What does pronounced sign of Pisces bring: It’s good for artists, doctors, pharmacists, psychologists

Water signs will have a better financial situation and more possibilities for earning more money.

If you were born in a water Zodiac sign, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, your five minutes are coming, because in the 12th zodiac sign there are even four planets: Neptune (imagination, delusion), Venus, Mercury (logic) and Sun (ambition, reputation, enthusiasm). These planets are under the great influence of Jupiter (prosperity) from Scorpio (power, money, charisma), so the financial situation will be better, and the possibilities for earning bigger.


Mercury and Venus, symbols of communication and business, love, and money, make transit through Zodiac sign Pisces until March 6, when they will ‘move’ into the Zodiac sign of Aries. That's why Zodiac sign Pisces will be at the center of attention this week, and many will want to find themselves in their company, and this particularly applies to members of the opposite sex.


Although Mercury's impact on the 12th Zodiac sign has been weakened, this does not mean that people who have it in their natal horoscope are weak too. Depending on the aspects that Mercury forms with other planets, they can be very intuitive and receptive, sensitive, subtle, compassionate. They love animals, and they like to sacrifice for others.


Mercury's transit through Pisces Zodiac sign, a sign of imagination and inspiration, best suits people with creative professions, as well as those in medicine, pharmacy, psychology, religion, science and areas of spiritual knowledge (good position for practicing ‘life coaching’). This position of Mercury is good for writers, painters, composers who live in their fantasy and imagination world and who like to be mentally isolated, so the things that interest them they absorb fantastic, while those that they don’t care for, absolutely ‘don’t reach their brain’.

What does pronounced sign of Pisces bring: It’s good for artists, doctors, pharmacists, psychologists

Non-harmonic aspects with Mercury in Pisces horoscope have people subject to suggestions, being indecisive, confused, irrational, hesitating, scattered and prone to overly dreaming, but also to wrong conclusions. They like intrigues, or they are often victims of intrigues, and they can also be prone to manipulation and deceit, but also to psychological problems. There are also frequent problems in relationships with relatives, and relatives are usually problematic or living abroad.


This usually happens when there are tense aspects between Mercury and Moon, Sun, Mars, and Uranus, which bring susceptibility to neuroses and neurotic conditions, as well as the danger of developing an addiction.


Since Mercury is exalted to the 13th degree of Virgo, the 13th degree of Pisces is the degree of its fall, where its influence is the weakest. Since Mercury, among other things, manages the speech function, this position can also lead to speech disorders, especially if it is retrograde, and in the 12th astrological house. Tense-aspect with Saturn carries the danger of deafness, even if Mercury is not in the 12th house, provided it is retrograde and close to the degree of its fall.


The challenging aspect between Mercury and Uranus can also lead to hearing problems, especially if retrograde Mercury is in Pisces in the 12th house in opposition with Uranus in Virgo in the sixth house. Generations born between 1962 and 1968 have Uranus in Virgo, and if this opposition exists in the natal horoscope, it can be the cause of health problems with hearing. Poorly positioned Mercury in Pisces sign of Zodiac is an indicator of weak nerves and often leads to respiratory diseases, and also to problems with feet.



Since Mercury, together with three other planets, crosses through Pisces this week, the representatives of this sign will be trendy, adaptable, resourceful, curious, ready to learn and perfect. If the emphasis is placed on education, they can make a lot of progress. However, they should be more careful while driving, as well as with financial transactions, and also with valuable objects.


What does pronounced sign of Pisces bring: It’s good for artists, doctors, pharmacists, psychologists