The day of your birth: On Monday, lucky people are born...

People believe that all days of the week are not the same, some are lucky, and the others are bad…. Each day has many meanings.

 There are „good “and „bad “days, so the children born on this or that day have “lucky” or “unlucky” mark.

According to popular belief, this is what your birthday tells about you.

 People believe that days of the week are not the same. Some are lucky, others are hapless. Some are “good” and some are “bad”. On some days, it is necessary to avoid some work while on others is prohibited from lifting anything heavy than a spoon. Why else would someone tell “black Friday”, “honest Sunday”, “Crazy Wednesday”…?

According to popular belief, this is what your birthday tells about you:


Monday is the first day of the week and is considered as a lucky one. There is a saying that children born on Monday will have a long and successful life. As each week starts with Monday, this day is ideal for starting all kind of business. God start to create the world on Monday, and as people believe, that's why it is good to start a significant project on that day.


The second day of the week is considered as an unlucky one, and people born on this day will have no luck in life. According to popular belief, on Tuesday, even wolves protect their fur better than other days. It is not good to start any job because is a hoodoo day, and due to that, the work will go wrong and will not finish well. One man is saying: “My mother preserves me from all but from the wire of the ninth Tuesday” which illustrates how much negative meaning has this day. For this, there are “special” Tuesdays recorded in the popular calendar – Ninth Tuesday, Black Tuesday, Bitchy Tuesday.

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Wednesday has a special double – meaning. On this day, it is possible to start the work and to go on a trip. There is a belief that children born on this day will be healthy and successful. A child that begins to walk on Wednesday will be rich and happy. In some parts of the World, this day is marked as a “holy day”, and often can be heard that a “holy Wednesday” is here, a day that is for patients and those who are suffering.

The day of your birth: On Monday, lucky people are born...


Thursday is considered as a lucky day. There is one popular saying: “All days are good, but Thursday is the best”. According to belief, it is good when a child is born on this lucky day because it will have a happy and successful life. In the past, on this day, the works on fields took a start, and it is an appropriate day to ask for a girl's hand. Before the Christian era, Thursday was celebrated as a day of fertility, and even today there is a belief that the works on the field, as well as entering into marriage, have to be on Thursday.


According to popular belief, Friday is one of the unlucky days. There is a saying: “On Friday, every work has a bad start”. Besides, in some parts of the World, Friday is considered as “profane” day and a good day to get in touch with “demonic forces”. That is why it is used to say that someone have a “black Friday”, especially when everything goes bad in his/her life. Because of that, it is not good to start any work on Friday. There are lots of those who do not want to go on a trip, being afraid of accidents. People believe that a child born on this day will have no luck in life. 


Saturday is a day dedicated to deceased. This is a day when people visit a cemetery and give honor to deceased. On this day, a person must be careful not to have any harm. A child born on Saturday will be unusual, but immune to “devil creatures”. There is a belief that those who were born on this day have power to learn the animal language and to talk with them. Those will be imaginative and interesting people that will have a vision of all kind of Bigfoot. There is a belief that a child born on this day is a seer, which can see what others cannot. In some parts of the World, a child born on Saturday is called “saturdayer” in others “saturdayst”. No evil can hurt this child because it is protected by a birth day. According to many beliefs, children born on this day have an ability to discover hidden treasures and to become rich and successful people. 

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Sunday is a day of rest. According to the Christian belief, God created a world in six days, and the seventh day He took a seat to have a rest and to enjoy the fruits of his labor. And that is why there are lots of popular beliefs regarding this day, which are related to repose and a time with family. Forefathers imagined Sunday as a female – Holy Sunday. A person born on this day will be extremely lucky, and will have a genteel life – will rest more often (every day will be as Sunday). There is a saying for a lucky man:” His mother gives him a birth on White Sunday.”