They can`t change: The flaws of every sign that destroy love relationships

Either accept them for who they are, or find someone else.

Here are the characteristics of every Zodiac sign that will make you want to run away without looking back. Which sign will go crazy if you accidentally leave dirty cup in the sink, and who will start flirting with all your friends, find out below.


Aries Zodiac Sign Dates


Aries have the most impulsive nature! They should work on suppressing their rage outbursts.

Being in relationship with an Aries means being in relationship with immature and naive people, so you can sometimes see yourself dealing with a teenager instead of an adult and mature person.

They like to engage in new things, but you can’t expect them to complete them, because in the meantime they will be distracted by something else. They have big problems with patience.

They are very selfish and narrow minded, so don’t be surprised if they don’t even try to understand your perspective.


Taurus Zodiac Sign Dates


Taurus are known for their stubbornness, so don’t expect that you will ever win a fight. They just won’t give in.

Good luck with dividing housework, your Taurus will often park himself on the couch and watch you clean the apartment. Their needs are always more important than yours.

They are terribly uninteresting.

They are difficult to open emotionally, so you can’t expect them to share their worries with you.


Gemini Zodiac Sign Dates


Gemini are completely unreliable. Every day is a challenge, because you never know who you will wake up next to.

They are sweettalking and make plenty of promises, but everything remains only in words.

They quickly get bored with everything, so you will not be an exception.

Living with Gemini means living in the cemetery of semi-finished projects and ideas.


Cancer Zodiac Sign Dates


Their mood swings are exhausting. Cancers are prone to insults, but are not inclined to take responsibility for the consequences of what they’ve said.

They are intrusive and dependent.

They might propose to you on a second date.

Life with Cancer can be quite boring. Namely, you will find it difficult to persuade them to go to a new restaurant together or to travel to an unknown place.


Leo Zodiac Sign Dates


With your Leo you will never feel too much security in relationship, since they are prone to flirt with anyone and any time.

He will never love you more than his reflection in the mirror. No Leo in history has ever admitted he was wrong.

Their arrogance is unpleasant.

They have to be in the center of attention, so you'll always be a little in shadow with him.


Virgo Zodiac Sign Dates


They tend to judge and overly criticize.

Living with a Virgo means that you will be the one who will always make the first step.

It seems their insecurity is inborn, which is not at all sexy.

If you accidentally leave a dirty cup in the sink, they won’t let you forget about this completely reckless failure a few months after the ‘incident’.

THEY CAN’T CHANGE: These are the flaws of every sign that destroy love relationships

Libra Zodiac Sign Dates


You will never know what they really think, because Libras will tell you only what they think you want to hear.

Making decisions takes hours.

At any moment, they can turn back on you without any warning.

They are vain and obsessed with physical beauty.

They lack the power of will, and sometimes they turn into cry babies.


Scorpio Zodiac Sign Dates


Jealous Scorpio is very well-known.

You will never know what he really feels, because they tend to manipulate both their own and your emotions.

They're ready to leave you and hurt you like no one else. They are very deceptive and mysterious.

They will turn small quarrels into great drama.


Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Dates


Sagittarius are the worst listeners of the entire Zodiac; they will always address you from the height.

Fun is the only thing that is in their minds all the time, and in the case they run out of it, you will constantly listen to crying and complaining.

They know absolutely everything so good luck with the attempts to teach him something new.

They are extremely dominant and prone to controlling. They are often insensitive to other peoples' feelings.


Capricorn Zodiac Sign Dates


Their priority is work and he will make it clear to you.

Two words: control freak!

Everything they do, they do exclusively for themselves and do not care if they will hurt you along the way.

They love routine, so relationship with them is pretty boring. They are locked behind their walls, good luck breaking through them!


Aquarius Zodiac Sign Dates


The Aquarius live life inside their heads, so they often seem absent.

They always know best, and the relationship with them can seem like frequent giving of instructions.

You will rarely have dates only with him, because he loves his friends more than anything.

They like to make conclusions in advance and judge. You will always know what they think, but rarely what they feel.


Pisces Zodiac Sign Dates


Pisces need a lot of space.

You can’t persuade them to do anything, and even if you succeed in doing so, they will need eternity to complete what they have started.

They rarely know what they really want out of life. Pisces will sacrifice their needs and emotions to make the relationship as good as possible, but later they will resent it.

They idealize each their relationship, and they expect you to fulfill their fantasies of a perfect partner.

THEY CAN’T CHANGE: These are the flaws of every sign that destroy love relationships