LOVE COUPLES IN ZODIAC: Aries and Libra are compatible in life, Taurus and Scorpio fall in love at first sight

The difference in characters and comprehension of the world is what tears them apart, but also draws to each other. Some of them manage to stay together no matter what...

Aries and Libra

It is already obvious at first sight that Aries and Libra are two completely different worlds. Aries is stubborn, persistent and knows very well what he wants, and Libra has difficulty making decisions. Besides that, she is peaceful, tactical and not prone to confrontations, while he deals with all the problems and misunderstandings by shouting and quarreling.

She doesn't like his fiery temperament, recklessness and sudden nature, while he holds inertness and indecisiveness against her and considers that she is not sincere. Charming and tolerant Libra always takes care of others and is prone to consider all the aspects of a story, unlike Aries, who is focused solely on themselves and their own needs so they are generally not bothered by what other people think and is often accused of being selfish.

Despite all the differences in character, these two often find themselves in life. The attraction that exists between them is so strong that it can be actually felt as something material, so they often fall in love and have a love relationship. But problems arise when the initial passion fades and their completely different characters come to the surface.


Taurus and Scorpio

These two signs are persistent, stubborn and unwilling to give up their principles, but the main difference is that Scorpio is wiser and more tactical, while Taurus sometimes makes his defiance just because he's decided so. Taurus is focused on home and family and is willing to work hard to achieve financial security while Scorpio is driven by a desire for power and success.

Not being prone to take the risk, Taurus will earn money solely from his own work, and will put everything into savings in the bank, while the Scorpio will bravely enter into various investments and with skillful, and a bit risky investing will increase the amount of the earned money. Taurus is a hedonist in his soul and to him no earthly pleasure is something new, he's pragmatic, and not prone to spiritual reflections, which is completely opposite of Scorpio, who is interested in deeper topics, mysticism and alternative disciplines.

Since they are magnetically attracted to each other, they often fall in love at first sight and start a relationship, and in astrology they are known as one of the most exciting pairs.

Gemini and Sagittarius   

Even though these are opposite signs, the two have much in common. They are both social and cheerful people who are constantly looking for new experiences and have many friends, but the main difference is in their different thoughts and life goals. Gemini is constantly moving, he's restless and can't stay long in one place.

He likes to learn and finds out new information so he has broad but a superficial knowledge of everything, while Sagittarius prefers to focus on one area of interest. He is spirited, and cares about higher ideals, while perky Gemini is too restless and sarcastic to understand the depth of Sagittarius.

To him it is more important to have a lot of friends and have a good time than to think about the meaning of life. Sagittarius is by nature a philosopher who loves profound and reasoned debates, while Gemini is interested in superficial conversations and prone to gossiping, which Sagittarius can't stand. When they find themselves in a love relationship, they may function well, even though they will always quarrel and start endless discussions.

LOVE COUPLES IN ZODIAC: Aries and Libra are compatible in life, Taurus and Scorpio fall in love at first sight

Cancer and Capricorn

They are two completely different people at all levels. Gentle and sensitive Cancer is guided by feelings and everything he does, he does with his heart, while cold and restrained Capricorn believes that showing emotions is a weakness. Capricorn is guided by reason and ambition in life, so business success is his main goal in life and also a prerequisite for happiness, while Cancer is turned towards family, so his loved ones' happiness and health are their top priority.

The family is very important to Capricorn too, but he shows his love through actions - making money and ensuring material well-being, while Cancer does it by caring and warmth. They find each other very attractive and often enter a relationship. Composed Capricorn is annoyed by Cancer's hypersensitive nature, and gentle Cancer sees Capricorn as reserved.


Leo and Aquarius

These two people, at first sight, can be so similar, but basically they are completely different characters who have different goals in life. What they have in common is that they are both social and communicative, but that is where all similarities end. To  Leo opinion of the public is important and he wants to be admired and respected, which is irrelevant to  Aquarius.

He cares about being different and likes to cause controversy, and not to be liked by people. Leo wants to achieve social success and enviable reputation, and to Aquarius, it is important to be recognized as an original and special person. Leo is often accused of selfishness and being focused on their own needs, which cannot be said for altruistic Aquarius that is willing to help anyone and has no prejudice.

A bit vain Leo doesn't like to admit that he is wrong, and Aquarius says whatever they think and will always tell the truth to their face, no matter how unpleasant it may be. Their love relationship will be explosive and dynamic. Fierce arguments will be an integral part of their relationship, and they will get along best in bed.

Pisces and Virgo

Gentle and romantic Pisces is the complete opposite of cold and restrained Virgo. While Pisces is enthusiast whose head is often in the clouds, Virgo stands firmly on the ground and doesn't get carried away with unrealistic ideas and plans. It is very self-critical and carefully plans every detail, while Pisces lives in the moment, and makes decisions based on the current mood.

They differ in life goals too - Virgo is a responsible and diligent worker who wants to achieve good profit and ensure the existence, in contrast to Pisces who often finds work a necessary evil, and money is the least important to them. Virgo pays attention to health, is disciplined, and tries to lead a healthy way of life, so to them Pisces' hedonism and excessive eating and drinking are incomprehensible. 

Love relationships between these two signs are not rare, but both partners are often forced to accept compromise. Virgo needs to get used to Pisces' enthusiasm and tendency to daydream, and Pisces has to come to terms with her criticism and emotional coldness.