Things that drive your horoscope sign crazy: Taurus is annoyed by disorganization and mess, Sagittarius is annoyed by people who complain too much

Do you find yourself in this?


Aries is mostly annoyed by:

1. People who stagger when they walk,

2. Unreturned phone calls,

3. Mobile phones and devices that don't work in general,

4. Animals in cages, 

5. People who post intimate things on social networks,

6. People who beat around the bush and talk for half an hour before they come to what's important,

7. Bad dancers,

8. People who don't know how to dress according to the situation,

9. Delays of trains, buses and planes,

10. Folk music.

Taurus is mostly annoyed by:

1. Braggers, 

2. Disorganization and mess,

3. Torn clothes

4. Bad cooks,

5. Behaving badly in public,

6. Addressing the public,

7. People who don't wear deodorant,

8. Being subject to other people's jokes,

9. Feeling that they are not clever enough or not up to the situation,

10. Bad food and price-quality ratio in general.


Gemini  is mostly annoyed by:

1. People who don't have a sense of humor,

2. Not getting the attention they deserve,

3. Broken watches and alarm clocks that didn't go off,

4. Bad wine,

5. Uncomfortable shoes, especially those they can't dance in, 

6. People who speak really slowly,

7. People who walk slowly

8. Pessimism,

9. People who depend on someone or something,

10. The impossibility of using technology.

Cancer is mostly annoyed by:

1. People who wake them up early or come over early,

2. Wool and other materials that make the skin itch,

3. Sleeping on a couch or in an uncomfortable bed,

4. Heat,

5. Dressing badly,

6. Other people's criticism,

7. Violent films and violent scenes in general,

8. Ungrateful children,

9. Losing glasses or sunglasses,

10. People who undeservingly steal their glory.

Leo is mostly annoyed by:

1. People who dress better than them,

2. People who drive a better car than them,

3. Ignoring,

4. Causing Jealousy,

5. Cold,

6. Heat,

7. Making them go to church,

8. Having to stay indoors, and outside it's nice and sunny day,

9. People who tell them that they need to “slow down,“

10. Not being able to flirt or are forbidden to do it.  

Ten things that drive your horoscope sign crazy

Virgo is mostly annoyed by:

1. People who are messy or unorganized,

2. Unreturned phone calls,

3. Other people being late,

4. Other people are not paying taxes, bills and generally neglecting their obligations,

5. Not returning borrowed stuff,

6. Wasting time on unimportant things,

7. Not knowing grammar,

8. Cursing too much,

9. Emotional scenes in public,

10. Stand up comedians.

Libra is mostly annoyed by:

1. People who are telling them to turn down the music,

2. People who pretend to be better than they actually are,

3. Dog feces in parks and playgrounds,

4. Thieves,

5. Cruelty to animals,

6. People who don't work hard in friendships,

7. One night stands,

8. Bad hair cuts

9. Addiction of any kind, mostly drugs,

10. The inability of speaking politely.  

Scorpio is mostly annoyed by:

1. People who borrow a pencil and never return it,

2. Lovers who can’t have an orgasm,

3. If their partner makes them jealous

4. If someone is better than them at any task,

5. People who play with food,

6. Becoming the topic of gossips,

7. Accusations of being unfaithful,

8. People who follow trends too much,

9. People who claim to be psychic or have supernatural powers,

10. People who park their car in two parking spaces.


Sagittarius is mostly annoyed by:

1. People who complain too much,

2. A crowd of any kind,

3. Co-travellers who get sick,

4. Being late,

5. People who are afraid to take the risk,

6. Accusations that they are bad at handling money,

7. People who expect them to be punctual,

8. Lost baggage,

9. Molesting animals,

10. Uptight attitudes.  

Capricorn is mostly annoyed by:

1. Braggers for no reason,

2. Borrowing money from them,

3. People who don’t keep their word

4. Those without a firm attitude,

5. Parents who don’t discipline their children,

6. Open toothpaste,

7. Bad haircut;

8. Metrosexuals,

9. Passive and lazy people,

10. Being accused of something they are not guilty of. 

Aquarius is mostly annoyed by:

1. Boring people,

2. Talking about the past,

3. Psychiatrists,

4. Gossiping and making things up,

5. People who are not practical, but know everything only in theory,

6. Lack of loyalty,

7. Dirty hands,

8. A primitive way of thinking,

9. Too great expectations by others,

10. Ignoring.

Pisces is mostly annoyed by:

1. People who attract attention with loud laughter,

2. People who run away from fighting,

3. Big heat,

4. Alcoholics,

5. Slow drivers,

6. Cruelty to animals,

7. Prying into other people's problems,

8. Judgments,

9. Being cruel to children,

10. Being irresponsible to the environment.

Ten things that drive your horoscope sign crazy