You still haven't read such a horoscope: Aries won’t give up on the goal, Libra is one of the most beautiful in Zodiac

You still haven't read such a horoscope: We bring you unusual facts about horoscope signs.

 Did you know Taurus loves expensive perfumes, that Gemini tells the best jokes and that Scorpio is happiest when the night falls? Read more news in the text...


1. Aries can’t boast with special success in conducting business negotiations and maintaining a business cooperation. They can’t stand frauds, dishonest people, liars, and they will tell them straightforward what they think of them… and that way terminate their relationship.

2. Results of the research indicate that little Aries lead in the group of children who won’t give up on the goal. Even if they were given a task that they are not up to, and if you express doubt about the success, they won’t rest until they resolve it and prove the opposite.

3. Researches show the main reasons why Aries is going to end a relationship: partner's indifference, predictable behavior and lack of passion. Aries in love will experience these qualities as a cold shower.

4. As reasons that brought to divorce, Aries will often  state constant checking, jealous outbursts, digging through their pockets by their partners.

5. Aries are the most impatient drivers. Data of the British and German National Association of drivers testify that members of this sign are leaders in the number of a car accident, caused by overtaking and ignoring red lights.

6. You will recognize them by their walk… Members of this sign have an above-average straight posture, firm and decisive step. Even if they suffer from gout, they try not to walk hunched, and thanks to frequent walks they take, they are lively and active until very old age. They visit doctors less often than members of other signs of the zodiac. Flu and high temperature are their worst enemies, and the strength of will and spite are their best allies in the fight against illnesses.


1. Taurus takes a high place on the list of favorite bosses. He appreciates talents and abilities of his subordinates and considers that it is important to reward hard-working, reliable and loyal workers.

2. The Taurus are the best hosts even in the workplace. As soon as you step into their office they will offer you with a cup of coffee, during a business conversation they offer whiskey or cookies, and they conclude negotiations in a restaurant known for excellent cuisine.

3. The survey that was conducted on thousands of married couples comes to the conclusion that the Taurus are willing to wait for the longest for a person who they like to respond in the same manner. Astrological explanation of this phenomenon is Taurus’ patience and dedication.

4. Researches in which were used footages of Hollywood parties show that the Taurus possessively hold their loved person around the waist when meeting people or entering halls, more often than other signs do, and they constantly monitor her or him and frown if they dance with someone else.

5. When it comes to hobbies, Taurus usually dedicates to horse breeding, beekeeping or horticulture. Among them there’s  a considerable number of valuable paintings and rare stamps collectors.

6. They like coming to work early before everything begins to have a cup of coffee in silence and make a detailed plan of a working day. The reason for this is clear. They can’t stand panic and anxiety, and when someone rushes or interrupts them when they work.

7. They don’t think highly of people who use cheap fragrances, wear clothes made of artificial materials or live in houses whose architecture and interior design give away a bad taste.


1. The Gemini are masters of communication, so they will start understanding the language of the country in which they find themselves faster than other signs. They are often fluent in several languages and are considered excellent interpreters.

2. On psychological tests of humor Gemini achieves excellent results. They're real ‘banks’ of jokes and with. They can retell banal situations in such a way that the listeners laugh out loud, so their presence at parties is a sure recipe for a successful evening.

3. If they decide that their hobby brings more gain than their regular job, they will completely dedicate themselves to it without regrets. There are a lot of them who made a huge success in the business that they considered to be temporary.

4. Researches show that Gemini is most represented in the group of those who in mature years retain the youthful look and the way of dressing or wear daring tones and accessories that are trendy.

5. They can never get enough of love, and the proof of that is that they are even getting married in nursing homes, much more than members of other signs. A couple of failed marriages is not a reason for them not to say ‘I do' one more time. 

6. Solving puzzles and taking part in quiz shows is favorite entertainment for Gemini. According to an American research,  the highest percentage of winners in various quiz competitions by far was born in this sign.

7. They are among the most regular patients in offices of psychologists and psychiatrists specialized in treating phobias from fire, heights or enclosed spaces.



1. Statistics show that the Cancer are among the best counselors, even though they don’t know how to help themselves. When things in your life start going down, turn to them... Extraordinary intuition and innate caution are the reason they can give you wise and practical advice.

2. On the other hand, if their love life goes wrong, they will go astray more often than members of other signs and turn to drinking, wanderings and excessive body pleasures.

3. Cancer can’t handle the role of a superior. They avoid making speeches and being exposed in public. It’s hard for them to establish authority and their indulgence is held against them.

4. They are economical. As soon as they get a job, they start saving for their old age and rainy days.

5. Cancer’s home often resembles a warehouse of old and unwanted things. These traditionalists of artistic sensibility get sentimentally attached to objects that surround them so it’s hard for them to get rid of worthless trifles too.

