According to CHINESE HOROSCOPE, we entered the year of Dog! Here’s what we can expect!

If you want a good year, you have to be good-natured, this is advice of Chinese horoscope that says that starting today we enter the year of the Yang Earth Dog.

It also tells us that this year is good for all those who want to change their lifestyle, whether it's about some major or minor changes. Now is the right time to leave cigarettes, start exercising, find another job, take up a course that you wanted for a while, move...


It's just important to do everything right and honestly, and you will definitely progress this year.


This is not the year for many plans, but for focusing on one, the most important, on what is a priority. Also, now is the time to save, not waste money.


Success in love relationships also depends on how honest you are in a relationship. Moral principles and true values will be important throughout the year. If you are single – don’t miss celebrations, parties, concerts, because in those places you can meet a new love.


Here's what awaits you all this year:




This is a year of progress for you. Everything you ever wanted now will come true. Friends will be of great help this year.


It is very important to find more time for yourself, so you don’t exhaust yourself. In the first half of the year, financial dissatisfaction is possible.


The second half of the year will be significantly better. Although some things will not work for you in the workplace, don’t resist too much.


Those in long relationships can get married, finally, stabilize. If you are not in a relationship, expect a great year for love. Everything leads to stability, finally. It is important to strengthen your immunity throughout the year, but you won’t have any major health problems.




It will be a problem for you to balance your private and business life. If you are successful in love, then don’t expect great progress at work. And vice versa.


Avoid co-operation with close people, set boundaries. Money loss is possible, so focus on saving this year. Don’t change job this year.



Those who are married will have increased tension and arguments, and those who are single will not change their status, except perhaps some short affairs. Be careful in traffic this year. Pay attention to diet and exercise.




You should develop some new skills this year. It's a great time for learning, studying, getting a certificate. Now you will build a good foundation for the future. Be careful how you spend money, because it may happen that you have delayed payments throughout the year or you can even get fired. Part-time jobs are required throughout the year, don’t turn them down, although they may not be well paid.


You will see at the end of the year that all the effort will pay off. If you are busy, you should pay more attention to partner regarding support. If you are single, you will easily find a person who suits you, but don’t get scared and run away if it's all good. Choose people who have the same goals as you.


There may be a decline in immunity this year, but you will have better health in the second half of the year.




If you have a job that has to do with make-up, fashion, jewelry, clothes - there is no reason to worry. This year, this will be great for you. It's important that you like the job you are doing and that everything is stable. Use every chance you get to advance.


You will be very pleased with the finances. What may not be ideal is a relationship with colleagues. Stick to your work, your role, do not mix with others and with what they do and there will be a better atmosphere.


If you are single, you may be pretty bored because you can’t find a person who is stable and capable as you. If you are in a relationship, in a long relationship, this is a great year for marriage or the beginning of a life together.


You need to have an activity this year because you will be prone to gaining weight.




Possible bad relationships with colleagues. Don’t pay attention to different gossips that will circulate all year long, but try to do your job the best you can. Do not take a loan, and don’t borrow even small amounts of money during the year.


If there are problems with money, you will have the help of other people.


If you are married or in a relationship, the relations will improve this year. If you are single, choose carefully, put quality before quantity. Tigers definitely are hard to bind, but this year you need to find a friend and partner in one. Strive for that. Take more care of your health. Run all the tests you can as a precaution. Eat healthy food and take vitamins.

According to CHINESE HOROSCOPE, we entered the year of Dog! Here’s what we can expect!



You will have great support from close people to make important changes in your life. Use good opportunities to progress. You can easily find a job through friends if you want to change the current one. Don’t neglect family and friends. The health of someone in your house can be compromised, so it would be good to be there for people close to you.


During the course of the year, big ups and downs are possible at work. You are very worried. If you are not satisfied with the current situation at work, it would be good to strive for change. Just don’t stand still and stagnate, so save energy. Don’t give all of you if you don’t want to stay where you are.


If you have problems with your partner at the beginning of the year, it will all be resolved by the end of the year. Those of you who are single, try not to find flaws with everyone and don’t burden others with your fears of attachment. Be more tolerant. Don’t forget that this year you have to eat healthy, to spend as much time out as possible. Possible problems with breathing, colds, allergies, immunity.




This year, no matter how strange it may look, everything works in your favor. Use good chances for progress.


What's important is not to rush into things, not to make decisions abruptly, but plan everything. Avoid games of chance and jobs that are risky. Play it safe. You will feel great pressure at work, but it will all pay off.


For those who are single, this is not a year for marriage, but you can start living together with a partner you’ll meet this year. If you are married, it would be good to work on communication with your partner.


Avoid vices, poor nutrition and unhealthy way of life.




Avoid showing fear of losing work, status, money. You're too insecure, and it shows. Work on yourself, strengthen self-confidence, improve yourself. Try to find a common language with colleagues, be helpful. You can expect good news and progress if you focus on the good side of the job. You may feel the need to change position and even the company you work for. If you don’t want to, then make a work plan and stick to the set goals. It all depends on you.


This is a good year for love. If you are single, you can make a new acquaintance. Those of you in a relationship, if you're not married, this is a good year for ‘tying the knot’. What's important is for you to know that you will be prone to flings, so be careful not to jeopardize your relationship with a partner because of a less important person.


Health can be fragile this year. If you have problems with digestion or if you are constantly stressed, you should definitely see your doctor.




Although you are not feeling very well this year, you will have the support from everywhere. Friends, associates, partners, families - everyone will help to make it easier for you to progress. There are great chances that you will be able to earn more money. Ask close people for advice if you don’t know whether to stay in the same job or not.


If you are in a long relationship or marriage, now is the time to rely on your partner and seek advice for the problems that you have. Show your feelings, strengthen your relationship. If you are single, one friend can become something more. Be careful in traffic. This is not a year to buy a car. If you want to go on a longer trip, with friends or a partner, this is definitely a good option, because you can’t be in one place for a long time.


When it comes to health, you can only be stressed this year, so it would be good not to strain and to indulge yourself.




This will be a good year for you. You will have plenty of opportunities to show your talents at work, so progress is possible. In your free time, you can think about the additional job that will stabilize finances.


If you are single, a new acquaintance is possible through a friend or family member. Possible problems in relationship or marriage. Be careful not to hurt one another in a fight and don’t tell others about the problems that you have.


The less time you spend in house, you will be healthier. Don’t be passive. Go for long walks and eat healthy food.




This year won’t be so relaxed and fun for you. You will have to make more effort to achieve the carelessness that you always strive for. If you have the opportunity to travel for work, accept it as it is a chance for progress. Avoid negative events and people, because that way you will keep your peace this year.


Possible obstacles at work and the best way to solve problems is to be responsible and committed. You have to save this year, although you don’t like it. Avoid taking part in prize games, investing money in work or some new things.


Don’t have too great expectations of love life, because it will be very hard to find a person who is ideal for you. This is a year of adventure, so if something grows out of it, that's fine. If you are married or in a relationship, fights with your partner are possible during the year, but mostly it will be about money. Health will be perfect this year.




Last year was hard, and this year you need to find balance and peace. This is not a year for new business projects, but it's important to stick to what you are good at. Don’t make big changes because you will only make a problem for yourself.


If you are married, the relationship will be great, a new baby is possible, buying a house or a car too. Those of you who are single, turn around - maybe the person that is ideal for you are near, but you don’t notice it.


As for health, you should spend more time out in nature. You don’t have to overdo it with healthy food; it's only important.

According to CHINESE HOROSCOPE, we entered the year of Dog! Here’s what we can expect!