Woman born in this sign hardly opens her heart and she attracts emotionally unavailable men

They are thinkers, evaluators, observers, analysts, perfectionist, hard working, pragmatic and intelligent people.

They can also be dominant, critical and too nervous, with high and often unrealistic expectations. They find it hard to open their heart and are not the type that completely dives into depths of love, without testing the water.

They are - Virgos.

What prevents Virgos to taste true love is their fear of intimacy and their realistic and logical thinking. Considering their constant endeavor to achieve perfection, and the fear that they won't live by the standards that they set for themselves, they may not see themselves as worthy of love, and self-esteem is the thing that often prevents them from it.

Due to that, Virgos often attract pretty disasters, lost causes and most importantly, those who are emotionally unavailable. These types of people are the safe bet for Virgos because Virgos feel that they are 'perfect enough' to deserve an equally 'perfect' partner. Virgo doesn't have to give everything she has to offer in a relationship especially if she doesn't believe that this will be a long-lasting relationship.


Instead, Virgo will continuously work on improving herself and saving her heart and emotions for the possibility of true and authentic love.

Virgos are cautious and they will wait for perfection, they won't be happy or satisfied with anything less. They are intuitive creatures, with great inner strength and their mission is to find true, everlasting love.

HOROSCOPE: Woman born in this sign hardly opens her heart and she attracts emotionally unavailable men more than any other member of the Zodiac

However, they are not looking for love from fairy tales - what they want is a partner who takes responsibility for himself, someone who is authentic and who can show true and complete love.

Virgos are sensual beings and they are often misunderstood because they do their best to conceal their sensitive side and therefore they may seem cold and insensitive to other people's feelings.

It is often all acting and test of a Virgo to see just how willing someone is to win her heart. Only the strong will win and Virgo hopes that the weak ones will fall off.

Virgos always work on self-improvement and have high standards for themselves and they project these standards to the others until they find a partner who lives according to their expectations. Until then, they will be happy to be alone, spending time studying, reading books and generally live in peace, distanced from anyone who comes near until the right person comes along.

If you've ever heard the phrase: 'The most attractive part of a man/ woman is their mind' - it should definitely be dedicated to Virgos. They are the intellect of the Zodiac and their smart, analytical and insightful thinking makes them great philosophers and intriguing and interesting people.


Their childlike interest in life will lead them to the most dazzling conversations on their way in search of knowledge and truth.

The most important thing to remember is that they love to take things slowly. That way they buy themselves time to be able to rationally assess the other person before deciding to take the risk. After Virgo has decided, she is able to give in completely and she is very warm, intense, passionate and deeply sensitive partner.

Emotions of a Virgo are always much deeper than what shows on the surface. This is the depth because of which they often have a fear of relationships, because they know – once they give in – they may no longer be able to control themselves.

Virgo wants unconditional love and faithfulness; she wants to be with someone who is willing to appreciate her tendency to seek perfection.


HOROSCOPE: Woman born in this sign hardly opens her heart and she attracts emotionally unavailable men more than any other member of the Zodiac