Every zodiac sign has a weakness: Gemini is prone to smoking, Aquarius like to experiment with drugs

Here's what haunts the signs of the Zodiac ... Every Sign has a weakness, in a bigger or smaller extent.

 Of course, the vices, addictions and obsessions are far more complex issues than that in which Zodiac sign you were born, but astrology can reveal something about your innate tendencies toward certain things. Comfort and escapism, Scorpio will, for example, search in sex, while the Pisces probably in a good drink!



He is an individual who makes decisions quickly and who is ruled by fire, so the smoking and alcohol are a big temptation and danger. Once Aries becomes dependent on something, it is difficult to stop, because it is a very stubborn and grudge sign. Aries believes that alcohol or tablets relieve stress, and if they are smokers, they often think that thanks to this they look glamorous.



It is a very stable sign, but not self-conscious when it comes to excessive consumption of food and beverages. Taurus enjoys all sensual pleasures, and sexual frustration often makes them to consume alcohol excessively or to have destructive behavior. A big part of the members of this sign often has problems with weight, and some will have problems with TV obsession. Those who feel guilty for something could turn into workaholics.



Gemini is the sign of shifting moods that will often have self-serving methods, which lead to new dependencies. Because it is an Air sign, they are particularly prone to smoking. They are often addicted to the adrenaline and love the thrill of sexual relations, but quickly get bored from their lovers. Mostly because of that they are so resistant to dependence on sex. They are very creative and can become addicted to work; often in danger of the dependence of the Internet.

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This zodiac sign is ruled by the Moon, making it a victim of its mood. It is not unusual for Cancer to try to change the mood by abusing the prescriptions for pills or alcohol. When angry, they tend to repress these feelings with the help of food, and to remain fit, will often reach for cigarettes.



Leos simply think they are immortal and will please themselves with every possible vice that they can think of, including gambling, alcohol, infidelity, smoking ... This sign loves to exaggerate in everything and with great gusto! It is easy to fool them with compliments so their loyalty in a relationship can be a big problem. Constantly are seeking for attention to feel emotionally stable and will not hesitate to sneak out of the relationship if they are not satisfied.



Tense and stiff Virgos are the biggest workaholics of the Zodiac. They also tend to become obsessive compulsive and get very upset if things do not work out as they had planned. Such an attitude can lead to alcoholism and the consumption of tranquillizers. May also be maniacs when it comes to training! Many members of this sign would rather smoke than get fat because they despise overweight. They find that fat people are really lazy.

Every zodiac sign has a weakness: Gemini is prone to smoking, Aquarius like to experiment with drugs


Members of this sign are big idealists, and when things do not work out as they imagined, they tend to seek comfort in drugs and alcohol only to escape from what they consider an "ugly reality". These masters of escape do not feel comfortable with their obligations and may become dependent of flirting, womanizing or promiscuity just to avoid it. The reason is that they would rather say no to someone than be rejected. Libras can become dependent on exercising, and in an attempt to lose weight can exaggerate and become addicted to cigarettes.



Love addiction of Scorpio most often includes addiction to watch "love" movies and it's often a problem. They enjoy all the vices that accompany party activity, including alcohol consumption, spending too much money on clothes and expensive restaurants and will even fall into debt just to impress. They resent people who do not look modern and will often reveal smoke just to look thin and beautiful.

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These curious individuals can be so obsessed with the wanderlust, and can spend millions on vacation that they cannot afford. By nature, they are restless, infidelity and dependence on cheating are their usual problem. This is also one of the Zodiac signs who consider himself as immortal one and it is not rare that you'll see Sagittarius smoking, drinking or doing any terrible things because they have a feeling that they can always be cured. Unfortunately, too often they become addicted.



This is uptight Zodiac sign that is much less resistant toward the addicting than other signs of the Zodiac. Capricorns are very self-conscious when it comes to their body and can become addicted of exercising. Many members of this sign can suffer from anorexia or bulimia, all to stay beautiful and skinny. The obsession with thinness also can lead to dependence on cigarettes.



This sign loves to experience new ways of thinking and a different perception of the world around him and is very likely to experiment with Drugs. Aquarius can become obsessed with activism, love for pets and vegetarianism. Is less resistant than other Signs and, if they become addicted, it is difficult to go back to normal from the state of madness that overtakes them.



Pisces are a water sign, and it will hardly resist drinking, and very often the reason for the addiction finds in the romance and relationship problems. They will consume alcohol to forget about the pain caused by a failed relationship, and, considering that this is a very sensitive sign - many things experience painfully. Painkillers and tranquilizers will often have close at hand because in that way will fleeing from the world for a while.