Zodiac signs and Jealousy: Taurus is a true detective, Pisces hardly forgive

While the mild jealousy can be a sign of love and strong connection with the partner, an extreme form of it can be fatal for a relationship.

Zodiac signs can tell who can control jealousy, and who might have significant problems with it.



Aries born need absolute confidence, and always to be in the 1st place. They despise lies and hypocrisy, and because of that can get very jealous. Mistrust and feelings of insecurity will boost this sense, and it is the best if they talked to their partners, instead of running away from the problem.



This earth sign longs for a happy family and healthy, peaceful home. Because of that, if they experience even the slightest hint of suspicion toward a partner, their investigating spirit will wake up. They will, by all means, try to find out what it is all about, and thereby can cause some jealous scenes, but only if they have a reason for that.



People born under this sign are not prone to jealousy though sometimes they create themselves a feeling of jealousy without a reason. Curious and eager for action they will start to wander through their rich imagination, to search for evidence of infidelity, which will eat them alive and will become terribly unhappy.

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This sign rarely experiences jealousy, because they are always blindly in love. They are so committed to the partner; they cannot even imagine that they could be deceived. But when they find a reason to be jealous, they will be deeply shaken. They hardly forgive, and that’s why, if hurt, they remain unsatisfied for a long time.



Members of this sign are usually jealous because of their wounded pride or because of the fear that they are not loved or respected enough. So, when the Leo roars, then it is less because of the lost love, and more due to the lost power. They tend to expect too much from their partners, and that is why they become often jealous.



Those born under the Virgo sign, enjoy when they provoke the jealousy, not to themselves but their partner. They like to dominate and to have a full control in the relationship, over the partner and their feelings. Because of that the one that Virgo love will start feeling jealous, which can cause drama in a relationship.

Zodiac signs and Jealousy: Taurus is a truly detective, Pisces hardly forgive..


This sign just adores their partners. They are not jealous at all, always ready to give all for love. But if they feel that their kindness has been used, and advantage of their tolerance is taken, Libras will become invisible, and dangerous. Their jealousy can be converted into something powerful, so the best thing they can do is to avoid conflicts.



Scorpio is radiating jealousy. They are jealous of anyone who has ever stood near their partners. They are very sensitive persons, and because of that, it is hard to control their deep emotions, including jealousy.


This sign radiate jealousy, but will not admit that because this would be beneath his dignity. The members of this sign won’t ever forget nor forgive cheating. At the first sign of jealousy, it is necessary to dismiss immediately the slightest cause, in order not to turn this into an insoluble problem.

Members of this sign can never forgive nor forget a bad experience with his partner. Although it sounds strange, they are not of a  jealous kind, so they never investigate the actions of their partners. However, if they found out that they have been cheated, they will slam the door and end the relationship.

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This Air sign usually does not experience jealousy, but even if they did, they would do anything to cover it. Because of that, they can become bitter. But if they find out that they have been cheated, and that their jealousy is justified, they won’t look for a reason, but will simply go away and will end the story!


Jealousy is the constant companion of the members of this sign. Pisces that are in relationships, usually ask for too much love and attention from their partners. Because of that, if they find out that their jealousy is justified, the Pisceans will retreat because unable to forgive even the slightest mistake.