These are three the unluckiest signs of the Zodiac: Are you one of them?

In some periods of life, it seems to all of us appears that we were born unlucky. How true this is, and why, the horoscope will tell us.

These are three Zodiac signs that often wonder what they did wrong to earn this kind of destiny.


Virgos are skillful when resolving other people problems and giving advice, but they don’t know how to help themselves. When nervous they scrub, polish, clean, furbish, and their life space is so sterile that guests will feel uncomfortable, tense and unpleasant. They have a tendency to pack all in drawers, to label, sort, and when something prevents them from doing that, they fall into a panic. Their lives constantly unpleasantly surprise them. As soon as they took care of all, glasses of wine will spill on the carpet. You have been embedded into their emotional compass, but you did something unexpected and now, again, they have to question everything... Whole their life consist in correcting some wrong curves, and often they wonder what they did wrong to have such a  fate.

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Zodiac signs and meanings: These are three main hoodoo signs in whole Zodiac: Are you on the list?


A thing that most pitch and bite Libras is an injustice. They notice it and often feel on their skin, and there is always something that disturbs their peace and happiness. They belong to those people who first act and then think; then think for days how could they act and what would happen if it was ... They like beautiful people and luxury items. The appearance is essential for them, so they will never reconcile with the signs of aging. For them, this is one of the greatest injustices in the world. They extremely like to play detective, to uncover fraud, to unmask the liars and fraudsters; the problem is that they perceive all very personally. For them, the fact that out there are bad people is a personal insult. When solving other people's problems, they perceive them as their own. They find themselves as empathetic, but the big question is if they can be in a position to come out of their world and to see things in a different way.

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Pisces are damnation to themselves. They have poor contact with reality and constantly fall into an awkward situation. To the negative life circumstances, they react strongly and waywardly. In their head, they have outlined how their life should look like and how a perfect world should be. Since the reality constantly resists in that, in a drunken state they will try to beat it! When they find a problem that is difficult to solve, they will always try to force the issue by dragging it on their territory, in their world that is ruled by different laws of physics, mathematics, spirituality ... This is particularly true when they are under the influence of alcohol, or caught up in emotions.

Zodiac signs and meanings: These are three main hoodoo signs in whole Zodiac: Are you on the list?