If a guy does these things, he’s not a gentleman but a manipulator

Here and there we may come across a guy with manners like a true gentleman, but how can we be sure that we have found the real gentleman and not someone who plays that role really well?

There is a conviction that the gentlemen are extinct, and if we look at the sample of men we can meet during average going out, this conviction seems pretty accurate to us. However, here and there we can encounter a guy with typical gentleman manners, but how can we be sure that we have found the true gentleman and not someone who just plays this role very well? These are signs that your ‘gentleman’ is actually just a very good manipulator:
He's obsessed with the rules, and he's not interested in what you think of them
A real gentleman will want to pay for dinner and run to open the door for you when you get in the car, and if you refuse it, he will not get angry. A manipulator who just wants to leave the impression of a great gentleman will react angrily and warn you that you don’t allow him to be a gentleman. If he were really a gentleman, he would not be so obsessed with it.
He exaggerates with compliments

We all like to hear a compliment, but there is a limit to good taste. A real gentleman knows it and doesn’t exaggerate with compliments, and the manipulator will pay you so many beautiful words that it will become embarrassing. Fake compliments and fake gentlemen are a very common combination.

If a guy does these things, he’s not a gentleman but a manipulator

He counts his ‘good deeds’
Each of us at least once ran into a man who thinks that the fact that he paid for our drink is the sign that we owe him something. A real gentleman does nice things because it comes naturally, and the manipulator creates an exhibition from his good deeds that should take him to your bed.

He's nice only to you
The best way to recognize the fake gentleman is to look at how he treats other people he’s not trying to impress. Manipulators are often so focused on the target that they forget to act when it comes to other people. If he is wonderful to you, and rude to the waiter, it's only a matter of time before he becomes that way with you.