose their security or their lovers. The indicator that they cheat is that they often make excuses for not having sex. They will say that they're tired, or that they have a lot of things to do tire. If they start spending, and you do not know on what, be very careful.

Leo pampers his partner

Leos usually cheat for sex and excitement, when they are unfaithful, they will pretend that everything is ok. They will become perfect partners, so male Leo will pamper his partners, and female will make him his favorite dishes and always be dressed up. They will never admit the adultery; even if you caught them, they would try to convince you that you didn’t see what you saw. 

Zodiac signs and cheating: Unfaithful Libra dresses up, Leo pampers, Virgo criticizes

Virgo fights with the partner

Virgos cheat only if they are deeply disappointed with their partners and actually do not want to stay in the relationship, but they didn't decide yet how to finish it. When they cheat, they will always have an alibi. And they will start to provoke and criticize their partners, always pointing out your shortcomings. If a female Virgo starts avoiding sex, which is a reason for suspicion.

Libra is like a teenager in love

Libras are not immune to cheating, and they cheat if they fall in love. Then they behave like teenagers in love. They often take showers, change their clothes and look in the mirror. They will do anything to hide the affair, but if their partners find out, they will say it was just a flirt.


Scorpio makes plan

Scorpios can cheat for a great number of reasons, but since they do, they believe in their ability to cover up. They cheat very quietly and calmly. Male Scorpio will regularly have sex with his partner without losing interest in her; Female Virgo will be discovered by her look. But, they will still be jealous, and always check on them. 

Sagittarius starts discussions

Sagittarians cheat if they are not happy or lacking physical attraction in the relationship. Male Sagittarius will start philosophizing and say that your relationship became monotone and female will promote equality. But, before their partners confirm their suspicions, they will admit what they have done.

Aquarius almost says that he cheats

Aquarians do not cheat often, but if they do- they will almost say that to their partners. They will be uninterested in a relationship, say ambiguous statements about future, and propose an idea of an open relationship or taking a break. Female Aquarius will say that she needs friends and socializing, and will always act defensively.

Pisces is not consistent

Members of this sign can hide if they cheat, but they rarely do cheat.