Are these events proof that time traveling is possible?

If we are to believe the British scientists, around the year 2100, teleportation and travel through time will be

part of our reality, for those who live to see it, and not just the cool thing we could see in Back to the Future or Star Trek.

A group of physicists at the Royal College in London and the University of Glasgow, predict that a time machine could be a legitimate thing over the course of 85 years, while teleportation could be another way of transportation somewhere around 2080.

But what if time traveling already exists and people have already testified it?

This is exactly what these historical records and photographs say, which are cited as the most convincing evidence of the existence of travelers through time.


1. A hotel that simply disappeared The case that the media had reported about a lot happened in October 1979. Two British married couples drove through France to reach their destination for a holiday - Spain. Those people, with steady jobs and without any unusual events in their previous life, later stated that they spent the night in an interesting retro-style hotel.

After resting on their way back home, they wanted to sleep there again, but although they were looking for it for hours, they never managed to find it. All the photos taken during the stay at the hotel turned out to be completely black, even the negative, while all others were completely normal. ​

Are these events proof that time traveling is possible?

2. Ahead of its time  One of the photos in the virtual museum 'Bralorne Pioneer' attracted the most attention. A man in the photo stands out with his style of dressing from other people. The photo was made in 1940, and the man wears a nice sweater and portable camera, which could not be found at the time. People who studied the photo concluded that this is the first time that they actually have the proof of a 'traveler through time'because there is no other explanation.

3. What is a modern watch doing in a sealed tomb? A mini wristwatch with a Swiss label the back, about 100 years old, was found in a sealed 400-year-old Chinese tomb. The watch showed time 10:06. The scientists are pretty sure that the watch during the earlier excavations ended miraculously inside the tomb of the Ming dynasty. Nevertheless, conspiracy theorists claim that this case is the proof that traveling through time is possible.

4. How were they able to draw dinosaurs? The stones from Ica in Peru provided a new mystery to scientists. Namely, Javier Cabrera collected 1100 big and small carved smooth andesites. Carvings on stones were made between 500 and 1500 year before the new era. Some carvings portray Inca's pornographic culture, some show their deities, while others show stunning accomplishments, such as successful brain surgery. But despite this, the most attention attracted different types of dinosaurs, whose physical features were shown to the detail.


5. The victim of an accident In mid-July 1950, a man in the early thirties was dressed as if he was from the 19th century. He was disoriented and confused, and people found him on the street and took him to the police. He said that his name was Rudolph Fentz, and with him, there were found a bronze ‘tokens’ for beer, a bill for a horse care and carriage wash, a letter from 1876, all of it without any trace of aging as if it arrived directly from 1876 into 1950. The search for his identity resulted in the discovery that it was a man who disappeared in 1876 without a trace. But he soon ended up under the car wheels and died, and the entire mystery never got an explanation.

Are these events proof that time traveling is possible?