6. Family life is very important to them, and everything else comes second.

7. Women Cancer like buying clothing at flea markets the most, and old closets or attics are their favorite 'boutiques'. They mix old and new very originally and skillfully, and they always look very seductive.


1. Researches conducted in Hollywood, New York and in France show that the Leo are most valuable visitors at important social events and are regularly present at all glamorous parties.

2. Leo belongs to a rare group of lucky people who don’t get nervous and don’t panic before taking an exam, as well as in situations where they have to perform before an audience. Most pop stars were born in this sign.

3. They take pride in what they have, including their chosen partner.  They will proudly show their loved one in the company and emphasize his or her charm, beauty and education.

4. Even though they rarely decide to get a divorce, researches show that they break up mostly in May and December. Months in which they usually fall in love are January, February, April and June.

5. Leo is said to be the best lover of the Zodiac (besides Scorpio and Pisces), but researches show that they most often suffer from sexual problems. The reason for this lies in their pride and vanity.

6. Research that was conducted by a respected business magazine in fifty largest American companies shows that a large percentage of people in leading positions was born in this sign, and in the middle layer of managers, their number is even bigger.

7. It is believed that the Leo is a big gourmand; his weak spots are sweets, cakes, ice cream sundaes and pancakes. 

You still haven't read such a horoscope: Who tells best jokes, who's bad at driving, and who likes the older?


1. According to some statistics, the Virgo are the most passionate readers of romance novels. Since psychologists point out that the choice of literature compensates for what is lacking in people’s lives, it seems that they crave for love and romance.

2. They can’t be conquered easily… Virgo in love will first find the reasons against entering a relationship, and only after analyzing partner's strengths and weaknesses she will give into her heart.

3. Even though they are not considered imaginative lovers, Virgos are the first to engage in the studying of sexual techniques in detail. They know ‘Kama Sutra’ by heart! 

4. According to some research, in positions of managers in American companies and banks they take the second place, but they get there about their fiftieth birthday.

5.They have the most sensitive digestive system. They have problems with excessive stomach acid and often suffer from an ulcer.

6. Virgos are insignificantly represented in the population of alcoholics and drug addicts. The reason for this is avoiding substances that could affect their rational reasoning or encourage inappropriate behavior.

7. They need more time than members of other signs of the zodiac for solving everyday problems. They pay too much attention to detail and analysis, which makes them perceive the problem slower.


1. The belief that the sign of Libra is one of the most beautiful in Zodiac is supported by professionals from the cosmetics industry. They claim that the members of this sign are least prone to wrinkles, which is why they have a smooth and youthful face in mature years.

2. On the list of men who women generally don’t trust, members of this sign are at the top. They are considered to be the most skillful seducers and flatterers, whose charm is hard to resist. It is obvious that this is the combination that women still can’t handle. 

3. Sociological researches show that in marriages where the age difference between spouses is ten or more years, the sign of Libra is more represented than others.

4. If they need to state which life situations are the hardest for them, they will choose the situation with strained interpersonal relationships and conflicts. They often claim that their conscience encourages them to resolve misunderstandings as soon as possible, and that is the reason they are willing to make the first step.

5. Libra has extremely well-developed sense of smell, which makes them ideal for jobs in the perfume industry. They easily sense the smell of other people's bodies, so be careful if you share your hugs and kisses with someone else besides them ...

6. Contrary to belief, Libras aren’t passionate chocolate lovers, nor of various specialties. They prefer cooked food, soups, sauces and stews, and their favorite is chicken.


1. If you like black humor, seek the company of Scorpio. People who know them, claim that it’s a lot of fun to be with them, and they enjoy the most their lucid and witty provocations which hit the core of a problem.

2. Judging by experiences from the United States, failed companies have the greatest chance of recovery if they find themselves in the hands of a professional Scorpio. They are masters in all professions that require reconstruction, reorganization and search for new ways.

3. They are, American sources claim, the kings of the stock market. They can thank their extraordinary intuition for this ability and the need to beat the others. Sometimes that will be surpassed by tough Cancer or adjustable Gemini. 

4. Patients born in this sign recover from trauma and shock most easily. They see the blow of fate as a kind of a test that they have to pass with the best result possible, and problems just give them additional strength. 

5. Scorpios are, as are the Aries,  prone to uncontrolled outbursts of anger. You will see this for yourself if you start analyzing them before the others or ask them too personal questions.

6. They are in their element only when the night falls. Their concentration is strongest around midnight, so they easiest learn and work when other people are sleeping.

7. They like showing striking tattoos all over their body more than others and pierced ears and women Scorpio like wearing jewelry on their nose or in the navel.


