HOW DO YOU COPE WITH SUMMER: The Sagittarius adore sunbathing, and Pisces can’t stand the heat

Virgo and Capricorn are aware of the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, so they won’t stay in the Sun without

good reason, and the Sagittarius love sunbathing and can stay in the sun for long, without any problem.




Dynamic Aries are people who can’t stand summer heat. They often have very sensitive facial and body skin that easily burns even in the slightest sun. We advise them to stay more in the shade or under the sun umbrella, but if they go to the sea and want to get tanned, they have to be very careful when they expose their body to the sun's rays.


Since the head is the most sensitive part of the body for members of this sign, they are prone to sunstroke. Therefore, it would be good to wear a hat and protect sensitive eyes with good sunglasses that successfully protect from UV rays.




Phlegmatic Taurus relatively well tolerate summer heat because they easily adapt to climate changes. Since they are very comfortable and don’t like to strain much, they are certainly not people who will bake for hours in the sun to get a bronze tan.


But you will surely see them, hidden in the shade, lying for hours. In fact, most Taurus don’t want to stay out in the sun, and they would rather go to their room, where they will cool down with air conditioner, sip cold drinks and watch TV.




Flirty and hyperactive Gemini are people who have no problem with summer heat. Their durability and vitality allow them to withstand extremely high temperatures without any exhaustion or tiredness.


Moreover, members of this sign who travel to the seaside enjoy hot days and get a great tan most often by moving around, having fun and playing different sports. They are known as very energetic and tough people; it is not a problem at all for them to walk around the city and perform tasks when the sun is the strongest.





Sensitive Cancers are people who don’t easily adapt to high temperatures. At these moments, they will find refuge near the river, lake or sea, but if they are in the city, it is certain that they will cool at a nearby beach, swimming pool, or at home in the shower.


Their skin is very sensitive and prone to sunburns, so we advise Cancers to stay out of the sun when it's strongest. But if they are at sea, then they should make sure to regularly use a suncream with a very high protection factor.




Temperamental members of the sign of Leo are people who perfectly endure summer heat. Their warm and very passionate nature seems to blend in with the heat of the sun, and often many Leos claim that summer is their favorite season. They feel well staying in the sun, and they are never really hot too.


However, most Leos have very sensitive skin and shouldn’t overdo it with sunbathing. The other reason may be health as many of them have problems with high blood pressure.

HOW DO YOU COPE WITH SUMMER:  The Sagittarius adore sunbathing, and Pisces can’t stand the heat



Caring and very tidy Virgos are often overburdened by health concerns. Exactly because of that, as well as because of their awareness of the harmful sun's rays, you will rarely see a Virgo sunbathe.


But if they do, then they are well protected with sun cream with a very high protection factor. They can’t stand summer heat because they get tired easily, and their consciousness also requires them to stay away from anything that can harm their gentle health. As long as it’s very hot, they would rather stay in the shade, sip exotic drinks, and avoid going out.




Subtle and graceful Libras tolerate heat relatively well. Since they are great aesthetes by nature, they start with anti-sweat protection; they do it by using a deodorant or taking frequent showers. If there is someone who manages to look great, so perfectly fresh and dressed up despite the great heat, then it’s surely them.


They love to sunbathe, and since they know all the secrets of cosmetics, it’s very unlikely any Libra will go out in the sun without protection against ultraviolet rays. They love to lie down and rest and will do the same both in the shade in their home and the strongest sun.




Enduring and highly adaptable Scorpios tolerate summer heat best of all astrological signs. They are naturally very tough and easy to adapt. But this doesn’t mean that they are fans of such a climate. Therefore, you won’t see them sunbathing for hours or going down the city streets.


The reason is very simple – they don’t want to. They like comfort, which means staying in the shade and lying in front of TV while the heat doesn’t fall to a pleasant temperature.




For dynamic and flirty Sagittarius, we could say that they are true fans of summer heat. These are people with good physical fitness and endurance, and they take high daily temperatures greatly.


Even heat won’t prevent them from regular sports activities. They love sunbathing and can stay in the sun very long, and they don’t mind it. They get a nice tan, and you can say that they are into marathon sunbathing. Modern, active, tanned and dynamic, they are real summer types.




Careful Capricorns stay away from the strong sun and can’t stand summer heat. You will rarely see a Capricorn sunbathing for hours. He thinks that’s unhealthy and unnecessary waste of time. If he is at sea, then he is only in the shade, because sunbathing exhausts him.


Skeptical Capricorn is well aware of the harmful effects of the sun's rays, and since he is heavily focused on his health, he avoids sunbathing. But he loves cooling off in the sea, where he finds the desired freshness.




Playful Aquarius have a very gentle nervous system, so the heat regularly causes nervousness and mood swings. They like spending time at pools, the river or the sea to cool a little.


They have very gentle and sensitive skin prone to allergies, so we advise them to use a sunblock that protects against ultraviolet rays and very moderate sunbathing, preferably early in the morning or late in the afternoon. They often have problems with expanded veins and sore feet, so baths or swimming help them alleviate the pain.




Gentle and sensitive Pisces often have poor psychophysical resistance, and for them, it’s very difficult to tolerate high temperatures. The heat tires them, causing insomnia and lack of concentration, so it is difficult for them to focus on daily tasks.


Since their feet and ankles are very sensitive, they suffer from swelling of the legs. If they are at sea, they can get sunburns and sunstroke because their skin is very sensitive. They should stay in the shade more and sunbathe only when the sun is weak and when they can tolerate it well.

HOW DO YOU COPE WITH SUMMER: The Sagittarius adore sunbathing, and Pisces can’t stand the heat