Horoscope signs caught in lie: Capricorn starts playing the game of transferring guilt, Scorpio starts making ugly comments

How much can you trust your partner: Horoscope reveals how they will hide something from you!

Do you suspect that your partner is hiding something from you?

Don’t worry, every horoscope sign has some unconscious moves or signs that can tell you if it's trying to deceive you. 


The man born in the sign of Aries will very aggressively react to any accusation that he is, in fact, guilty of. Therefore, if your partner really gets angry, instead of starts laughing at your accusations, it’s you who probably should be angry.


Otherwise safe and self-aware, Taurus will begin to show insecurity if he’s lying or trying to hide something from you. If he starts showing jealousy, don’t take it as something ‘cute’. That probably means that there are problems behind it that he is trying to hide from you.


‘Don’t look over my shoulder! You don’t have to know everything I do!’ When a Gemini man suddenly starts saying such things, you should become suspicious. Otherwise, they like to talk about everything and share information, and they only withhold when there is something important to hide.


Cancers are otherwise happy to spend a lot of time with their partner and family, but if he suddenly seems distant, there is something he’s keeping from you. Cancer doesn’t like to be alone for long, and maybe he’s spending time with someone else.


Man Leo can become obsessed with control and start quarrels just to draw attention from his indiscretions. So, if he starts to fight and starts telling you what you can or can’t do in your free time, it's just a mask for something that he’s hiding.


‘I don’t care, do what you want’. The man born in the sign of Virgo is otherwise very emotional and caring, but when he’s hiding something, he does so by removing emotions from his voice and conversation. Become suspicious if he suddenly becomes cold.

Horoscope signs caught in lie: Capricorn starts playing the game of transferring guilt, Scorpio starts making ugly comments


‘Why don’t you believe me?’ Man Libra is very good at lying when he thinks there is no other way. He will turn to emotional manipulation so that his partner feels like a horrible person just for mentioning the subject of possible hiding.


A Scorpio who’s hiding something can become really unpleasant. If he suddenly starts making ugly comments at the expense of your intelligence or looks, you can bet that this is actually a way of manipulation to draw attention from his bad actions.


The carefree Sagittarius will leave very clear signs of telling lies. They may change a detail in their story each time you ask him something. If he’s cheating on you, you could find texts, phone numbers, or even another woman’s clothes in his house.


‘You've brought me to this!’ When a man born in the sign of Capricorn is lying, he starts playing the game of transferring guilt. If you catch him in a lie, he will try to turn it against you. And if you haven’t caught him yet, you will notice a lack of trust towards you.



Aquarius can be very convincing in his lies because in any situation he can remain cool and lie to your face. But to do this, he must emotionally distance himself, which will already tell you that something is wrong. He will try to appeal to your logic instead of emotions.


The man born in the sign of Pisces has a conscience that will give him away when he’s lying. If you suddenly notice that he’s doing things just for you more than usual, if he starts buying you gifts or doing extra jobs at home, he probably feels guilty.