1. Marital partners of Sagittarius believe that the biggest flaw of their spouse is the fact that they are prone to infidelity. Virtues that they appreciate are tolerance and willingness to forgive, and they also point out that they often bring joy and dynamics to home.

2. Sexologists claim that Sagittarius rarely ever encounters sexual problems. They see sexual activity as something healthy for the body and spirit, and they give in to it without inhibitions, as if it were a sport.

3. It seems as if they don’t like chairs. They prefer watching TV sitting on cushions on the floor, and they often sleep on the floor. Even while they eat they sit in the Yoga lotus position.

4. They are supposed to be the most agitated people. The reason for this lies partly in the innate agility, but many of them are faithful devotees of yoga, tai-chi and other various types of gymnastics.

5. People born in this sign ask questions and look for additional information more often than other people. However, they lead in the group of those whose impatience won’t allow the speaker to complete the answer and they interrupt people’s exposure.

6. Researches show that the Sagittarius has the fastest reactions in driving. They press the foot break 5% faster than the Aries that comes in the second place, so they are considered reliable drivers.

7. Even though they are prone to divorces, they are not on top of this unhappy list. Statistics show that the marriage between Sagittarius and Gemini is a combination that most often ends up in Court.



1. People in the sign of Capricorn belong to a group that buys expensive designer brands. Researches show that they are not passionate consumers and that they only buy what is necessary, thus considering the quality and durability of the product. 

2. In the favor of the opinion that some beliefs about them should be questioned, goes the data that they are not as faithful in marriage as it is considered. They become more relaxed and cheerful over the time and that makes them prone to a few extra-marital affairs.

3. Women usually picture ideal husband as a responsible, reliable and loyal man. Considering that these are all characteristics of men born in the sign of Capricorn, turns out that he is a great husband material.

4. Many prominent musicians, especially guitarists were born exactly in this sign. This data goes for the opinion that they are more sensitive than it is usually considered. Also, there is some Capricorns, who are comedians.

5. One of their favorite pastimes is chess, a game that exercises your brain and develops combinations. That’s how they learn the strategy of action that they apply in business.

6. An above-average number of people born in this sign occupies leading positions, in about one hundred largest American banks.

7. Capricorn's working day often lasts until late at night. Survey researches conducted in American corporations and banks show that they usually shave and change their clothes in their companies.


1. American employees mostly employ people born in the sign of Aquarius at working positions that demand originality. Researches based on observing the employees show that the Aquarius performs even jobs on a conveyor belt in their own specific way.

2. They are fascinated with everything that's ultramodern. Statistics show that they were the first ones to get a computer and go to the Internet. They use kitchen appliances more often than others. 

3. When it comes to emotional life, Aquarius belongs to the group of those with whom it's hard to plan future together. What their partners hold against them the most are their tendency to become friends with their ex-lovers and the fact that they are often insecure about their feelings.

4. Their friends hold against them restlessness and constant need for novelty. They can't stay in one place, so going out with him usually means going from bar to bar...

5. Aquarius is the most resistant sign when it comes to climate and weather changes. They get use to unusual life conditions, polar cold, monsoons and tropical temperatures most quickly and most easily.

6. They take the top of the list of hosts in whose home guests feel the most comfortable. You can always drop by without calling and go into their kitchen alone to make yourself a cup of coffee or something to eat.

7. By the way, people travel, you can easily guess what's their horoscope sign. If you see a person armed with cameras and binoculars, you won't make a mistake if you think it's an Aquarius.


1. Pisces are fortune's favorites. Judging by the results of marketing experts' researches, Pisces can thank serendipity rather than ambition for success in career. 2. Even though Pisces is considered the most chaotic and sometimes superficial, researches did not confirm this opinion. Although you will recognize them by their swamped desk, Pisces is quite quick to find necessary documents, as well as easily remember their contents. 

3. They love the touch of metal. If you pay attention to their behavior when they are thinking about something or are concentrating on something, you will notice that they are unconsciously rubbing or touching a pendant, ring, bracelet or another metal object.   4. They rarely complain about a crisis or lack of money. Members of this sign are satisfied with small income too.

5. In a group of sick people who suffer from an illness of no known organic cause, Pisces is represented by record number. Besides being prone to unusual diseases, the process of their healing often has no scientific explanation. 

6. In the population of fire supporters of various spiritual groups Pisces is one of the most represented signs. The reason for that is the fact that they love to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

7. Results of research that was conducted on American teenagers confirm that Pisces are among the first who tend to fall in love at first sight. Members of this sign often say that they 'met' their partners first in a dream, and then awake too.

You still haven't read such a horoscope: Who tells best jokes, who's bad at driving, and who likes the older?