Chinese astrology: Position of moles is talking about health and personality

After 30 years of studying Chinese astrology and connection with moles, Simon Wong compiled a brief guide

of the meanings of the position of moles.

Experts are always warning of how important is to take an examination of the moles, because every change of their shape and color may represent a tumor on the skin.

But Chinese astrology gives to moles an new importance - experts in this field say that the position of moles on the face and body can do much to reveal about health, character, and future.

Remember distinctive mole of Marilyn Monroe? Chinese astrology believes that a mole like that one, on the same site indicates the life disaster!

Here's a guide for moles by Simon Wong, who, during past 30 years, studied Chinese astrology and moles.



If a mole is on the middle of the forehead, it indicates consistent communication with authorities, no matter if with your parents or superiors. A mole on one side of the head means that you are a person who is determined and full of energy.



A mole under the brow is a sign of good health. If it is hidden between eyebrows, it is believed that this is something remarkable and extraordinary, something like a hidden treasure. On the other hand, moles above the eyebrows, like the one that Angelina Jolie has, means that you will be successful regarding finances for life.



If a mole is on the eyelid is a sign of complex family relations and the tendency for money loss. Moles under the eye are a sign of excessive sensitivity.



A mole on a cheek is considered a sign of loneliness. According to Chinese astrology, this means that you will have a problem to have a family. If a mole is near the crease of the face that arise when smiling, like Merlin Monroe and Michael Schumacher moles, that could mean potential disaster in life.

Chinese astrology: Position of moles is talking about health and personality


In Chinese astrology ears represent a person's character, so a mole on the ear lobe means that a person has a good character, and that will have a good reputation. On the other hand, a mole inside the ear is a sign of life, and the one at the top of the ear is a symbol of intelligence. If you have moles on both ears, the Chinese astrology provides you affluence and enjoys the easy life.



A mole located below the elbow indicates sympathy of a person while those between the shoulder and elbow mean that that person attaches money.



A mole on the edge of the nose is a sign of instability and points to future problems. If located in the middle of the nose, mole interferes with the flow of energy flowing while we breathe, and also refers to the problems, but also hard work, because stabilizing the flow of energy. A mole that is along the nose, in addition to the nostrils, or are hidden, indicates the person who is good with money, especially with bank accounts.



A person with a mole on his chin was stubborn and determined, and is prone to the success and failure, depending on directness. A mole on the chin may indicate the need to travel or to make changes.




A mole in the corner of the upper lip means a person who enjoys good food, who is generous appreciate beautiful things while moles on the lower lip means that your children will be successful.



Since breasts symbolize power, a mole in this part of the body means that you will be able to be high on the social ladder, and you will achieve a successful career and gain recognition for your work.



Since the neck in Chinese astrology means a connection between the head and the body, mental and physical, a mole on the neck interrupts the flow of that energy, and that can mean disappointment. A mole in the middle of the neck means a person with a wild personality that is capable of causing his family much suffering.

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People who have a mole on thighs are the people with expressed sexuality, brave and extrovert. If on the lower leg, can mean problems related to training, while moles on knees are making money.



A mole on the chest means that you will be a good parent, and you'll find a powerful place for yourself in society while moles on the nipple represents the success of your children in their work and happiness in life in general.



People who are born to be leaders and leaders have a mole on foot.



A mole in this part of the body is characteristic of people who are helping others, they are generous, enjoying the abundant food and they are very healthy.