WOMEN’S HOROSCOPE FOR 2017: Find out what awaits ladies of each sign in the year of Fire Rooster

Like a dazzling comet, the master of 2017 will fly into our lives - Fire Rooster.

His character is temperamental and fickle. Read in this horoscope what kind of future challenger Rooster brings to all the ladies


Women Aries will spend this year in welfare, safety and comfort.

Their fiery nature will find their patron and protector in the symbol of the new year. All plans will be realized quickly and successfully.

All cataclysm in 2017 will bypass them.

The most important for them is to be careful with words.


Rooster is a great master, despite its capricious nature. And he will get along great with skilled host Taurus.

But to women in this sign it still doesn't bring extraordinary success. They were assigned stability and predictability in the new year.

It is recommended to women Taurus not to bring cardinal changes into their life during the next year.


Their contradictory, ambiguous nature and thirst for novelties will be merged into burst mixture.

Women Gemini will easily change hairstyle, workplace or place of residence.

They will carelessly destroy relationships and on their ruins build new ones straight away. But all the changes will only be useful to them.


Year for melancholic woman Cancers will be full of disappointment because of unrealized plans.

Their water nature will enter open conflict with the fiery Rooster.

Therefore, it is better for them to postpone achievement of high goals for later and focus on their inner world.

It would be good to pay more attention to their health and appearance.



Indeed the 'golden age' awaits magnificent Leos. This will be the year of their complete domination.

Career advancement, success in the field of love and material well-being.

Everything will be available to them as soon as they choose a suitable victim.

The new year will be especially successful for business women in this sign.

WOMEN’S HOROSCOPE FOR 2017: Find out what awaits ladies of each sign in the year of Fire Rooster


For practical and rational women of this sign, the new year has prepared sure progress towards the set goal.

Virgos stand firmly on their feet, so all storms next year will not touch them.

Year of the Fire Rooster will be successful for them in absolutely all fields of life. But especially in the financial area.


Women of this sign will achieve success in the professional field and experience tension in private life because career advancement will require all their attention and investment of all their strength.

This will create misunderstanding at home and cause envy of colleagues at work.

And all year round Libras will have to seek the balance between work and family.


Water nature and complex character of this sign will become a serious problem in the future for Scorpio women.

Their success in the year of the Fire Rooster will be totally dependent on other people.

The skill of building relationships and making useful contacts will become necessary to Scorpio women over the next 12 months.


Social and friendly women Sagittarius will spend an entire year trying to protect themselves from those who want to become rich at their expense.

The financial success of women of this sign will lure, like moths to a flame, all relatives, close and distant ones, friends and acquaintances.

Therefore, they should keep quiet and avoid expensive shopping that will raise envy.

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Ambitious women of this sign know what they want and safely go towards their goal.

Therefore, next year will be nothing but the next step forward for them.

But they should stop for a moment and pay attention to all the offended colleagues and jealous rivals.


For curious women in this sign, the new year will be ideal for mastering new knowledge and professional skills.

This will give them the opportunity to see the world from another perspective and choose the most promising direction of movement.

Fire Rooster will give a lot of romantic adventures to temperamental women of this sign.


To Pisces next year will pass quickly and seamlessly. Active changes in the next 12 months will not affect the usual course of their life.

Their ability to avoid dangerous situations will help them a lot to save what's theirs even where others lose.

The result of the next year will pleasantly surprise them.


WOMEN’S HOROSCOPE FOR 2017: Find out what awaits ladies of each sign in the year of Fire Rooster